Bronski Beat / “Dance and Desire: Rarities and Videos”: new collection


Edsel Records will release a Bronski Beat rarities set in the autumn.

Dance and Desire: Rarities and Videos will be a 2CD+DVD collection which looks like it may be similar to the recent Cherry Red Remixes & Rarities collections (Paul Young, Thompson Twins etc.) although with the distinct advantage of containing a DVD in addition to the audio discs.

This set will actually cover music from Bronski Beat, The Communards and Jimmy Somerville solo artist. The track listing is still being worked on, but if we’re going to speculate (and why not, as Barry Norman used to say) it’s likely that this will be part ‘mopping up’ exercise – including tracks missed from the 2012 reissues (such as the UK 12-inch of Smalltown Boy) – and part dance remix collection. Perhaps Somerville has even dug into his archive and is providing some unreleased demos.

The DVD is likely to be include promo videos and BBC TV appearances across Somerville’s career, and we’d expect this to be presented in Edsel’s preferred casebound book packaging.

One thing we do know is that this has been pushed back until September, so ignore Amazon’s August release date– presumably this will be corrected soon.

We will bring you more on Dance and Desire: Rarities and Videos when we have it, in the meantime when not let us know what you’d love to see in this collection?

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Lol it’s now approaching 22 Sept 2014 and no track listing?


Probably due to put the release date back another 2 months then!


Release Date now 27 October Pop Pickers!


As soon as it turned midnight this set went out of stock with Amazon. Think the release date may have been put back.


Any track listing for this yet?


Yes! 31st of August 2014 & still no track-listing or artwork for this release due out tomorrow…


Third Priority: Tracks previously released on CDs that are nowadays hard to find and/or need some remaster.


…such as:
BB: Cadillac Car (Full 12” Version, approx. 8:10)
BB: Infatuation / Memories (7:35)
BB: Memories (3:00)
BB: I Feel Love Medley (Original 12” version, 9:45, as featured on Hundreds &Thousands CD, different than the Source Mix featured on the Edsel album reissues)
TC: So Cold The Night (Original CD Album version, 6:45)
TC: So Cold The Night (12” Version, 9:15)
TC: Czardas (live) (3:46)
TC: ‘77 The Great Escape (02:18)
TC: I Do It All For You (5:05)
TC: You Are My World´87 (12″ Version, 8:00)
JS: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Remix, 9:32)
JS: Not So Good Almighty (7” version, 05:08; on the Edsel reissues, only the 12” version is featured)
JS With June Miles-Kingston: Comment Te Dire Adieu (Commercial Mix, 6:10)
JS: By Your Side (The Shining Mix, CD single edit, 7:55)
JS: Hurt so Good (Sly and Robbie Instrumental, 4:55)
JS: Hurt so Good (Beatmasters Radio Edit, 3:39)
JS: Heartbeat (X-Citing Mix, 8:30)
JS: Heartbeat (Plus Staples 12″ Mix, 5:30)
JS: Heartbeat (Heartbeat II Mix, 6:30)
JS: Heartbeat (E-Smoove Mix Edit, 3:55)
JS: Safe (Todd Terry Short Session, 03:49)
JS: Safe (Todd Terry (Todd Terry Long Session Edit, 3:17)
JS: Safe (Todd Terry 12″, 06:25)
JS: Safe (Todd Terry Dub, 6:15)
JS: Safe (Todd Terry Acapella, 04:40)
JS: Safe (DJ Tonka 12″ Radio Edit, 3:55)
JS: Safe (DJ Tonka 12″, 08:05)
JS: Safe (DJ Tonka Instrumental, 8:00)
…And, post ‘Dare to Love’ period:
JS: Tear Fool (Edit, 3:45)
JS: 01. Dark Sky (Radio Edit, 3:15)
JS: Dark Sky (J & S 12″ Peg’s Study Mix, 7:00)
JS: Dark Sky (Dillon and Dickins Mix, 6:50)
JS: Dark Sky (Sure is Pure Mix, 6:25)
JS: Dark Sky (Only Child Mix, 5:45)
JS: Dark Sky (Tony de Vit Mix, 8:10)
JS: Something To Live For (Wayne G’s Heaven Mix Edit, 3:25)
JS: Something To Live For (Radio Mix 03:35)
JS: Something To Live For (Original Radio Edit 03:30)
JS: Something To Live For (Extended Mix 05:00)
JS: Something To Live For (Sounds of Life full Vocal Radio Mix 04:15)
JS: Something To Live For (Sounds of Life Vocal Dub Mix 06:35)
JS: Why (Almighty 2000 radio edit, 4:15)
JS: Why (Almighty 2000 mix, 7:35)
JS: Why (Almighty Definitive mix, 8:00)
JS: Why (Almighty Definitive radio edit, 3:40)
JS: Why (Almighty Essential Radio Edit, 4:15)
JS: Why (Almighty 12″ Essential Mix, 8:15)
JS: Why (Almighty 12″ Essential Dub, 8:15)
JS: Why (Almighty 12″ Essential Instrumental, 8:15)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty definitive radio edit, 4:05)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty definitive mix, 8:50)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty Pop’d Up Radio Edit, 4:50)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty Pop’d Up Club Mix, 9:10)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty Pop’d Up Dub, 9:10)
JS: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty Pop’d Up Instrumental, 09:10)
JS: It’s so Good (Radio Mix, 3:55)
JS: It’s so Good (Original Paulmac Radio Mix, 3:45
JS: It’s so Good (Björn Wilke’s Moody Mix, 9:15)
JS: It’s so Good (Björn Wilke’s Moody Radio Edit, 3:40)
JS: It’s so Good (Saeed Younan Summer Remix, 9:50
JS: It’s so Good (Palash Remix, 10:35)
JS: Come on (Original Edit, 03:35)
JS: Come on (Dr. Dans Praxis Remix, 03:40)
JS: Come on (Dr. Dans String Mix, 03:55)
JS: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange Remix, 05:45)
JS: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Björn Wilke’s Deep Valley Mix, 10:20)
JS: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Original Radio Version, 03:15)
JS: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Mainstream Version Radio Only, 03:35)
JS: Overload (4:10)
JS: Bright Thing (3:30)
JS: Hearts (4:00)
JS: Freak (3:25)
JS: Mountains (3:40)
JS: Mountains (John Winfield Remix, 5:40)
JS: Make Way Jerusalem (4:20)
JS: The Core (3:55)
JS: The Core (John Winfield Remix, 6:25)
JS: Was Like A Thunder (3:55)
JS: Amen (3:50)
JS: Some Wonder (3:50)
JS: Some Wonder (Felix Gauder Remix Full Length, 5:20)
JS: Some Wonder (John Winfield Remix, 3:43)
JS: Kite (Siriusmo Remix, 4:40)
JS: Taken Away (3:40)
JS: Taken Away (Fred Falke Remix Full Length, 6:25)
JS: Reconciliation (3:55)
JS: Why Did It End This Way? (3:40)


