Bowie: Nothing Has Changed packaging & Japan CD details


Here’s some packaging shots of David Bowie‘s forthcoming hits compilation Nothing Has Changed. You can see above that the most expansive three-CD set comes as an 8-panel gatefold digi-pack which looks like it is housed in an outer slipcase. Check out more photos of the 2LP vinyl set and the unique Japanese one-CD edition below.

Jonathan Barnbrook has designed these packages and the gatefold vinyl with the Mick Rock cover looks like this:


It turns out that there will be a fourth physical variation for Nothing Has Changed which is a Japan-only single CD edition. This shares a cover with the three-CD version although the typography is different.

Cover to Japan-only single CD version

The track listing for this Japanese one-CD set can be found below. Nothing Has Changed will be released on 17 November 2014.


Nothing Has Changed / 3CD Deluxe Edition  


Nothing Has Changed / 2CD Edition


Nothing Has Changed / Japanese 1 CD Edition


Nothing Has Changed / 2LP Double vinyl

JAPAN one-CD track listing

1. Let’s Dance (single version)
2. Ashes-to-Ashes (single version)
3. Under Pressure
4. Heroes (single version)
5. Changes
6. Space Oddity (UK Single Edit)
7. Lady Stardust*
8. Life on Mars
9. Starman (Original Single Mix)
10. Ziggy Stardust
11. Jean Genie (Original Single Mix)
12. Rebel Rebel
13. Fame
14. Sound and Vision
15. Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys remix) (with Pet Shop Boys)
16. China Girl (single version)
17. Dancing In The Street
18. Absolute Beginners (edit)
20. Sue (Or in a season of Crime) (radio edit)

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I would rather see a full diamond dogs show on dvd (or even better on blu ray)

Mic Smith

There’s no chance of that happening is there? The tour was never filmed in full so far as I know.


クライム could translate as climb or crime but without knowing the title of the song, I would have gone for “crime”. What it actually says is kuraimu.

marcio gosch

Superfulous release and the new song is very boring

CJ Feeney

And that vinyl edition looks so nice. I’m trying my hardest to resist buying yet another Bowie compilation, but they do look nice. Maybe my eight year old would like one for Christmas.


I would have liked it when I was 8, but then I’d already been listening to Bowie since I remember being conscious. Unfortunately, Never Let Me Down was the new album around when I turned 8.

CJ Feeney

Was you’re title of Sue… a mistake or a return to 70s sitcom humour.


CJ, regarding your question, I just cut and past the track list entry from Amazon.jp, which reads: スー(オア・イン・ア・シーズン・オブ・クライム) (ラジオ・エディット) into google translate and it gave me this:
Sue (OR-in-a-season-of-Climb) (radio edit)

CJ Feeney

Good old Google translate. To think that computers are meant to eliminate human error!


Don’t think it is.japan like that track it was also featured on there version of the best of bowie 2002. Exclusive to this new japan release are also the single version of space oddity we get the album version a rare promo edit of absolute beginners the UK get the single version & the new track sue is a special edit version not like our full length version. Worth picking up.
It also looks like if you believe itunes most tracks are newly remastered this year.sorrow was remastered in 2013 which makes me think there was a reissue of pin ups ready to go last year but cancelled or delayed for some unknown reason.


They did release a new “Sorrow” 7″ in 2013, which is where I believe the remastered track is derived from.