Bob Dylan / The Cutting Edge 1965-66: The Bootleg Series Vol 12

6CD Deluxe / • 2CD & 3LP ‘Best Of’ / • 18CD Collector’s Set

This November, Sony Music are to release The Cutting Edge, Volume 12 of their long running Bob Dylan Bootleg Series which will open up the vaults (in a big way) for the 1965-1966, and the Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde On Blonde sessions.

A six-CD deluxe edition of The Cutting Edge offers an abundance of alternate takes, and demos from some of Dylan’s most revered work including a whole disc devoted to Like A Rolling Stone (20 takes) and the scrapped Blonde On Blonde sessions with The Band.

6CD Deluxe – 7 hours of music (click to enlarge)

The deluxe features every track from Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde in some form of alternate (many with multiple variations) with the exception of Maggie’s Farm and Gates of Eden. In total the deluxe edition offers over seven hours of priceless audio of Dylan in the studio in the mid-sixties.

If six discs aren’t enough, Sony will also be sating the appetite of the hardcore Dylan fans with a mammoth 18-disc edition of The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 1965-1966 which is said to include “every single note recorded by Bob Dylan in the studio in 1965/1966”. In total, 379 tracks. This will come with nine mono vinyl singles, a 180-page hardcover book and is limited to 5,000 units. It won’t be repressed.

18CD version includes 9 mono vinyl singles (click to enlarge)

If this is all too much you can opt for ‘highlights’ set, The Best of The Cutting Edge, which gives you a selection of 36-tracks across two CDs complete with a 60-page booklet. This ‘Best Of’ is also available as a deluxe vinyl 3LP set which will include the two CDs.

3LP ‘Best Of’ includes 2CD and book (click to enlarge)

The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 1965-1966 will be released on 6 November 2015. Full track listings and links below.