Second Priority: Tracks previously unreleased on CD – Vinyl only, cassette only, digital only – whether promo or commercially released.


such as:
TC: Don’t Leave Me This Way (Son Of Gotham City Mix, Full Length Version, 13:30, from the 3rd UK 12”) (On the Edsel 2xCD Deluxe Edition is featured the 10:20 edit)
TC: Never Can Say Goodbye (Dub Mix, 5:45, from US 12” promo)
TC: Never Can Say Goodbye Shep Pettibone 7″ Mix, 03:55, from 7” promo)
TC: Tomorrow (10” Remix, 4:25)
TC: Reprise (Live, 5:40)
TC: Megamix (11:00, B-side of For A Friend UK 12” promo)
TC: You Are My World´87 (12” Remix, 8:00)
TC: There’s More To Love (Extended version from the regular 12”, 5:05)
TC: Run from Love (Dub, 04:35, from UK 12” promo)
JS: To Love Somebody (Raw Mix, 04:00, from UK 12” promo)
…And, post ‘Dare To Love’ era:
JS: Something To Live For (Sounds of Life Club Mix Instrumental Mix, 05:55)
JS: It’s so Good (Paulmac Extended, 06:12)
JS: Bright Thing (Robert Dietz Remix, 11.35)
JS: Bright Thing (Robert Dietz Remix Radio Edit, 3:30)
JS: Freak (Thomas Schumacher Remix, 7:55)
JS: Freak (Thomas Schumacher Remix Radio Edit, 3:50)
JS: Freak (Julien Chaptal Remix, 7:05)
JS: Overload (Felix Gauder Remix, 05:40)
JS: Overload (Felix Gauder Remix Radio Cut, 3:40)


First Priority: Previously unreleased tracks. There’s been a few in those Edsel reissues, but perhaps too less. If Jimmy Somerville could open his archive and let us taste unheard demos, alternate takes/mixes or even unheard songs, that would be more than welcome!


Since 2xCDs won’t be enough to contain the tracks that did not make the Edsel reissues, I would prioritize…


Dear Paul, thank you Paul for sharing this info long in advance… and for letting us give input!


don’t forget : You are my world [ london ( steel drum ) mix ] 7:48


Anyone just looking for the original 12″ version of Smalltown Boy can find it on the second of Blank & Jones’s So80s series of compilations, the white one.

Steve Marine

OMG! This is amazing! I loved the remasters that came out, but I was so disappointed by the remixes and, especially, the b-sides that they left off (Infatuation/Memories, etc.) I’m very excited for this!!!


