Boney M. / Diamonds: 40th Anniversary deluxe sets


A 40th anniversary celebration of Boney M. is on the way with the release of Diamonds across a number of formats, including a 4CD+vinyl limited edition box and, in some territories, a three-DVD package.

German record producer Frank Farian created Boney M exactly 40 years ago and the group (fronted by ‘singers’ from the Caribbean) released their first album Take the Heat Off Me in 1976.

The vocal group achieved phenomenal success in the disco years of the second half of the 1970s, especially in Germany where they chalked up an incredible eight number one singles, although they were popular across Europe and in the UK where their cover of Harry Belafonte’s Mary’s Boy Child which was the Christmas number one in 1978.

The new Diamonds collection in its most basic form is a three-CD set that contains rare seven-inch versions of singles across the first two discs (including some unreleased versions) and on the third CD includes modern day mixes and megamixes from the likes of Blank & Jones and other name DJs.

There will also be a limited edition box set version of Diamonds that comes in LP-sized packaging. This includes the three CDs mentioned above and adds a bonus DVD [content TBC]. Also in the box is a new vinyl pressing of Boney M’s debut album Take The Heat Off Me, a Daddy Cool T-shirt (size L) and a sticker album. You can currently pick this up for less than £30 from Amazon Germany – great deal!


Separate to this, will be an ambitious and comprehensive three-DVD package (not being released in the UK) that includes TV Performances (ZDF, WDR, BBC Top of the Pops etc.), a 90-minute long German documentary (beware, may not have English subtitles!), and unreleased live concerts in from Poland (1979) and Sun City (1984).

Diamonds is released on 30 March 2015. SDE can exclusively bring you the full track listings for the 3CD and 3DVD below.


Diamonds / 3CD+DVD+LP+T-shirt box set

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Diamonds / 3CD Edition

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Diamonds / 3-DVD set

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Track listing

3CD Edition

CD 1

  1. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (part 1) 7″ version
  2. Daddy Cool 7″ version/album version
  3. No Woman No Cry album version
  4. Sunny 7″version/album version
  5. Ma Baker 7″ version 1st pressing (Unreleased Version)
  6. Belfast 7″ version / album version
  7. Rivers Of Babylon 7″ version Italy (Unreleased Version)
  8. Brown Girl In The Ring (with extra verse) 7″ version 1st pressing (Unreleased Version)
  9. Rasputin 7″ version
  10. Painter Man 7″ version/album version
  11. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord album version
  12. Dancing In The Streets 7″ album version
  13. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday 7″ version
  14. Gotta Go Home 7″ version
  15. El Lute 7″ version
  16. Bahama Mama 7″ version
  17. I’m Born Again 7″ version
  18. I See A Boat On The River 7″ version
  19. My Friend Jack 7″ version


  1. Children Of Paradise 7″ version
  2. Gadda Da Vida 7″ version
  3. Felicidad (Margherita) 7″ version
  4. Malaika Early version (Unreleased Version)
  5. Consuela Biaz Early version (Unreleased Version)
  6. We Kill The world (Don’t Kill The World) UK 7″ version
  7. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) Early single mix (Unreleased Version)
  8. Going Back West 7″version
  9. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) 7″ version
  10. Somewhere In The World 7″ version
  11. Exodus (Noah’s Ark) 7″ version
  12. Kalimba De Luna 7″ version
  13. Happy Song 7″ version
  14. My Chérie Amour 7″ version/album version
  15. Young Free & Single 7″ version/album version
  16. Bang Bang Lulu 7″ version
  17. Stories 7″ version
  18. Papa Chico (Rap version)
  19. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) 7″ version

CD 3 (New Hits and Mixes)

  • 1. Song Of Joy – Single Edit – Boney M. Feat. Liz Mitchell
  • 2. Running Man (Frankie’s On The Run) – Boney M. Feat. Guyana
  • 3. Sunny – John Munich & Thorsten Skringer Sax Radio Edit
  • 4. Nightflight To Venus – Blank & Jones Remix
  • 5. Ma Baker – Blank & Jones Radio Remix
  • 6. Daddy Cool – Nick Raider Radio Mix
  • 7. Kalimba De Luna – Bass Flow De Luna Mix
  • 8. Rasputin – Bass Mix Flow 4.0
  • 9. Rivers Of Babylon – Depth sounder Fox Mix

Bonus tracks

  • 10. Daddy Cool – Jay Frog Remix & Amfree
  • 11. Sunny – John Munich & Thorsten Skringer Extended Sax Mix
  • 12. Sunny – Blank & Jones Summer Vibe Remix
  • 13. Rivers Of Babylon – Nick Raider Club Party Mix
  • 14. Kalimba De Luna – Bass Flow De Luna Instrumental Mix
  • 15. Rasputin – Bass Remix Flow 4.0

Bonus DVD  (Box Set Only)

Track listing TBC.