6CD Deluxe Edition

Best Of The Cutting Edge Deluxe 3LP + 2CD

Best Of The Cutting Edge 2CD Edition


The Cutting Edge 18CD Collector’s Edition = 9 x 7″ mono singles



6-disc deluxe edition

Disc: 1
1. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Take 1 (1/13/1965) acoustic, incomplete
2. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Take 2 (1/13/1965) acoustic
3. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Take 3 remake (1/13/1965) acoustic
4. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Take 1 remake (1/14/1965) electric
5. I’ll Keep It with Mine – Take 1 (1/13/1965) piano demo, previously released on Biograph, 1985
6. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic, previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7, 2005
7. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – Take 1 (1/13/1965) acoustic, incomplete
8. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – Take 2 (1/13/1965) acoustic
9. She Belongs to Me – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic
10. She Belongs to Me – Take 2 Remake (1/13/1965) acoustic
11. She Belongs to Me – Take 1 Remake (1/14/1965) electric
12. Subterranean Homesick Blues – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic, previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
13. Subterranean Homesick Blues – Take 1 remake (1/14/1965) electric
14. Outlaw Blues – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic
15. Outlaw Blues – Take 2 Remake (1/13/1965) electric
16. On the Road Again – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic
17. On the Road Again – Take 4 (1/14/1965) electric
18. On the Road Again – Take 1 remake (1/15/1965) electric
19. On the Road Again – Take 7 remake (1/15/1965) electric
20. Farewell, Angelina – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic, previously released The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
21. If You Gotta Go, Go Now – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic
22. If You Gotta Go, Go Now – Take 2 (1/15/1965) electric
23. You Don’t Have to Do That – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic, incomplete
Disc: 2
1. California – Take 1 (1/13/1965) solo acoustic
2. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) – Take 1 (1/15/1965) acoustic, demo
3. Mr. Tambourine Man – Takes 1
4. Mr. Tambourine Man – Take 3 (1/15/1965) incomplete, with band
5. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Take 1 (6/15/1965)
6. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Take 8 (6/15/1965)
7. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Take 3 (7/29/1965)
8. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry – Take 3 remake (7/29/65)
9. Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence – Take 2 (6/15/1965)
10. Tombstone Blues – Take 1 (7/29/1965)
11. Tombstone Blues – Take 9 (7/29/1965) previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7, 2005
12. Positively 4th Street – Takes 1
13. Positively 4th Street – Take 4 (7/29/1965)
14. Positively 4th Street – Take 5 (7/29/1965)
15. Desolation Row – Take 1 (8/4/1965)
16. Desolation Row – Take 2 (8/4/1965) piano demo
17. Desolation Row – Take 5 remake (8/2/1965)
18. From a Buick 6 – Take 1 (7/30/1965)
19. From a Buick 6 – Take 4 (7/30/1965) released in error on first pressing of Highway 61 Revisited, 1965
Disc: 3
1. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 1
2. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 4 (6/15/1965)
3. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 5 (6/15/1965)
4. Like a Rolling Stone – Rehearsal (6/16/1965)
5. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 1 (6/16/1965)
6. Like a Rolling Stone – Takes 2
7. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 4 (6/16/1965) released on Highway 61 Revisited, 1965
8. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 5 (6/16/1965)
9. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 6 (6/16/1965)
10. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 8 (6/16/1965)
11. Like a Rolling Stone – Takes 9
12. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 11 (6/16/1965)
13. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 12 (6/16/1965)
14. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 13 (6/16/1965)
15. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 14 (6/16/1965)
16. Like a Rolling Stone – Take 15 (6/16/1965)
17. Like a Rolling Stone – Master take
18. Like a Rolling Stone – Master take
19. Like a Rolling Stone – Mast take
20. Like a Rolling Stone – Master take
Disc: 4
1. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window – Take 1 (7/30/1965)
2. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window – Take 17 (7/30/1965 released in error on the first pressing of Positively 4th Street single
3. Highway 61 Revisited – Take 3 (8/2/1965)
4. Highway 61 Revisited – Take 5 (8/2/1965)
5. Highway 61 Revisited – Take 7 (8/2/1965)
6. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Take 1 (8/2/1965)
7. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Take 3 (8/2/1965)
8. Just Like Tom Thumb’s blues – Take 13 (8/2/1965)
9. Queen Jane Approximately – Take 2 (8/2/1965)
10. Queen Jane Approximately – Take 5 (8/2/1965)
11. Ballad of a Thin Man – Take 2 (8/2/1965) incomplete
12. Medicine Sunday – Take 1 (10/5/1965)
13. Jet Pilot – Take 1 (10/5/1965) Previously released on Biograph, 1985
14. I Wanna Be Your Lover – Take 1 (10/5/1965)
15. I Wanna Be Your Lover – Take 6 (10/5/1965)
16. Unknown Instrumental – Take 2 (10/5/1965)
17. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window – Takes 5
18. Visions of Johanna – Take 1 (11/30/1965)
19. Visions of Johanna – Take 5 (11/30/1965)
Disc: 5
1. Visions of Johanna – Take 7 (11/30/1965)
2. Visions of Johanna – Take 8 (11/30/1965) previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7, 2005
3. Visions of Johanna – Take 14 (11/30/1965)
4. She’s Your Lover Now – Take 1 (1/21/1966)
5. She’s Your Lover Now – Take 6 (1/21/1966)
6. She’s Your Lover Now – Take 15 (1/21/1966) previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
7. She’s Your Lover Now – Take 16 (1/21/1966) solo piano
8. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) – Take 2 (1/25/1966)
9. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) – Take 4 (1/25/1966)
10. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) – Take 19 (1/25/1966)
11. Lunatic Princess – Take 1 (1/27/1966)
12. Fourth Time Around – Take 11 (2/14/1966)
13. Leopard – Skin Pill
14. Leopard – Skin Pill
Disc: 6
1. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Take 1 (2/17/1966)
2. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Rehearsal (2/17/1966)
3. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Take 5 (2/17/1966) previously released on The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7, 2005
4. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Take 13 (2/17/1966)
5. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again – Take 14 (2/17/1966)
6. Absolutely Sweet Marie – Take 1 (3/7/1966)
7. Just Like a Woman – Take 1 (3/8/1966)
8. Just Like a Woman – Take 4 (3/8/1966)
9. Just Like a Woman – Take 8 (3/8/1966)
10. Pledging My Time – Take 1 (3/8/1966)
11. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) – Take 1 (3/9/1966)
12. Temporary Like Achilles – Take 3 (3/9/1966)
13. Obviously 5 Believers – Take 3 (3/10/1966)
14. I Want You – Take 4 (3/10/1966)
15. Sad – Eyed Lady of the Lowlands