The great remix of “I Luv The Nightlife” (“No More F***ing ABBA!)


If i remember well, Czardas only exists as a Live track… There are two differents length , but it’s the same tracks with / Without the public yeld on the end…


I checked again
and here is a list of whats not 2012 deluxe
all this could fit 3 CD’s
that would be ace
Di i forgot something ?

Smalltown Boy 09:00
Infatuation / Memories 07:38
Why?  07:45
Cadillac Car 07:35
Love To Love You Baby/I Feel Love/Johnnie Remember Me (Vocal – Cake Mix) 08:23

You Are My World 08:03
Don´t Leave Me This Way Extended 06:25
Don’t Leave Me This Way Gotham City Miy Part two 11:30
So Cold The Night 09:13
Disenchanted 06:08
So Cold The Night 06:48
There´s More To Love Extended 05:06
You Are My World ´87 12″ Version 07:58
Judgement Day 05:15
Czardas 3:46
You Are My World New York´87 Remix 07:58
The Message 07:25
Never Can Say Goodbye 07:51
77 The Great Escape 02:18
Never Can Say Goodbye (Classical Mix)
I Do It All For You 05:07  (Recorded in his Bedroom)
Never Can Say Goodbye Instrumental Mix 05:42
Tomorrow  Remix  04:20
live from YAMW 87 : (Reprise 05:41, When the Walls come Tumbling Down 06:35, Czardas 03:16)

Comment te dire Adieu 12″ Commercial Mix 06:00
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) 12 inch 07:26
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) Remix 9:32
Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough) 12″ Mix 07:41
Run from Love Dub 04:35
To Love Somebody Boilerhouse Mix 05:59
To Love Somebody Raw Mix 04:01


I like b.sides from Communards era !



I also like the Bee Gees cover he did in 1990. To Love Somebody.


…ALL videos, ALL live tv performances, ALL live concerts, EVERYTHING not included on previous deluxe releases!!!


Strangely noone remembered these ones:
Bronski Best – Memories
Bronski Beat – Infatuation/ Memories
JS – I Do It All For Love


Well remembered!


You are my World ’87: Some 7″s came bundled with a live cassette:
Tracks 1 & 3 never made it to last year’s CD re-issues

7″ LON 123 / LONFC 123 + Free Live Cassette

01. Reprise 05:41
02. When the Walls come Tumbling Down 06:35
03. Czardas 03:16


apart of some 7″ version that are obviously missing in the previous reissue (7” versions of “I Feel Love”, “For A Friend”, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, “Ain’t Necessarily So”, “So COld the Night”, “Why”, “Never Can Say Goodbye” & “There’s More To Love”) , they could add these :

– Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (12” Version) (8:59)
– Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way (Extended Version) (6:26)
– Communards – There’s More To Love (12” Remix) (7:43)
– Bronski Beat – Cadillac Car (Extended Version) (8:10)
– Communards – I Do It All for Love (5:05)
– Communards – You Are My World (12” Remix) (8:05)
– Communards – So Cold The Night (12” Version) (9:15)
– Communards – Czardas (Live) (3:32)
– Communards – Never Can Say Goodbye (Classical Mix) (5:34)
– Bronski Beat – Why (12” Version) (7:47)
– Communards – Disenchanted (Extended) (6:13)
– Communards – You Are My World ‘(87) (7:55)
– Bronski Beat With Marc Almond – I Feel Love (Vocal – Cake Mix) (8:23)
– Communards – So Cold The Night (CD Version) (6:48) :the first long version that was on the first CD pressing
– Communards – Tomorrow (Remix) (4:20) :
– Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way (The Full Gotham City Mix) (22:49)
– Communards – The Great Escape (2:16)

I didn’t check for others solo Somerville mixes…


I’d like the single version of Read My Lips (Enough is Enough) and an instrumental of For A Friend is something one can only dream about probably.


In case anyone from Edsel is watching: yes, yes, *yes* to the New York remix of You Are My World. As nice as it would be to get the DLMTW mixes on CD (correctly!), I’d hate to see them pass up some real gems in order to use up 35-40 minutes of disc time on one song. One of those gems I’d like to see is Bronski Beat’s November 1984 Hammersmith Odeon show which was recorded for the BBC.


I’m not so interessted in videos. But I’d like to see some mixes of Bronski Beat’s Truthdare doubledare period as this one didn’t receive the deluxe treatment so far….for example: C’Mon C’mon –Mixes, This heart (12“ Promo) or What are you going to do about it (Extended Version) plus Instant Mix and Dub of Hit that perfect beat (but please skip the Metropolitan Mix of it)

DJ Control

Jimmy didn’t sing on “Truthdare…”.

