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Boy Meets Girl - Reel Life - Front

Cherry Red Records will reissue an expanded edition of eighties pop band Boy Meets Girl‘s 1988 album Reel Life in April.

The album was the follow up to their 1985 eponymous debut, which had been issued on A&M Records. By the time Reel Life was released (on RCA) the duo of George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam had seen Whitney Houston take two of their songs (How Will I Know and I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)) to the top of the US charts, and had suffered a turbulent period in their personal relationship – much of which is evident in the lyrics to the songs on the album!

Happily, they resolved their problems and ended up marrying shortly before Reel Life was released. The album contains the hit single Waiting For A Star To Fall which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 1988 and went top ten in the UK in early 1989.

This expanded reissue is remastered and contains three extra tracks: One Day (the B-side to UK single Stormy Love), a single edit of Bring Down The Moon (the second and final single in the US), and a remix of Waiting For A Star To Fall.

Reel Life expanded will be reissued on 21 April 2014.

Track listing

  • 1 Bring Down The Moon (5:00)
  • 2 Waiting for a Star to Fall (4:34)
  • 3 Stormy Love (4:34)
  • 4 Is Anybody Out There In Love (4:54)
  • 5 Stay Forever (4:07)
  • 6 If You Run (4:31)
  • 7 One Sweet Dream (5:45)
  • 8 No Apologies (4:21)
  • 9 Restless Dreamer (4:53)
  • 10 Someone’s Got To Send Out Love (1:56)

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. Bring Down the Moon (4:15)
  • 12. One Day (3:51)
  • 13. Waiting for a Star to Fall (Remix) 4:29


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Saar Freedman

They eventually amended the artwork and the missing remix is no longer listed
shame though as it was only ever released on cd as a US promo CD Single that is not easy to grab a copy of.


Yes, just 12 tracks even if it’s stated 13 ! Very bad ! :( What kind of problems ? Are they re-issueing the cd with the 13 tracks ? :( No lyrics, too.


bought it,this version by cherry red and there are only 12 tracks instead of the listed 13.
the remix of ‘waiting for a star to fall’ is NOT included.

i dont know how to get it changed as its was specially ordered.

buyers beware.


Got my CD on Saturday and it does NOT include “Waiting on a Star to Fall (Remix)” although it’s still on the tracklist. Seriously, Cherry Red??
Nice liner notes though.


One of the greatest pop-albums from 80’s!


actually there was a follow up album to this record recorded/mixed/mastered and ready to be released (I have it somewhere in my collection) but then it never happened. Didn’t hear exactly what happened but it would have been cool by Cherry Red to track this material down thru RCA and release it as a bonus.


Everything I hated about the 80s in one neat little package.

Michael Pendlebury

It’s a great album full of great pop songs! Would have been nice if they could have found a few more bonus tracks to put on it though…


I am curious if the bonus tracks will be vinyl sourced. The SBME release that came out a few years ago from Sony actually sounds like it was remastered (excellent sound and clarity), so the bonus tracks would be the only draw for me.


You think cherry red do any research at times?


Great album!


Hm waiting for a star to fall is a great song. Never heard the album. But quite strange that this is released again on cd. The original cd can be bought for less than 6 euros. I wonder why it’s not possible to release eg les enfants touché on cd? What a great album.

Mike the Fish

Number of people on discogs who say they want it (across three previous editions) = 5. Average selling price = around £3.50. I’m confused, but there must be some kind of demand…?

Mike the Fish

Wow – this CD isn’t even hard or expensive to find! Still I guess some will be pleased it’s got the 3 bonus tracks, but how much will be vinyl sourced anyway?