Bryan Ferry / Royal Albert Hall 2020

New live album – Signed CD and vinyl available

Bryan Ferry’s concerts at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year will be issued as a new live album early in 2021.

The March 2020 dates were the culmination of the UK leg of a scheduled world tour that would be suddenly curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preceded by concerts in Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Leicester, Ferry and his band showcased a new set of songs drawn from his solo career and the iconic Roxy Music catalogue, some recorded live for the first time. Royal Albert Hall 2020 is an 18-track selection.

All proceeds from this release will be shared between Bryan Ferry’s band and crew members in an effort to support them until they can perform live again.

Fans can pre-order signed CDs or signed vinyl which are now available exclusively via the official Bryan Ferry online store. Royal Albert Hall 2020 is released on 2 April 2021.

Browse Bryan Ferry’s online store for signed items and bundles

Royal Albert Hall 2020 2LP vinyl

Side A

1. The Thrill Of It All
2. You Can Dance
3. Pyjamarama
4. Out Of The Blue
5. Sign Of The Times

Side B

6. The Bogus Man
7. Casanova
8. Limbo
9. Just Like You

Side C

10. Same Old Scene
11. Hiroshima Mon Amour
12. Your Painted Smile
13. Make You Feel My Love

Side D

14. Dance Away
15. Avalon
16. Street Life
17. Virginia Plain
18. Editions Of You

Royal Albert Hall 2020 CD edition

1. The Thrill Of It All
2. You Can Dance
3. Pyjamarama
4. Out Of The Blue
5. Sign Of The Times
6. The Bogus Man
7. Casanova
8. Limbo
9. Just Like You
10. Same Old Scene
11. Hiroshima Mon Amour
12. Your Painted Smile
13. Make You Feel My Love
14. Dance Away
15. Avalon
16. Street Life
17. Virginia Plain
18. Editions Of You

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Wayne Klein

Happy to see this released. I guess my question is whether Bryan was in good voice for this show.


Signed is sold out now…but it’s fine by me i want to have in my hands the James signed one first…


I’m a fan of Bryan Ferry – but not the point where I would usually have picked this up. However, its signed and the money is going to a good cause so its worth the £35 to me.

I also have to agree with others on here, SDE alerting me to all these deals & boxsets is costing me a fortune (especially since I set it to my homepage). Everyday, I login and there is usually something tempting me to part with my money! You’ve created an amazing site that has become indispensable to me for finding out about new releases.


I agree with GTR… Unfortunately his voice has grown thin… and not only live but on record too (Avonmore itself).
But none of us can battle against that, sadly.

I would have loved to try to meet him for a few words three years ago in Milan after a gig… But the drive back was too long to allow a long wait and chase.

I really wish he would release the Roxy Music – “Remixes (Blue)” EP on vinyl… I would love to have the Disco Pusher Remix of To Turn You On on that format to listen to at home. Sublime song. Brilliant remix. Danceable and tight with great respect for the original.

Nathan Dodd

Mr. Ferry was one of the supporting acts for Barbra Streisand at the BST festival in London’s Hyde Park last year and he gave a great performance which blew all the other acts (except Miss Streisand) out of the water.

Stevie B

Songs selection sounds great… and BF does have a beautiful signature.

I’ve got a signed SACD of ‘Avalon’ which is fantastic in 5.1


Off topic for which I apologise profusely but…

Paul, I’m just reading 10cc : The Worst Band in the World by Liam Newton and SDE gets a namecheck and there is a quote from you. It quotes your review of an Eric Stewart release apparently posted somewhere on SDE (haven’t tried to find it yet).

I presume you were aware of this?


Well it’s a great book – I finished it this morning (although it glosses over Godley and Creme’s post 10cc musical output – I get the impression that the author is not a fan whereas I actually prefer their work outside of 10cc to the Gouldman/Stewart output outside of 10cc).

Anyway – if you have the same copy as me (the newly minted updated version) then you appear on page 422 and the quote is actually taken from here: https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/feature/sdes-10-best-box-sets-of-2017/#more-136478
…your roundup of the best of 2017.
Nice to see SDE getting a mention :-)

Ian Gair

On the subject of signatures – I managed to purchase the recent Supergrass – Live on other planets (fully signed on the front of the LP) with the proceeds going to #saveourvenues. Of course there was NO possibility of having it signed after the concert, but I do have the kudos of wearing the Promotional T Shirt in public.

I did purchase the signed Bryan Adams CD – Shine a light (for rhyming slang pleasure) :)

Also the recent Album re-release Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott – Manchester Calling (signed CD booklet 6CDVXS3241) has excellent signatures, which compare with the original Amazon edition (CDVS3241).