Bert Hopkins

Does anyone know if the Communards DVD will be digital?


Does that mean that we could see the mixes of “Mighty Real” as they were completely off the 2012 Reissue?


I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully these will be represented. Would also like to see more Bronski/Communard mixes, as most of the JS mixes are on cd singles.


Finally, we have all videos from Bronski Beat & The Communards. There are so many great artists from 80’s and they never released videos on DVD (Paul Young, Thompson Twins, Prefab Sprout, Kate Bush, Grace Jones, Chris Rea…).


Such a great news ! As no tracklisting as yet been published, let’s see/dream what they could put on it !

On the audio front, talking about “rarities”, they could put some of the original songs not found on any Jimmy Somerville albums where he has a lead vocal or makes a major contribution…For exemple,
1988’s “The Last Infanta” (with UNO)
1989’s “I Believe In Love” (with Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples)
1990’s “From This Moment on” (from “Red, Hot & Blue”)
1993’s “Coming” (from “Orlando” OST)
1996’s “Star” (with The Weather Girls)
1997’s “The Number One Song In Heaven” (with Sparks)
1999’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” (from the “Queer As Folk” OST)
2011’s “Take Me There” (with Scratch Massive)

There are also minor vocal contributions on
1985’s “Suspicious Minds” (with Fine Young Cannibals),
1991’s “Why Aren’t You In Love With Me” (with Banderas)

But what I’m mostly looking forward is the DVD. I really really hope they put all the promo videos that Jimmy was part of. What’s important is that Edsel Records don’t overlook his videos from the “Dare To Love” & “Manage the Damage” eras which are fab (search for “Here I Am” on YT if you don’t believe me). Here is the list of videos I’m thinking of at the moment :
01 Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy”
02 Bronski Beat “Why”
03 Bronski Beat “Ain’t Necessarily So”
04 Bronski Beat “I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me”
05 The Communards “You Are My World” (1985’s version with band performance in a studio)
06 The Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (4’30 single version)
07 The Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Full 6’00 version)
08 The Communards “Disenchanted”
09 The Communards “So Cold The Night”
10 The Communards “You Are My World” (1987’s version showing a man tidying up his appartment before his lover’s arrival)
11 The Communards “Tomorrow”
12 The Communards “Never Can Say Goodbye”
13 The Communards “For A Friend”
14 The Communards “There More To Love Than Boys Meets Girl”
15 Jimmy Somerville “The Last Infanta” (with UNO)
16 Jimmy Somerville “Comment Te Dire Adieu”
17 Jimmy Somerville “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”
18 Jimmy Somerville “Read My Lips”
19 Jimmy Somerville “To Love Somebody”
20 Jimmy Somerville “From This Moment On” (from the “Red, Hot & Blue” Compilation)
22 Jimmy Somerville “Run From Love”
22 Jimmy Somerville “Heartbeat”
23 Jimmy Somerville “Hurt So Good”
24 Jimmy Somerville “Safe”
25 Jimmy Somerville “Dark Sky”
26 Jimmy Somerville “Something to Live for”
27 Jimmy Somerville “Lay Down”
28 Jimmy Somerville “Here I Am”

If there was any promo video done for “I Believe In Love” (with Arthur Baker), “Star” (with The Weather Girls) or for “By Your Side”, let’s put them on.

For the bonus videos, they could put some of Bronski Beat best TV live performances (Smalltown Boy, No More War, Need A Man Blues, Why were all performed live on TV) or a some footage of Jimmy singing “Coming” (from the Orlando movie).

We should be grateful to Edsel Records for putting some efforts into the back catalogue of Jimmy Somerville. Let’s hope they hear the fans and put the most complete set possible even if it means paying licensing fees to whoever has the rights on those songs & videos !

Paul Chapman

you’ll be lucky :)


Lol but i agree going by every other release like this in the past


A Dream dvd!!!! love to see the Tube performances on there too…


it would be lovely to include all the remixes missing from teh 2012 reissues. Does someone as a precise list of what was missing ?


Excellent. These re-ssues of 80s/90s classics are brilliant. JS is such an under-rated singer/songwriter!


Let’s hope they keep it to truly rare items. I agree with the New York remix of You are My World but I would love to get more live performances and even tracks like Gimme Shelter with Voice of the Beehive and RESPECT (the single) which was never officially released. What about footage of studio work or making of footage from video sessions?

extinct zebroid

I’m looking for Tomorrow 10″ remix and the New York dance mix of You Are My World. Can’t wait.


5.1 mixes on the DVD :-)


There should be “So cold the night” (9:12) and the Gotham City Mixes of “Don’t leave me this way” (I & II 11.25 and 11.30) and the full length “Son of Gotham City Mix (13.30)!”


No modern remixes, please…


Looks like it is following the Bananarama reissues format.