Bruce Springsteen launches online archive for live performances


Bruce Springsteen has launched a new website which offer fans an opportunity to purchase live shows in a variety of formats.

The Live Bruce Springsteen site is at the moment offering 30 shows from The Boss‘s 2014 High Hopes tour and at present just a single dip into the archives with a 2012 gig Live at The Apollo in Harlem, New York City. The site promise further “selections from Bruce Springsteen’s extensive archives” in the future.

Interestingly, for this initiative Bruce has licensed from Columbia his studio work, so you can also buy the recent 2014 remasters (and the rest of the catalogue) as well as the live work.

All the music can be downloaded as MP3s, CD quality “lossless” (FLAC and Apple Lossless), and Hi-Res (or “HD”) files which are better than CD quality (High Hopes live material is 24/48). Fans of physical media will be pleased to note that you can also order the music on CD, so it’s not just about downloads.

We will wait with anticipation to see which shows from the archives will turn up on the site. If you want to stay abreast of what’s going on you’ll need to register with the site.

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How thoughtful of Bruce to do this. Not only can we repeatedly buy his music over and over, we can now buy his concerts as well. It must be tough having fallen on hard times like he has. Personally I’d find it more admirable if he had a website where one could view his shows for free. Unless these shows are professionally produced, both in sound and vision, I’d pass…


I brought the live 1975-1985 box set, played it once, sold it a few years back. I’m happy his fans will get a chance to buy some unreleased live shows at last.


Let’s just hope that there will be some (more) classic stuff available soon. Would be very interested in buying the Hi-Res albums, but what if there’s a The River or Nebraska or Born In The U.S.A. deluxe set coming out with audio blu-ray in the near future? (would love to see Nebraska get a SD-treatment…).


Who gives a toss? How many live versions of a song from the same tour do we really need? Robert Fripp thinks we need pay over 100 pounds to own 25 different live versions of Red, and now the Stones and Bruce think so too. We don’t! Unless your actually a musician in the band, and you’re listening to perfect your performance, it isn’t necessary!! I wish major artists would focus on creating new material, and just give us a live album from time to time, when it makes artistic sense.

Hans Jörg

Metallica does it with their complete live recordings of the last tour for the bargain price of nearly 20 bucks per double cd formerly 10 for mp3 ;-) .


Very annoying when artists do this , the concerts were already available on download and now they put them out on cd , stones doing the same and Metallica did it with beyond magnetic

Hans Jörg

Hi paul. Got it. Was only necessary to click on buy. Thought I need to register which is always a bit tricky by mobile phone.


Psyched that Bruce is finally opening up his vaults. Hope we get some shows from the early days.

I couldn’t find any info on the site as to whether or not the physical releases are real CDs or CD-Rs. Do we know for certain that these are CD-Rs?


The whole 30 show shebang costs $499 on cd-r plus $23 for the Apollo show. Thats £14:70 for two cd-r’s. Already downloaded the shows I wanted earlier in the year when available from Springsteens website. I believe they were removed from the website in June….now we know why. Yet more greed from the altruistic Bruce.

Hans Jörg

How much is a download in standard mp3 format?

Tom Gardner

I downloaded the Apollo show in Hi-Res and the sound is very good. I am avoiding the CD’s as they are, apparently, duplicated CD-R’s. Being based in the UK there is also the additional costs relating to shipping and the inevitable Customs duty that would relate to a physical purchase.

Now, hopefully, we are going to see of the “Top 55” shows make an appearance sooner rather than later.