All I want are remastered 2xCD deluxe editions of his excellent 80’s output:

1.”Boys & Girls”, with all non-album tracks found on the original period 7inch and 12inch singles ‘Slave To Love’, ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’, ‘Windswept’, and ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough?’. This could also include an additional CD compiling all versions of ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’ dating from 2013, and originally released exclusively on three 12inch vinyl records and digitally.

2.”Bête Noire”, with all non-album tracks found on the original period 7inch and 12inch singles ‘Limbo’, ‘Kiss And Tell’, ‘The Right Stuff’, ‘Help Me’, and perhaps ‘Let’s Stick Together 88’.

Both of these reissues could also include an additional CD with an instrumental version of the album, as the few instrumental versions found on the period 7 & 12inches are real treats (‘Windswept’, ”Valentine’, ‘Bête Noire’, etc.).

David Ratchford

Ha . Remember buying Ritchie blackmores . Blackmores night 1997 cd shadow of the moon . Jap Ltd ed with bonus track . Only to find inside booklet has signatures of both Ritchie and candice night . thanking their Japanese fans !! Still in mint condition! Nice one eh ?


I met him at a launch for Olympia. He signed my cd ‘Dear Mark, Dont Stop the Dance , Love Bryan’
Lovely guy.

Jarmo Keranen

Only autograph i have is Aretha Franklin’s. I won her signed album Who’s Zoomin’ Who from some radioshow competion in the 80’s. I’m not sure that the autograph is really signed by her. Maybe it was signed by the DJ who run the show!

Colin Harper

The late, great Bert Jansch would always sign his name and draw a five-pointed star – a nod to his former band the Pentangle. I’m not a collector of autographs myself, but when I self-published ‘Echoes From Then’, a ltd edition ‘companion volume’ to my generally available book on John McLaughlin, ‘Bathed in Lightning’, a couple of years back, I offered a ‘signed copy’ via the Kickstarter campaign (to cover printing). I was amused when a fairly well-known guitar player subscribed to the campaign but politely asked me NOT to sign the book. :-D Unsigned copies of ‘Echoes…’ will be the real rarities!

John MC cann

Captain sensible sometimes signs , where’s that fiver you owe me! Great guy the captain!

Pete Mc

I have one of the 35th Damned Anniversary Spaun drums signed by the band and Captain has written “Wendy Craig, blimey I had the hots for her when I was a schoolboy”, totally random but that’s him all over.

John MC cann

Yes it would be nice if all the reader’s of sde could go to u tube and listen to one Christmas catalogue by Captain sensible, great Christmas song never played on radio produced by Tony Mansfield,thanks,,have a great Xmas guys and gals love John


I thought it would have more solo hits. Slave to Love, The Right Stuff, Kiss and Tell, and Don’t Stop The Dance. Love those first two solo aftervRoxy albums. Too expensive to send to Canada, I hope it pops on Amazon or at Stores.

Signature story
The actor who played Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christiansen) in Episodes 2 and 3 was at my wife’s high school kindly doing something for the kids. She asked if he could sign my son’s Star Wars Bluray collection. He signed it Jack I am not your father by request and laughed saying no one has ever asked for that before. She said he was a very nice guy. I am not an autograph seeker but I have a few by circumstances.


Great story! Have to say, I have never heard a bad word said about Hayden from those who have met or know him.

I got both John Candy & Greg Kihn to sign autographs, “Dear Erik, Thanks for all the lessons.” John thought it was hilarious, Greg was confused.

Peter Muscutt

On the subject of signatures, after one of his concerts, I got Matt Berry to sign an LP to my mate as: “Well look who it is…Cliff bloody Chapman” (in reference to his character from the sitcom ‘Toast’) he gladly did it, and thought it was hilarious that someone would want that on a record cover. Think it made his night!

Martin Dudley

Its interesting that the vast majority of comments here are about the signature, rather than the music on the album or the reason its being released. Its almost like a lot of people are “collectors” rather than “music fans”…

Michael McA

Personally it baffles me why anyone would covet someone else’s signature – let alone pay for it !?!

Nathan Thomas

Really ? That’s like saying it baffles you why people would buy physical media when they could just stream the music (If it is supposed to be ‘all about the music’ as people say). Surely it’s partly about holding a physical object – in this case an object that the person you admire has themselves had physical contact with – like an ancient relic that gains more potency from its supposed contact with a religious figure? (Plus of course, the added collectibility & value of such an item)

Nathan Dodd

I entirely agree with you sir and LONG live the physical formats! :)


I bought mine last night. Pretty good tracklisting & a fantastic cause. Though I’m sure that his band & crew would prefer the money now rather than next Spring. I agree with the comments about his voice, I thought it was sounding a bit thin too but his backing band carried him through. I’m not gonna criticise him though because I love his stuff so much. & Listening to his output over the years has given me so much pleasure.

