Breaking Bad / 10th anniversary limited edition coloured vinyl box set

Breaking Bad / 10th anniversary 5 x 10" coloured vinyl box set

Music On Vinyl will issue a very limited 10th anniversary Breaking Bad vinyl box set that will, for the first time, feature the songs from the TV series and not the score. These are pressed on five coloured vinyl records, one representing each season.

Each 10-inch record is ‘Albuquerque Crystal Coloured’ vinyl (which is transparent with a hint of turquoise). The jackets are representative of each of the five series and these are presented in a lift-off-lid box with the Breaking Bad logo on the front with special drip-off varnish. Additionally the box comes with an exclusive Breaking Bad poster  and a ‘Pollos Hermanos’ plastic ID badge.

The label state that this is a one-off run with only around 4k for the world. As well as the great music from the likes of Badfinger, Calexico, Far East Movement and America the records feature snippets of dialogue fromWalter, Jesse, Skyler, Mike, Gus, Saul and many more. Secure a copy by pre-ordering from the SDE shop by using this link, or the button below. The box will ship on 23 November 2018.

Side A

  1. Dave Porter – Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended)
  2. Rodrigo y Gabriela – Tamacun
  3. Working For a Nuclear Free City – Dead Fingers Talking
  4. Glen Phillips –  The Hole

WALT JR. – BAND AIDS (dialogue)

  1. Darondo – Didn’t I

Side B

  1. Mick Harvey – Out Of Time Man
  2. The In Crowd – Mango Walk
  3. Ticklah – Nine Years
  4. Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh


  1. The Silver Seas – Catch Yer Own Train

Side C

  1. The Walkmen – Red Moon


  1. The Be Good Tanyas – Waiting Around To Die
  2. Los Cuates de Sinaloa – Negro Y Azul: The Ballad Of Heisenberg
  3. Calexico – Banderilla

Side D

  1. Far East Movement – Holla Hey
  2. The Black Seeds – One By One
  3. Blue Mink – Good Morning Freedom


  1. Yellowman – Zungguzungguguzungguzeng

Side E


  1. Chuy Flores – Pollos Hermanos Veneno
  2. Los Zafiros – He Venido
  3. Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete – Ginza Samba
  4. Teddybears feat. Eve – Rocket Scientist

Side F

  1. Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  2. Son of Dave – Shake A Bone
  3. The Association – Windy


  1. Quartetto Cetra – Crapa Pelada
  2. America – A Horse With No Name

Side G

  1. Alexander – Truth
  2. Ana Tijoux – 1977


  1. Bang Data – Bang Data
  2. Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart

Side H


  1. Apparat – Goodbye
  2. Thee Oh Sees – Tidal Wave


  1. Taalbi Brothers – Freestyle

Side I

  1. Whitey – Stay On The Outside


  1. The Peddlers – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  2. Knife Party – Bonfire

Side J

  1. Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion
  2. The Limeliters – Take My True Love By The Hand


  1. Marty Robbins – El Paso
  2. Badfinger – Baby Blue

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It’s funny, but DLZ by TV On The Radio is the only song I actually remember being in Breaking Bad, and it’s not even in this set!

The Geordie Expat

looks good but living in the USA kills it for me: 53 quid for shipping!
Having said that I’m sure you’re using a reputable shipper.. .
Unlike Amazon who are using a Jordanian (!) outfit called Aramex to ship box sets over here. Aramex must be the worst shipping Co ever. Check out their TrustPilot ratings – how are they still in business?. Their website doesn’t update tracking status. Three weeks after allegedly picking up a package it has disappeared from their tracking system. Meanwhile Amazon reckon it was 172 miles South of me a week ago but today it is 115 miles North of me. I may get it before Christnas

Paul Mac

I’m not sure who Amazon get to do their shipping in Europe at the moment, but whoever it is walks the package to your house kicking it front of them the whole way like a child with a can, based on packages I’ve been receiving lately at least…


You guys forgot that the real Paul McCartney is actually dead.

Carl Smukall

Baby Blue was the perfect song to end this magnificent show. I just wish they would’ve released this on CD.


Hey Paul. As a former record store owner, what that probably means is they have committed approximately 1K copies to various selling points, with ~4K remaining for distribution. Total number available for purchase–assuming they don’t misplace any boxes from the pressing plant–will be 5K. I’m going to wait and see where they distribute, as that shipping cost is, unfortunately, much too steep to the U.S.


MOV website indicates limited edition of 5,000 numbered copies.

Magic Alex

Impressive set. But actually I just wonder when a little tiny bulky white cover 50th anniversaty bundle from 4 young men from Liverpool (and by then also a japanese artist) will be finally issued…

Joe Morgan

Hi I click on add to cart nothing happens please help

MR Joe Morgan

Thank you Paul I’ve ordered can’t wait thanks for all your help.


Weren’t there six series?


Yep. I think he’s mistaken because the 5th Season is split into two parts (1st part in 2012 and second part in 2013). I guess that’s why some think there were 6 seasons.


The final season (5th) was broadcast in two parts.

Rune T

That is a smashing color on the vinyl. Perfect for BB of course.


It’s on Music on Vinyl – they only do Vinyl…

Michel Banen

Although I don’t need this release…. I’ve watched the full series and can only say that this release fits the series PERFECTLY !

Now I’m still hoping for something for the 40th anniversary of GREASE….. Like the soundtrack in colored vinyl, 1 LP in “Pink ladies” Pink and disc 2 in “T-birds” black / white swirl or something like that…. or a box set with everything from the 2-CD on vinyl with the ‘extra’ discs being in ‘Grease green’….. a poster, booklet….. ah…. sign me up for that already !!!


Will it be on Amazon after that ? Shipping is quite expensive for France, £104 the entire thing, ouch !

The Golden Age Of Negotiations

Tempted, very tempted, but with over a dozen SE boxes preordered on top of another dozen regular releases and now a Moody Blues ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’ 3CD/2DVD about to be announced I may have to pass on this. If the price was £65, I’d probably pull the trigger but it’s a showcase release, play once, record onto CD for further plays.

I doubt you’ll have any probs shifting it Paul. When are they bringing Walter back from the dead? That’s what I want to know.

Mr P

Thanx for spoiling it – I haven’t gotten to the last season yet.

Thanx a bunch

The Golden Age Of Spoilers

Mr P, I can understand if the final show of the final season was shown last week, or last month, but how many years has it been?

However I am sorry to spoil it for you but it is rumoured Walt’s in Mexico and he may be coming back.

Bye the way The Beatles have broken up. Joke, I’ll get my coat…..


The Beatles have WHAT?


Don’t tell him how King Kong ends. He hasn’t seen that movie either.

Paul Taylor

It’s 10 years old…..

Paul Kent

Bruce Willis is a ghost
Kevin Spacey is Keyser Söze
Mrs Doubtfire is a man

*exits stage left*


Rosebud is a sledge


5 years since the end.
And 4 years of Saul/Jimmy

Andrew M

This is not funny. I started this series last week. Not everyone is up to date with everything you know, and however old a series is the original spoiler and then all the others is NOT big NOT clever and NOT impressive.

Normally I try to be cool about stuff on here, but publishing these spoilers is NOT very good (trying very hard to reign in my anger in case I get banned ;) )

Brian Smith

I’m just shocked it’s been 10 years?


This is superb! Love the show too. Content and packaging is excellent. Like most packages though a CD version is needed too cos I like a lot of others don’t do vinyl!