Breathe / This Shining Moment: Recordings 1986 to 1990 vinyl box


Greenwich Market based boutique gallery store The Flood Gallery, have ventured into the record business and for their debut catalogue release are putting together a vinyl box set featuring short-lived late eighties British pop group Breathe. Read more below and enter our competition to win a copy of this box set…

The Shining Moment – Recordings 1986 to 1990 contains both Breathe studio albums, All That Jazz (1988) and Peace of Mind (1990) as well as early seven-inch single In all Honesty and a coloured 12-inch single that features the USA extended version of their biggest hit Hands to Heaven and a selection of B-sides.

These albums have been out-of-print on vinyl for a quarter of a century and have been re-cut from the original masters. Original album artwork (inner and outer sleeve) is respected and the vinyl will reside in a rigid board box which will also contain a 64-page book with photos and lyrics.


Although this set will be widely available, Flood Gallery Records are running a pre-order campaign over at PledgeMusic where the first 200 pre-orders (before 26 Feb) will have their name printed in the book credits.

The Pledge campaign finishes on 24 March, around which time this box should become available via other channels. The release/shipping date is 8 April 2016.

Scroll down for full track listings. If you would like to WIN a copy of The Shining Moment – Recordings 1986 to 1990 then enter the SuperDeluxeEdition competition below!

Win a Breathe vinyl box


All That Jazz

Side 1

  • 1. Jonah
  • 2. All That Jazz
  • 3. Monday Morning Blues
  • 4. Hands To Heaven
  • 5. All This I Should Have Known

Side 2

  • 6. Don t Tell Me Lies
  • 7. Any Trick
  • 8. Liberties Of Love
  • 9. Won t You Come Back?
  • 10. For Love Or Money
  • 11. How Can I Fall?

Peace of Mind

Side One

  • 1. I Here You’re Doing Fine
  • 2. Say A Prayer
  • 3. Does She Love That Man?
  • 4. Mississippi Water
  • 5. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  • 6. Woman

Side Two

  • Got To Get By
  • Say Hello
  • Where Angels Fear
  • Without Your Love
  • A Perfect Love

Coloured vinyl 12-inch

Side A

  • 1. Hands to Heaven (Extended Heaven) 6.23
  • 2. Moments 3.47

Side B

  • 3. Stay 3.53
  • 4. Life and Times 4.46

Seven-inch single

Side A

  • • In All Honesty 3.38

Side B

  • • Take A Little Time 4.10

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Anyone know where the building in Hands to Heaven video is located it looks familiar ??

[…] competition to win the forthcoming Breathe This Shining Moment vinyl box set is over and we have a […]


All That Jazz is AMAZING! Why do people always dismiss certain artists? A lot of people might not like a certain band/artist and that is great but just because a select few do don’t crap on our parade.

I am looking forward to this!

Carlton Fisher

Oh please, oh please, oh please let there be a CD issue of this. Even already owning the 2-disc version of All That Jazz, I would go all-in just to get a remastered version of Peace of Mind. Their fan club did a tape-trade thing many years ago that I missed out on that included demos and unreleased cuts. I wonder why we never got the David Glasper solo album that was supposed to be coming?

Wet Wet Wet never really made much an impact stateside, but I did always kind of lump Breathe in with Johnny Hates Jazz and also Waterfront. (And considering that Turn Back the Clock is still one of my all-time favorite 80s albums, that’s not meant as some kind of sly insult.)

Anthony C

Oh YES! Waterfront were bloomin amazzzzing! Their first album was incredible – in fact I listened to it in the gym yesterday and it still sounds awesome!


Anthony C

When breathe were around, I did think they were great and very cool indeed! They certainly were of the moment and slotted in seamlessly to the times. At the same time HALO JAMES were also just as awesome! I did think it was cool Breathe were more successful in the USA rather than in the UK. Even though it seems odd for more obscure releases to get the re-release and deluxe treatments, I do feel it is great such releases are bought back to people’s attention. After all, why should obscure releases be overshadowed by the big commercial bands. It’s terrible to read about Ian Spice – I wonder what happened :-(


I got rid of all my vinyl, i became sick of vinyl and replaced all i could with cd, now to start going back to buying vinyl at over the odd`s prices i don`t think so, if record companies are now beginning to just go down the vinyl route, i may soon find myself looking for a new hobby i have over 30,000 cd`s i buy new and old stuff all the time it`s a passion and to just issue vinyl only i find insulting to us cd only buyers.

Terence Delaney

Very strange this getting a Vinyl treatment….but I suppose it might sell OK, I Bought the Deluxe 2CD a year or so ago, so that’ll do me….Still hoping for a BROS or Wham! / George Michael CD Singles Box Sets….Please make it happen!


This is a pretty nice set. I don’t really collect vinyl, so it’s not something I would run out and purchase, but offering it via crowdfunding certainly makes sense. Both albums are solid – just great pop craftsmanship. Second album could have done better had they led with a different single – “Say A Prayer” isn’t as strong as other songs on the album. I really thought “Does She Love That Man?” was going to be a huge smash – I still include it in my “holiday” playlists every year (it’s not a Xmas song but has multiple mentions of the holiday).


Loved them, loved the reissue cd, baffled by this….


I love The stonkin’ tune Don’t Tell Me Lies was Hands to Heavens rockier brother. I think they may have supported Brother Beyond when I saw them in the late 80s but I may be wrong. Nice to see a release like this!


‘All that Jazz’ was deluxed in 2013, with 20 additional tracks/remixes.


Perhaps not the best time to say this in the current climate (RIP Glenn Frey btw..), but internet reports that Breathe drummer Ian “Spike” Spice passed away aged 34 in 2000. He’s the one far left on the main picture.


hardly obscure – i have and love both albums. 4 top 20 hits in the U.S. ‘Hands to Heaven’ made no.2; ‘How can I Fall’ no.3.

Simon F

Can’t remember these guys at all. That’s probably a good thing.


I remember Gary Davies on BBC Radio 1 being a big supporter of theirs. They were initially big in the US before they had the limited UK success. I remember he said on his lunchtime show that they were ‘busy buying houses’ after the US top 3 hit they had. Why that should have stayed with me 25+ years I don’t know, but it has! Came across as innofensively smooth MOR pop. Part of the jazzy / soulful sound era with the likes of Wet Wet Wet and Johnny Hates Jazz. But not as good.


Breathe had FIVE really great singles (across 2 albums) and then just disappeared without a trace. They were a good band and it’s nice to see them get some attention, but this seems a bit extravagant with not much in the way of bonus material. A straight “two-fer” CD reissue of the two albums with the b-sides would probably have been more than sufficient.

Jordan Awe

I literally just bought a deluxe edition of this album from the UK on Amazon last week. Been on a Breathe kick lately. This vinyl set is definitely on my list ;)


Jee, they re-issue anything on vinyl these days. Doubt there is any interest in this. They reissued the “All That Jazz” album on CD with all the remixes and B sides and that was already a stretch.

Rob Wilcock

Bloody hell, I had a waistcoat with Breathe’s name on it which I won from a competition…

Paul Murphy

Well, one doesn’t anticipate this being a big seller, but at least it shows that someone out there is exploring the feasibility of issuing material by artists like this [Brother Beyond fans must be breathing baited breath]. As per my New Year post, I repeat the wish-call : Bliss! ‘How Does It Feel The Morning After’ is a song everyone needs to hear at least once.


Wow, talk about obscure. I *vaguely* remember Don’t Tell Me Lies, but who’d have thought there’d be a market for such a deluxe retrospective?

Not me!