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Brian Eno will soon issue expanded versions of four of his albums originally released in the 1990s

Nerve Net (1992), The Shutov Assembly (1992), Neroli (1993) and The Drop (1997) will each be reissued as a two-CD deluxe editions containing the original album and an additional disc of unreleased and rare Eno work specific to each record.

Nerve Net includes the first ever commercial release of lost Eno album My Squelchy Life; The Shutov Assembly features an album’s worth of unreleased recordings from the same period; Neroli includes an entire unreleased hour-long Eno ambient work New Space Music; and The Drop includes nine rarely heard tracks from the Eno archives.

Each album comes in deluxe casebound packaging and is accompanied by a 16-page booklet compiling photos, images and writing by Eno that is relevant to each release.

All four are released on 1 December 2014.


Nerve Net


The Shutov Assembly




Track listing

Nerve Net [Expanded Edition]

Disc: 1
1. Fractal Zoom
2. Wire Shock
3. What Actually Happened?
4. Pierre in Mist
5. My Squelchy Life
6. Juju Space Jazz
7. The Roil, the Choke
8. Ali Click
9. Distributed Being
10. Web
11. Web (Lascaux Mix)
12. Decentre

Disc: 2
1. I Fall Up
2. The Harness
3. My Squelchy Life
4. Tutti Forgetti
5. Stiff
6. Some Words
7. Juju Space Jazz
8. Under
9. Everybody’s Mother
10. Little Apricot
11. Over

The Shutov Assembly [Expanded Edition]

Disc: 1
1. Triennale
2. Alhondiga
3. Markgraph
4. Lanzarote
5. Francisco
6. Riverside
7. Innocenti
8. Stedelijk
9. Ikebukuro
10. Cavallino

Disc: 2
1. Eastern Cities
2. Empty Platform
3. Big Slow Arabs
4. Storm
5. Rendition
6. Prague
7. Alhondiga Variation

Neroli [Expanded Edition]

Disc: 1
1. Neroli: Thinking Music, Part IV – Brian Eno

Disc: 2
1. New Space Music – Brian Eno

The Drop [Expanded Edition]

Disc: 1
1. Slip, Dip
2. But If
3. Belgian Drop
4. Cornered
5. Block Drop
6. Out/out
7. Swanky
8. Coasters
9. Blissed
10. M.C. Organ
11. Boomcubist
12. Hazard
13. Rayonism
14. Dutch Blur
15. Back Clack
16. Dear World
17. Iced World

Disc: 2
1. Never Stomp
2. System Piano
3. Bonk 12
4. Luxor Night Car
5. Targa Summer
6. Cold
7. Little Slicer
8. Surf Birds
9. Targa

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Dark Shark

The Drop is a much-maligned masterpiece – Stop being sheep, open your ears and listen to the bass lines (in particular) – just fabulous!


Ordered these as soon as I read about them on EnoWeb.

Nerve Net is okay but I really wanted to replace my promo cassette copy (given to me by a journalist back in the day) of Squelchy. However I prefer it to the Drop which I do find ‘difficult’ and thus play rarely.

Shutov and Neroli I love. Neroli in particular I use as an accompaniment to all sorts of activities particularly when I need to concentrate. I rate it up there with Music for Airports and the Pearl (favourite non-vocal albums of his – favourite vocal albums being Science and Tiger…).


the drop essential? i dropped that one off years ago @ a local record shop.

Dale Himself

Did the tracks from the Headcandy CD ROM ever end up anywhere else?

(Castro Haze, Manila Envelope, Beast, Spunk Worship, & Alloy Balcony and Jets Overhead)


Castro Haze and Manilla Envelope were reissued on Curiosities Vol I.

Tony Ballinger

All the songs on Headcandy are great and I’m surprised the whole album never saw a wider release.


These do look interesting .I guess I’m in a (different) minority in preferring The Drop to the rather dry Nerve Net. Disliked the latter so much that I’ve never bothered with the many opportunities of getting Squelchy ‘under the counter’!
That said, do I need more of The Drop? Probably not.
Spinner … Reissue with an officisl release of The Glitterbug soundtrack and we’re sorted!


Don’t forget the Jah Wobble colab too – Spinner. ;)

Actually when did the cover for that change? Did they do anything other than alter the cover art?


I jumped straight onto these.

I’d like to see a re-issue of the beautiful collaboration with Peter Schwalm, Drawn from Life as well. A bit of a ‘sleeper’ in Eno’s canon, deserving more praise.

Don’t know if there would be any extra tracks though.


What do you mean?
Eno recorded after the first 2 Roxy Music albums?
I didn’t know that …


True. I’m tempted by the extras, almost all of the bonus tracks sound decent, and like you say a decent booklet never goes amiss either. These four reissues make a change from the usual extra disc of songs you already own on vinyl or demos or dog-awful offcuts, cough cough Led Zeppelin. :D


Fair play, Gary. I have the original releases of all these, but will buy them again happily. It will be nice to have a decent booklet with them too – the original releases weren’t exactly overflowing with interesting artwork and text.


Dean, The Drop is really the odd man out here, since it’s pretty terrible. Quirky jazz. Hats off to Eno for trying something new with it, but I don’t think I’m in the minority in thinking it’s one of his weakest albums. Nerve Net is a day one purchase, I can finally bin my MP3 copy of My Squelchy Life.


Nice but I would prefer all the albums up to Apollo with this treatment. Oh and in 5.1 :)


Yeah – these are essential. The only thing that is stopping me buying them right now is that all four come out on the same day – and I can’t afford them all right now.

Amazing to think that Nerve Net remains incomplete. There were two singles released from the album, and the single CD’s had 70+ minutes of music on each as I recall (I have them around here somewhere).

Nerve Net is the odd man out here – being dance music with vocals. The others are more traditional ambient works. All are worth owning, and in my case, owning again.


I’m in the minority, but Nerve Net might be my favorite Eno (album along with My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)! Can’t wait to hear this new release with the long-awaited appearance of “My Squelchy Life.”

But don’t ditch those 70-minute CD singles from the 90s, they are essential and none of that material is included on this new edition (except for one track from “My Squelchy Life” that was a b-side on the “Ali Click” CD back in the day.)

Tony Ballinger

You’re not alone, Nerve Net is my favorite too.