The Best of Cutting Edge / 2CD & 3LP

Disc 1

1.Love Minus Zero / No Limit (Take 2, Acoustic) 3:09
2.I’ll Keep It with Mine (Take 1, Piano Demo) 4:10
3.Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream (Take 1 & 2, Solo Acoust… 6:14
4.She Belongs to Me (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 2:56
5.Subterranean Homesick Blues (Take 1, Alternate T… 2:37
6.Outlaw Blues (Take 2, Alternate Take) 3:28
7.On the Road Again (Take 4, Alternate Take) 2:30
8.Farewell, Angelina (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 5:26
9.If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Take 2, Alternate Take) 2:48
10.You Don’t Have to Do That (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 0:49
11.California (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 3:04
12.Mr. Tambourine Man (Take 3 with Band, Incomplete) 3:22
13.It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry… 3:28
14.Like a Rolling Stone (Take 5, Rehearsal (Short V…1:43
15.Like a Rolling Stone (Take 11, Alternate Take) 5:55
16.Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence (Take 2) 3:58
17.Medicine Sunday (Take 1) 1:00
18.Desolation Row (Take 2, Piano Demo) 1:59
19.Desolation Row (Take 1, Alternate Take) 11:16
Disc 2
1.Tombstone Blues (Take 1, Alternate Take) 7:29
2.Positively 4th Street (Take 5, Alternate Take) 4:22
3.Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (Take 1, Al… 4:03
4.Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Take 3, Rehearsal) 5:37
5.Highway 61 Revisited (Take 3, Alternate Take) 3:28
6.Queen Jane Approximately (Take 5, Alternate Take) 6:01
7.Visions of Johanna (Take 5, Rehearsal) 7:39
8.She’s Your Lover Now (Take 6, Rehearsal) 4:56
9.Lunatic Princess (Take 1) 1:18
10.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Take 8, Alternate Take) 3:26
11.One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) (Take 19, … 5:09
12.Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Ag… 4:01
13.Absolutely Sweet Marie (Take 1, Alternate Take) 5:04
14.Just Like a Woman (Take 4, Alternate Take) 5:18
15.Pledging My Time (Take 1, Alternate Take) 3:21
16.I Want You (Take 4, Alternate Take) 2:51
17.Highway 61 Revisited (Take 7, False Start)

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Now cdon.com has updated the info for the item, its 6cd Japan-import like I predicted. There must have been few people that have asked this from them..

[…] For full track listings visit this post. […]


I think there’s atleast few people that have mentioned on the couple forums that they ordered that boxset from cdon.com, so if any of them receive it then most likely we will get closure on the matter. I ordered as soon as found out about the deal but decided to cancel already, since even the customer-service person over at cdon could not confirm the version. I have strong doubt on the matter and I sincerely think cdon has just incorrect tracklisting on the pages and then many people thought it to be the 18cd set.

I think Sony somehow got messed up and a bit greedy on this release as they chose to release the mammoth 18cd box exclusively on bobdylan.com and so any fan from outside of USA will have to pay lots more due to customs, VAT and postages. I haven’t yet bought any editions but might get the 6cd-set at some point if I really feel like doing so.
I really waited for this set but was surely a bit disappointed as I found out the truth, eventhough the 6cd edition has been the deluxe-edition for the 3 past Bootleg-Series (8, 10, 11) now there’s maybe no sense in buying the 6cd edition of Cutting Edge, it might have the best there is but still if I would feel like digging further I would have to pay that much more for adding further 12 discs…

I own all the other editions and deluxe-editions, but I just cant justify myself for buying that boxset that costs over 800€. Its just too much.
Im collector and Im employed so I have no problems in buying these many wonderful remasters, boxsets, etc special releases, but I think I just cant see point in paying that much. I think Sony could release some sort of brought down stripped edition of the set later or get it distributed in Europe aswell so we can buy it at the same price as fellows in USA.

