Breathe / All That Jazz 2CD deluxe

Breathe / All That Jazz deluxe edition

British pop band Breathe‘s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it career is all thanks to the success of the singles from their 1988 debut All That Jazz.

Hands To Heaven almost went to number one in the US (peaking at number two), and the follow-up single How Can I Fall? also went top five Stateside. A further US top ten hit from the album seemed to suggest a solid foundation for a successful career, but unfortunately for the band, sales of their second album Peace Of Mind (1990) were poor and they split soon after.

Cherry Pop are reissuing their debut as a 2CD deluxe edition, adding a selection of seven inch remixes, B-sides and extended versions. The track count is actually tripled to a generous 33 in total, and the reissue is due for release on 25 February 2013.

All That Jazz deluxe edition track listing:

Disc: 1

  • 1. Jonah
  • 2. All That Jazz
  • 3. Monday Morning Blues
  • 4. Hands To Heaven
  • 5. All This I Should Have Known
  • 6. Don t Tell Me Lies
  • 7. Any Trick
  • 8. Liberties Of Love
  • 9. Won t You Come Back?
  • 10. For Love Or Money
  • 11. How Can I Fall?
  • 12. Don t Tell Me Lies (1986 Uk 7 Inch Version)
  • 13. In All Honesty (7 Inch Version)
  • 14. Jonah (1987 7 Inch Version)
  • 15. All That Jazz (Radio Mix)
  • 16. Any Trick (Like A Monkey Radio Mix)
  • 17. Jonah (1988 7 Inch Version)
  • 18. How Can I Fall? (Single Version)
  • 19. Don t Tell Me Lies (1989 Us 7 Inch Version)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Moments (Bonus Track Non-Album B-Sides)
  • 2. Take A Little Time (Bonus Track Non-Album B-Sides)
  • 3. Stay (Bonus Track Non-Album B-Sides)
  • 4. Life And Times (Bonus Track Non-Album B-Sides)
  • 5. Make It Funky (Bonus Track Non-Album B-Sides)
  • 6. Don t Tell Me Lies (Dance Mix)
  • 7. In All Honesty (Chilled Out Mix)
  • 8. Jonah (A Whale Of A Mix)
  • 9. All That Jazz (Remix)
  • 10. Hands To Heaven (Extended Heaven)
  • 11. Any Trick (Like A Monkey Club Mix)
  • 12. How Can I Fall? (Extended Remix)
  • 13. Don t Tell Me Lies (Extended Version)
  • 14. In All Honesty (Us Remix)



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Hands To Heaven indeed!!

Will N. Dowd

I just got this album, and love it! I was a big fan at the time, and still am. I’ve tried to create a playlist of all the songs from this double CD in chronological order. Single, b-sides, and then all the album tracks, minus singles already released. I’m having a tough time because the sings are not listed with individual dates, so I’m sure I’ve made mistakes. Anyone that has the proper one please post it!

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Release date changed again to the 11th March.

Vinny Vero

I hope you managed to get a copy, Neil. Sorry it had to be put back a couple of weeks. We are on track now!


Release date changed to the 4th March now. Cherry Red are getting annoyingly bad now for changing release dates.

Vinny Vero

It’s always difficult moving a release date, Neil. Sometimes it can’t be avoided. The manufacturing plans can’t handle the workload as efficiently as they would like sometimes. In this case, Cherry Red had a massive amount of releases to put together. Something had to give. Many apologies for the delay. In the end, I hope you liked the collection. I really appreciate the purchase.


Really psyched to get an expanded edition of this fantatstic pop album. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s pushed back another week to a March 4 release. (UK) Hopefully there’ll be no further delays.

Vinny Vero

I hope it lives up to your expectations, Vic. A lot of work went into it. I think you’ll enjoy it.


great cd, great reissue – just shame its missing two of the rarest Breathe mixes…

Dont Tell Me Lies (Dub from 1985 2*12” set)
In All Honesty (Radical Mix)

feel churlish even writing this. Cant wait to get hands on it next week must say.

Vinny Vero

We could fit only so much across two CDs, Mike. It pained me to have to drop some tracks. But you never know if they will turn up on another project. The Radical Mix of “In All Honesty is bloody awful, in all honesty. LOL!

I hope you like what I’ve put together. I think you’ll forgive me for not including those two mixes. :)

Steve Marine

This album is soooooooooooooo good! I’m thrilled that this deluxe edition is coming out!!!

Vinny Vero

Glad to hear you’re looking forward to it, Steve. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into getting it right.


A surprisingly good 80’s album. The album Spandau Ballet should have made after “True.”

Vinny Vero

Being a huge Spandau fan, I never thought about that until you mentioned it, Tim. Very “true”. Did you see what I did there? :)