LP – Take The Heat Off Me (Box Set Only)

Side A:

  • Daddy Cool
  • Take The Heat Off Me
  • Sunny
  • Baby Do You Wanna Bump

Side B:

  • No Woman, No Cry
  • Fever
  • Got a Man on My Mind
  • Lovin’ Or Leavin’


Diamonds 3DVD set

DVD1 (Unreleased TV Performances: ZDF, WDR, BBC Top Of The Pops)

  1. Baby Do You Wanna Bump
  2. Daddy Cool
  3. Sunny
  4. Rasputin
  5. Brown Girl In The Ring
  6. Rivers Of Babylon
  7. El Lute
  8. Calendar Song (January, February, March…)
  9. Gotta Go Home
  10. Bahama Mama
  11. Children Of Paradise
  12. Mary’s Boy Child
  13. Felicidad
  14. Consuela Biaz
  15. Little Drummer Boy
  16. The Carnival Is Over
  17. Zion’s Daughter
  18. Jambo – Hakuna Matata
  19. Somewhere In The World
  20. My Chérie Amour
  21. Young, Free And Single
  22. Stories

DVD2 (Unreleased TV Megamix + 90 Minutes German Documentary)

  1. No Woman, No Cry Brown
  2. Girl In The Ring
  3. Daddy Cool
  4. Sunny
  5. Ma Baker
  6. Painter Man
  7. Gotta Go Home
  8. Rasputin
  9. Rivers Of Babylon
  10. Still I’m Sad
  11. El Lute
  12. Calimba de Luna
  13. Felicidad
  14. Happy Song
  15. Dreadlock Holiday

DVD3 (Unreleased Live)

LIVE IN SUN CITY 1984 (Last Concert)

  1. Boonoonoonoos
  2. Hit-Medley (Daddy Cool / Sunny / Ma Baker / Belfast)
  3. Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night
  4. We Kill the World
  5. Exodus
  6. 10.000 Lightyears
  7. Where Did You Go
  8. I Feel So Good
  9. Barbarella Fortuneteller
  10. Hooray! Hooray! / Calendar Song / I Shall Sing
  11. Malaika
  12. Still I’m Sad
  13. No Woman No Cry
  14. Rivers Of Babylon


  1. Rivers of Babylon
  2. Daddy Cool
  3. My Baker
  4. Brown Girl in the Ring
  5. Sunny
  6. Hooray Hooray
  7. Dancing in the Street
  8. Belfast
  9. El Lute
  10. Rasputin

Unreleased Bonus Material


Diamonds / 4CD+LP+T-shirt box set

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Diamonds / 3CD Edition

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Diamonds / 3-DVD set

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There is no track name”One way ticket”on all three CDs


I know this is a REALLY old thread, so there’s probably no-one reading it anymore (maybe not even Paul S) but I’m hoping someone can give me some help/info regarding the 3DVD set. I know it’s been out for months but it was a Christmas present so I’ve only just discovered it.

I have the Australian pressing that’s just the 3 discs all in 1 case, not the ‘multiple-case-box’ that I see in pictures. I think there is a production ‘glitch’ on disc 2 – at about 17-18 minutes into ‘Live In Dublin’ (during “When I Need You”). I know there are inherent ‘flaws’ to be expected in archival footage, but this appears to be a very short (1 second) distorted ‘pixellation’, the kind that occurs digitally. I’ve checked my disc and it’s definitely the footage itself not a faulty disc, so I can’t just send it back for another copy. Tellingly, the ‘glitch’ doesn’t appear in this clip uploaded to YouTube by BoneyM-VEVO in June this year (around the same time as ‘Diamonds’ was released): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NspH9c8MtIs

I am posting this, hoping someone might be able to answer a few questions:
*Does anyone else have this problem?
*If so, are Sony aware of it? (Is it ‘global’ or just Aussie pressings?)
*Is it possible to get a ‘corrected’ replacement pressing?
*If so, who/how do I contact?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. :)


Just to clarify a previous comment – when I say ‘the footage itself’, I mean the mastering not the actual source material.

Actually that doesn’t really clarify it at all, LOL, but I’m hoping someone will understand what I mean.

w. neutert

I like to know how do I get this Boney M diamond set Please


DVD is in German! Any English subs?