So for now, I have managed to get this 18cd-box and other copyright extension releases via different routes instead and have no regret. Maybe I will take many cups of coffee during some gloomy and cold winter weekend and then listen to the whole sessions and look if wanna get this release as physical edition also.


Also to continue the last message, it seems that this japanese edition is marked as “Blu-Spec CD 2″-release which surely means higher price already.
I have never heard of these”Blu-Spec CD2” or SHM-discs but according to some comments I have seen/heard, these format releases might be marketing ploy really with no real advantage over CD or SACD-editions.


I took a search on the EAN-code of the item (4547366250633) and all it brings up is actually japanese 6cd edition of the Bootleg Series Vol. 12.
Just to make sure I googled the code again but also used some extensive program which scans the codes and all of them came up with the japanese 6cd set unfornately. Disappointing really.

The cdon.com store is good but they sometimes have really strangely high prices for import-items.

Im really sorry for bringing up this, but I also believed it to be correct item as cdon.com has the wrong tracklist for the item.


Paul, please remove my last message.
I got some reply from people and they think it pricing mistake and also it seems that it is actually japanese 6cd edition instead.


Major discount deal alert!!!
Cdon.com (Swedish/Finnish store) has very good price on the 18cd edition box at the moment, it’s priced 409.95€ ($438, £289.36)
Normally, for example if I was to order this from bobdylan.com (USA) it would cost roughly 816€ ( ~$875, £575.97) with added taxes, customs and postages.

So, overall if this really is true, then its really good deal and no-one should pass it. No worries, as within EU there won’t be major taxes, customs and big postage-rates as would be if one would order this from USA.

Here is the link and it has the same number of discs and track-info as the usual 18cd set has:

I already ordered mine!


Seen several reports online of people getting charged that £120 import duty- not what you need when it’s already an expensive item.

Jon 77

My copy of the collector’s box was delivered yesterday, after almost £120 in import fees/vat. Got an email late last night advising how to download the content. It’s a lovely sturdy box but still very expensive.


My copy of the six disc version arrived late last week from a local retailer and have spent the weekend ripping it to my iTunes library. Listened to a couple of discs and very much enjoyed the Like A Rolling Stone disc. Will probably insert the final released version as it seemed incomplete without it to finish the listening session. The absence of The finished version is not a complaint but a comment.
As a aside I was sent a torrent link for a download of FLAC files for the 18 disc version. Not sure how it is there if nobody has the collector’s edition as yet. All files were tagged etc and a very quick download. Also now in my library but I doubt I’ll burn the discs.


I don’t know if you track the metrics but has this release generated the most comments ever?

[…] Read more about The Cutting Edge here. […]


I purchased the 18CD set Collector’s Edition, but I cannot find the download code/card for the high-resolution files to download anywhere in the set, and I have practically turned it upside down. Can anyone else who also have it report back where to find it?

A bit disappointed with the 10 frames of film from Don’t Look Back (film shows the back of some guy’s head walking away from the camera towards a door. It’s very dark and difficult to make out (or get excited about!)

One other small gripe is the fabric covering of the box. I was hoping for that newish rubberized coating (which Sony used for Dylan’s Complete Albums Vol. 1). I think they missed the boat with this, because my box had multiple weird blemishes in the fabric.

Of the music contained inside, it is a Grail, of course!

Norman Towler

Just received an email saying download link will be sent Monday.


Has anyone found the download link that was supposed to come with the 18-disc set? I cannot.


I received an email with the order number or something alike, but on two different occasions, I clicked just once on the buttom “Download Manager”, and it just did not work. For the first time, they sent me a message telling they had been experienced some problems with downloading, and that they soon would be fixing it. One or two days after, the problem was fixed, and they excluded the .wav option, leaving only the mp3 and the flac files. Once again I tried, without success, so I emailed to storesupport@deliveryagent.com for FOUR times, and until now I have not received any reply. Is the problem still unsolved, or they will not give me another chance? Does anybody know some details about this issue? Thank you.



Did anybody ever uncover the promo code for the 18cd box set?