I’ve already got a personalised autograph from the great man & a setlist from one of his band so I’m more than happy!

Now lets have some SDE’s from his back catalogue!!

Alan B

When artists started offering signed CDs/LPs via their online stores a few years ago it was a great novelty and most autographs by and large were proper autographs as they tended to be very limited thus allowing them the time to sign them properly. We have now got to the stage where it is used primarily as a promotional tool to get the album as high into the charts as possible rather than the original idea of signing a small number for loyal fans who pre order early. This can be backed up now by the marketing ploy these days of signed versions suddenly now becoming available a few days after release to try and push for the number 1 spot on the first week of release to boost sales further.
Nowadays signed items can be in the thousands with the resultant drop in quality of the autograph. It’s the sheer volume that is the issue. If autographed copies are available across different formats and different bundles from a band’s online store and also available on Amazon we are talking a lot of autographed copies which will be 99.9% guaranteed to be squiggles.Nearly all releases by The Courteeners have been signed and when I look at the quality of the autographs from their early releases compared to the recent ones the difference in the quality of signatures is astonishing. Current ones are squiggles. The most annoying one recently was Richard Ashcroft’s last album. I pre ordered signed copies of the coloured vinyl LP and CD from his online store. The autograph on the LP was fantastic. Full signature and huge. The CD was initials only. To make it worse Amazon then released signed CDs and from what I saw he did a full signature on them. Buy from his store get initials, buy from Amazon get the full signatures. Didn’t seem right.


Ferry’s signature on my ‘Bitter Sweet’ CD is pretty good to be fair. I’ve seen far worse. Not as good as Dido’s which included a kiss.

Was anyone at the RAH concert? I love Ferry but his voice has started to sound pretty thin live. I bought a double live CD from his website a few years ago from the ‘Avonmore’ tour and he didn’t sound great. Not unexpected given he is now 75 (!).


Thinking about this more – I guess it at least means signed copies go straight to ‘proper’ fans – which is to say those signed up to newsletters and email updates – rather than artists being handed a bunch of stuff to sign randomly only for that stuff to go straight to ebay at a premium – someone has clearly thought – well if they are going to do that it may as well be *me* the artist who gets the premium – but what it loses of course is – as has been pointed out – that moment of eye contact between fan and artist – so the story of your vinyl is –

yeah bought it online

rather than –

we caught the train, queued for 2 hours, met some other fans, had a lovely quick chat with hero..

you know – that thing that makes it being a signed copy actual special.


I love getting signed copies from the artist’s store.

I often am at gigs with my Mum or friends who would rather not wait around, and even then I would rather not lug around a vinyl record or CD during a gig to get signed after the fact.

I know it isn’t very personal, but it still mean something to me. Even if I always miss the damned things going on sale due to time difference and have to fork out double. I still love the idea and appreciate it, I must admit.

Tom m hans

I just realized that my second hand Paul Weller Stanley Road 3 disc deluxe CD is signed… a quick browsing of “Signed Paul Weller CD” online confirmed a high probability that the signature may be authentic indeed. Its been sitting in an Ikea CD box for at least 2 years… any takers… lol. Peace and Merry Christmas. Paul, your website relates directly to my decreased funds and increased “hoarding of physical products” symptoms and, more important, it kept me off the Covid infested streets. To better 2021, thanks for all that you do, mate! Ta!


Nothing from his masterpiece Boys & Girls?


Unfortunately, I have been informed by the Ferry website and by Townsend Music that they don’t ship to Canada.

Derek Langsford

That’s odd. I bought The Divine Comedy boxed set from their store on Townsend and they shipped to California via DHL.


2 april 2021. I don’t want another 2020, please! No more!

Scott Michaelsen

Odd unforced error from the Ferry team: “Hiroshima Mon Amour” should be “Hiroshima…”
Unless Bryan now does a version of the classic Ultravox! track!


I was thinking it had something to do with the 1959 Alain Resnais film.

Stan Butler

Not being familiar with Mr Ferry’s track, I just took as read that it was a cover of the Ultravox track. Seemed unusual but then again, why not.
Actually listening to it again now, John Foxx’s vocal delivery is not that un-Ferryesque.

Andrew T

I got a very lovely elaborate squiggly signature when I asked Bryan to sign a
promo twelve inch single way back in the 1980`s.