William K

Does anyone know if there really is a 4 cd set. I pre-ordered what I thought was it on amazon Germany, but they now have pictures up showing that this limited edition has 3 cd’s and the german documentary on dvd. and also the vinyl, t- shirt and stickers.

Mark N

Has the 7″ version of “Nightflight To Venus” ever been released on CD?


I’m curious about the unreleased versions on the box set.
Sadly the “Video-version” of “We Kill The World” will not included.
The spoken intro is much longer.
I have all alternate LP versions from the 3 BONEY M: albums :
“Nightflight To Venus”, “Oceans Of Fantasy” & “Boonoonoonoos”.
From track “Nightflight To Venus” there are 3 different versions
on the several LP releases.
From “Oceans Of Fantasy” LP I have also 3 vinyl versions
and from “Boonoonoonoos” I have 6 different LP versions.
It took long time to collect.
I need no new remixes of great old disco tracks.


This for me was the final opportunity to get it right. Why this song ‘ Running Man featuring Guyana???? when Ribbons of Blue is missing. Why does anyone over 8 years old want a sticker book and a t -shirt? Why not just release the rareties on the third disc instead of remixes? Its really annoying!!!

Mike the Fisher

Only around five tracks of interest for me now. At least three of them sourced from vinyl! There should have been more alternate stuff for yet another compilation.


mainy things have been done nowadays with Boney M ..
The 3 volumes of “long versions and rarities” covering years from 1976 to 1987, the “complete” boney M, which includes the albums + some bonuses (not complete at all in facts – but with the ’79 live DVD).
Many remixes albums have also seen the light of day, as well as chistmas album (not on the “complete”… ) some budget 3Cds compilations with some 12″ and some 7″…

This one seems interesting in terms of 7” versions, but there were mainy differents edits of the singles at the time…

In the vaults of the “still missing” things from Boney M, you can put nearly all the 1988-1994 era, including the megamixes in their various forms, the latest singles without Liz Mitchell and obviously the 2 wonderfully remixed PWL compilations…

I don’t care very much about “new remixes”, I don’t think they’ll ever bring the magic back…


I’m with Gavin on this. If CD3 had original 12-inch mixes I would probebly go for this. Now? Maybe, maybe not.
That said I must confess that my favourite Boney M 12-inch is the Pete Hammond remix of Rivers of Babylon.


Modern remixes! Drives me mad…is it not possible to have a boxset with all the original singles, 12″ & extended versions with any b-sides and rarities?

Why I would need stickers or a t-shirt is beyond me.


CD 2 Track 4 (Malaika) 3.26: the timing matches the 1981 cassette version – which was also used for the first CD version of the album (1994).


Stefano – quite a few German Hansa 45s were different to their UK counterparts. All 3 tracks I mentioned being amongst them.

The UK timings are: Gotta Go Home 3.59; El Lute 5.09; We Kill The World 6.08.

The first 2 look like matching the UK 45s on this new release, but not We Kill The World!


Hi Stecov, I was just focusing on the double A-side single Gotta Go home/El Lute. My German pressing 7 inch has the same timings, so I think there is no difference between the Atlantic and Hansa pressing.

Deirdre Halliwell

Am I the only person who loves Everybody Wants To Be Like Josephine Baker?! LOL I know there are legal issues surrounding that song but it would be nice to have on a Boney M CD!


First time on CD, I believe, for the UK 7″ versions of Gotta Go Home and El Lute.

No such luck with We Kill The World. 4.30? The UK 45 is approx. 6.08.


Stecov, the single versions of Gotta Go Home and El Lute have been released previously on CD.
And I don’t believe that Atlantic released different edits for the UK to Hansa.

Tyronne Mayadunne

The Amazon Germany link seems to show that the box-set contains the 3 CDS + 1 DVD (as opposed to the 4 CDs Paul mentioned).

Do you know which is correct ?



CD 2 Track 4 (Malaika) seems to be the Album Version from Boonoonoonoos.
CD 2 Track 6 (We Kill The World) seems to be the edit from 1993 Compilation “More Gold”.
They should have left off tracks 17-19 on CD 2 in favor of the rare single mixes of “Ribbons Of Blue” or “Boonoonoonoos”…


Lennart, totally agree: both the single versions of Ribbons Of Blue and Boonoonoonoos should have been added to this compilation, in favour of tracks 18/19. on CD 2.
And I’m curious whether We Kill The World is indeed taken from More Gold. I guess we will only find out when this box set hits our doormats…


Paul, thanks for the detailed track listing of this total project. Great service, as always! I’ve some additions.