Ben in Colorado

I just received the 18 disc set today. I have listened to 3 discs; sound is excellent, and the tunes are all worthwhile, even the false starts. I love studio chatter, and hearing how it all comes together.
My OPPO blu-ray deck doesn’t provide the track names, but iTunes pulled them right up.
The packaging is excellent as well. The vinyl singles shifted in shipping, and the outer box was a bit dusty, but overall in great shape.
I think this will prove to be a great purchase.


Ordered my 3LP/2CD set from base.com, which is still the cheapest price I’ve seen: £53.00 with free postage. They tried to deliver it to me yesterday, and it’s now arriving this afternoon. It’s not even due to be out until Friday, so that’s pretty good service!!!!!

[…] To put that in perspective Waters thinks him performing his old band’s album live has the same worth as the everything note Bob Dylan recorded in 1965 and 1966. […]

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Has anyone found information on the Hi Res download link that comes with the Collector’s addition. I want to know what size files they are. 24 bit 96 Hz would be nice.

Alan Smith

They’re selling hiccups and blind alleys,
They’re painting the motives white,
The fortune telling lady
Now runs a teeshirt site.
Here comes the keen-eyed doorman
With a spindled leopard skin,
One hand is tied to the mad-eyed prophet,
The other to where he’s been.
And the D-gang’s in a turmoil,
Deciding where to go,
As they watch themselves proceeding down
Exploitation Row.

Outside the minus zero box
The lonesome single pleads,
And the Englishman’s Johanna howls
Will I never be released?
But the organ-grinder’s sympathy
Is for himself so sick
Of all this repetition
And all these juggler’s tricks.
And from railroad eyes in hotel rooms
You can watch the river flow,
As long as you don’t turn your back
On Exploitation Row.

Yes I saw your invoice yesterday,
And the sentiment it spoke:
If you don’t like it just don’t buy it –
Was that some kind of joke?
All these versions that you mention,
Yes I know they’ll be quite lame,
I’ll have to rearrange my senses
And give them all another name.
Right now I just don’t have the strength
To miss the final show;
I’m Mr Jones and here’s my toll
To Exploitation Row.


k i just did the math
at 33$ per cd, maybe it’s best to wait til the tracks stream online.
course, it’s actually only about1.50 per track, so… .


Looks great, but can’t help but feel that the “Rolling Stone” disc would be better suited to the “full” version of the set. I can see five discs being played a lot, but that one somewhat less.


[…] For full track listings visit this post. […]


Pricing for this is offcourse ridiculous. The standard 2CD version is €20.
That would mean 3×20 = €60 for the 6CD version. Best price for the 6CD version is now around €100, so we pay €40 for a bigger book and a box.
The collectors edition 18CD should be 9×20 = €180 but we have to pay around €600, meaning the book, the vinyl singles (who thought of that? Why put vinyl in a cd-box??? – although this happens quite regularly for some strange reason, if I wanted vinyl I ‘d buy vinyl) and the other extras cost > €400 !!

P Donovan

The 18 cd box is 14 POUNDS WEIGHT…. Seriously?
Fire up the forklift, honey, i want to listen to my new bobby d boxset.
Guess for most folks who buy, them puppys will be going straight to flac.

Keith Copas



Did you find a Promo Code yet?


I can’t help wondering what Clinton Heylin is making of all this.


Tough decision but think I’ll start with the 2 CD set and depending on overall sound quality , I’m seriously considering the 6 CD edition. Hoping that in the future all the material on the 18 CD set is reissued in a cheaper version.


Unless I’ve missed this in the (bigger than usual) tread – in which case I apologise – the ultimate reason for the release of every recording from ’65-’66 is probably just down to enabling Sony to keep the copyright on these recordings (based on the “use it or lose it” theory).
At least for Dylan fans there are 5000 opportunities to get hold of the set, rather than what happened to the Beatles early recordings that were issued for what seemed like minutes last year…
I foresee this becoming the norm with all major artists with releases in 1965/66.

Dr John

Nice pick-up Jim! And $2.50 postage from Melbourne to Brisbane’s pretty good as well.


Bloody predictive text….JB HI FI


Just ordered the 6 disc version from IN HiGh here in Australia for $153 which is about £71 at current exchange rate. Not sure that the price will hold as it is likely an error but Australian buyers might want to try to get in quick. Not sure about postage for overseas buyers but with the falling value of our dollar would still be a bargain.