Is this release ultimately going to be mass-distributed (obviously without a signature) via Amazon and the like, or, will it be exclusive to the website? If anyone knows, could they please provide insight?


Thank you, Paul… that’s good to know.

Richard Harris

I think Ferry’s last live album Live 2015 was only ever available from his own website and store, rather than via all the usual retailers. This is not the full show from either of the 2 nights, with certain hits (Love is the Drug, for instance) played live both nights but not on the live album – yet Sign of the Times, which is the download track available in advance, is on the album but was only played in Glasgow and not at either of the RAH shows. Strange.


Starting to get a little bored about thess signed physical formats, i know i know nobody is forcing me to buy… however

I preordered a James signed released last October and still don’t know if i’m gonna receive it this year, of course they charged me IMMEDIATELY. Not only that they want me now to buy them right now their new next year album which doesn’t even have an album cover yet, again they will charge me right now.

And this week they are selling the same physical stuff but digital too and more cheap…. sigh, they said it was gonna be physical only…

Smell desperation of course.

Now Ferry…It could be a signed CD-R…maybe, maybe not. Same store as James stuff: TMStor.
I’m gonna wait for the James one first to arrive, want to know what i’m paying for.


A shame that the full 23/25 song set list couldn’t have been accommodated in a 2 CD edition.


Good Cause, ordered. Cheers for the heads up Paul. From what i’ve seen re: signatures, It will take something really atrocious to top Gary Barlow’s recent efforts!


I’ve had some hopeless autographed CDs. Corey Taylor, Cardinal Copia and Black Stone Cherry couldn’t get beyond initials. Even H from Steps managed better than that…and he’s H from Steps! But none worse than Bryan Adams who just scrawled a Toblerone. Still, for rarely more than the regular shop price I’m not grumbling.


You’re kidding about squiggle! I also have a previous signed edition …. But, am a sucker for anything by him.


Didn’t some fans suspect that Simple Minds had used some sort of signing machine on last year’s signed live album?


I own a bunch of signed vinyl and CDs. I actually don’t mind Ferry’s signature (I have the photo print from the Live ’74 box set framed and on my wall), though yes, quite a few of the signatures I have are quite lame. The worst one I have is Alex Patterson’s signature he signed on the Orb’s Abolition Of The Royal Familia album. To bad we can’t post pics here, but can be looked up.
I have his signature a few times now, so will have to think twice about this release.


I have bought one gladly but I know what the above blokes mean…I have a significant amount of items signed by folk over 45 years and can remember all of the details
and circumstances.

Well done ,Paul.


I agree re signed stuff. I had a signed vinyl sent to me a few months back with a squiggle bank centre of the otherwise very nice artwork – no option to get an unsigned vinyl at all – and to cap it all it came with a free postcard which they could just have easily have autographed without defacing the actual album! Ah well – I guess some people like it.

andrew R

Iam starting to get a certain ennui
about all these signed limited editions.
As there is no emotional contact and no personal message
it remains a squiggle on the cover . Is it me or do you find that the only signatures that
have any value are the ones obtained in a face to face setting?


1. I completely agree
2. ennui – I have tried to get that in a sentence for years – APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

Dave H

Even a face to face setting can be a squiggle but at least you have the personal memory of seeing the item signed in front of you.


Hi Andrew R,

I guess ‘it depends’. It always means more when the signature is received in person, so I’m with you on that. Getting to meet, say hi to someone and get a signature, normally after a concert, is a lovely way to finish off an evening. Getting a squiggle via a web site is a real disappointment. But a well signed signature is nice to have regardless of where it came from. Females tend to sign neater and are more legible compared to the men. Paloma Faith, Ellie Goulding, Natasha Khan, Rumer, Tori Amos, Kate Bush are all very good. The big no no is when someone wants to charge more for a signed version. Either do it or don’t do it.


Well there definitely is the factor of “there was the time when I met ***** ” that is much more interesting than saying I got this online. It is still a nice touch though. I think the signed with invisible ink edition is for you.

Nathan Thomas

I remember that time I bumped into Paul McCartney on St Johns Wood High street & we actually had a conversation rather than me shoving things under his nose to sign – to me that is more of a ‘there was that time when I met…’ & more of a personal connection than just getting him to put a squiggle on some paper ‘in person’ for the sake of a story ! Is queuing up for an hour after a concert to get a squiggle on an album cover really that interesting as a story anyway?


Totally agree – unless obtained in person it has no meaning to me.

David Ratchford

For sure ! That depends on who you like and what’s the chance of getting it ?


Ordered for the cause but his signature is atrocious going by previous buys, really is a squiggle !