* Here are the timings as well (for CD 1 and 2).
* No further details means that the 7″ version is the album version.
* Tracks 11/12/13 on CD 1 were non-album tracks upon release, so should get the tag: 7″ Version.
* The master tapes of the 1st pressing single versions on CD 1 (Ma Baker/Rivers of Babylon/Brown Girl) are not to be found in the Bertelsmann archives in Gütersloh (and they searched everywhere, really), so the producer(s) took mint vinyl copies to transfer them for this anniversary box set.
* The master tape of the ‘We Kill The World’ 7″ version was lost as well a few years ago, but maybe they tracked it down somewhere. If not, then that one will also be a vinyl transfer I guess. I don’t have any information about the previously unreleased versions 4/5/7 on CD 2.

CD 1:
1. Baby Do You Wanna Bump, Pt. 1 (7″ Version) 3:42
2. Daddy Cool 3:26
3. No Woman No Cry 4:55
4. Sunny 4:01
5. Ma Baker (1st Pressing 7″ Version) 4:48
6. Belfast 3:29
7. Rivers Of Babylon (1st Pressing 7″ Version) 4:06
8. Brown Girl In The Ring (1st Pressing 7″ Version) 4:18
9. Rasputin (7″ Version) 4:42
10. Painter Man 3:10
11. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord (7″ Version) 5:43
12. Dancing In The Streets (7″ Version) 3:58
13. Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday (7″ Version) 3:55
14. Gotta Go Home (7″ Version) 3:59
15. El Lute (7″ Version) 5:10
16. Bahama Mama (7″ Version) 3:35
17. I’m Born Again (7″ Version) 4:17
18. I See A Boat On The River (7″ Version) 4:40
19. My Friend Jack (7″ Version) 4:35

CD 2:
1. Children Of Paradise (7″ Version) 4:28
2. Gadda-Da-Vida (7″ Version) 5:05
3. Felicidad (Margherita) (7″ Version) 4:39
4. Malaika (Early Version) 3:27
5. Consuela Biaz (Early Version) 5:05
6. We Kill The World (7″ Version) 4:30
7. The Carnival Is Over (Goodbye True Lover) (Early Single Mix) 4:47
8. Going Back West (7″ Version) 4:15
9. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems) (7″ Version) 3:39
10. Somewhere In The World (7″ Version) 4:25
11. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001) (7″ Version) 4:37
12. Kalimba De Luna (7″ Version) 4:32
13. Happy Song (7″ Version) 4:19
14. My Cherie Amour 4:04
15. Young, Free And Single (7″ Version) 4:18
16. Bang Bang Lulu (7″ Version) 3:31
17. Stories (Radio Mix) 4:16
18. Papa Chico (Rap Version) 4:43
19. Barbra Streisand (The Most Wanted Woman) (Radio Mix) 3:11


Hi Paul, now you just only need to delete the word ‘Play’ from the full CD 3 track listing, and then we’re okay :)


They should drop the whole idea AND begin from the beginning. Rethink the compilation. Asking the first and most important question. What will sell ?
The next question would be: Why should we drop the 4th CD in the vinyl box ?
(Help with the answer) It is a stupid idea because…

gary C

Would like a decent hits package, never a fan of updated remixes tho, so that would remain unplayed.
In all sincerity, those live concerts would be weird. What is up on Youtube for Poland is, a full band behind them but, they are miming to a playback of the original songs.Now please don’t get on your high horse, that Bobby Farrell couldn’t even mime his ‘parts’ when i was watching TOTP as a kid

Mike the Fish

The track listing is what really counts for this one. If we have the original 1st pressing Nightflight To Venus mixes then I’m probably in. No overcompressed remastering this time though, please!

Mike the Fish

*The track listing for disc 4 is what really counts…*


Now this is a quandary – I don’t want the vinyl, not bothered about the t-shirt (even ‘size L’ is too small for a fat bastard like me, LOL), don’t care for the sticker-book (how old do they think we are?) and the cost of shipping to Australia would be a nightmare, BUT…..I really want that fourth disc! GAH!


Gordon. This is just a matter of milking the public from our hard earned cash. I am not at all amused with this stunt taken by Frank Farian.
I’ll wait until sanity gets restored by Frank Farian (if it ever will happen.).

DJ Control

Thanks for the track listing Paul. I saw these at Amazon Germany last week and took a punt placing an order with those low prices. Glad I did now as it looks like they’ll be nice sets.