600$ for nine mono singles (and 18cd that’ll be on torrent the day it’ll be released) ? I’ll pass,sorry, I will take the usual 3LP, and probably used ones from amazon repacked category


Just spent an entertaining 30 minutes reading all of the above comments….haven’t laughed so much in a long time.
One question though. What size is the anorak that comes with the 18 cd set?


Just ordered the two CD version. What with the SD Maccas this week and preordering the nine Japanese Blu Spec 2 mini LP ELOs after a few beers last night one has to prioritise!

[…] exactly what Sony/Columbia have done with their ‘Collector’s Edition’ of the newly announced Bootleg Series Vol 12, which has the moniker The Cutting Edge. 18CDs isn’t actually that much […]

Julian Hancock

Mmmm. At a UK price pushing £600, even allowing a generous sum for the singles and book, that’s over £25 per CD. That is some premium.


Interesting: Per Sony website, regarding the 18 cd set”THESE WILL BE THE ONLY COPIES OF THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION EVER MANUFACTURED!” A hint that the 18 discs will be released in a cheaper package?


Been enjoying all the comments here re Bob Boots 12. As for the 18 disc set, to me it’s an historical artefact. The privilege of seeing/hearing the man at work at such a pivotal stage of music history. The price is high but in fact the audience for those interested in “how he did it” is quite less than mainstream. Economics. I’m thrilled that this archive of material is available at all. Thanks to all concerned.


If you get stung by customs, you’re looking at over £500 in total when you factor in the $88 postage to UK!


Really tempted by the 18cd set.

Out of interest I added to cart to UK and it wanted to charge $80-odd for postage.

When doing it through PayPal it didn’t add on these costs. Does anyone know if I will get ‘stung’ for these later on?


David G

It would have to put the cost upfront I’m sure. It’s the customs charges I’m thinking are going to be another cost on top of the $680


Did you purchase via paypal without shipping? I tried but it adds shipping before you can complete the transaction… When you factor the shipping + £100 for customs duties it costs way beyond $600 for UK Dylan fans!!!

steve gilmour

dr john yup…thats a bugger as like the dead box it takes it to over a 1000 bucks which means a gst applied bugger


Here’s a first! Here in Japan, the 6-disk version (B015JXIA4K) is cheaper than in UK. Amazon UK = 105.99 GBP, whereas Amazon JP = 15,150 yen (82.32 GBP). It’s even cheaper than the US (149.98 dollars = 98.51 GBP). For the first time, my adopted home is feeling cheap!!!!

steve gilmour

just been reading the steve hoffman site on this (sorry paul…kind of the ‘other’ woman) and i can count a few hundred already ordered the 18cd box with expectations it will be gone within a fortnight. ..with the weak aussie dollar its almost a thousand a box but two ordered…im sure ill get 1200us back on one in a year….12000 aussie dollars spent on boxes in last 12 months..i feel divorce coming…thank god neil’s archives too never looks like it will happen!!

steve gilmour

paul…im clearly trying to make this the longest sde chsin to date…but…given my earlier we uestion re tax rebate…will the 18cd be available by amazon uk or is this sony exclusive distribution thanks

CJ Feeney

UK website spincds is offering the big box for £599. Haven’t treied ordering, so don’t know if it includes p&p. But even if it does the Sony site workes out cheaper even with tax added.

However, if Spin CDs are offering it, it may well turn up on other UK sites.

steve gilmour

jeezz…just checked shipping to oz from us for the 18cd box…109 us dollars…jeez the 80cd grateful dead boxzilla set only cost 70us to ship wtf…

steve gilmour

paul…if u know the answer how come when i order ftom oz from any amazon europe or uk site i get all taxes taken off but not when order from us sites…icluding dylan site?? also with 5000 bucks credit remsining on my card credit limit paul do u think buying 2 18cd sets snd keepingnone sealed id make twice back in a years time ie my copy free??

Dr John

Steve Gilmour – a word of warning: postage to Oz for the Big Set is over $US100. With our exchange rate currently in the post-Abbott doldrums, that hurts.

But I ordered it anyway…