Carly Simon / The Bedroom Tapes / expanded special edition


Carly Simon is releasing a special edition of her acclaimed 2002 album The Bedroom Tapes.

The album is now back in print and available exclusively from her webstore. It comes appended with two bonus tracks, Grandmother’s House and When Manhattan Was A Maiden. There is even a Willy Wonka inspired ‘Golden Ticket’ in one of the CDs and whoever gets it will enjoy a Carly one-to-one via Skype.

The special edition of The Bedroom Tapes is shipping now from CarlySimon.com.

Track listing

  • Our Affair
  • So Many Stars
  • Big Dumb Guy
  • Scar
  • Cross The River
  • I Forget
  • Actress
  • I’m Really The Kind
  • We, Your Dearest Friends
  • Whatever Became Of Her
  • In Honor Of You (George)

Bonus Tracks

  • Grandmother’s House
  • When Manhattan Was A Maiden

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In the years previous to this albums release Carly had been diagnosed with cancer and had been having treatment and recovering. As I recall she had been slowly working on new music during this period and kept the tapes in her bedroom. Her son and daughter persuaded her to release the music as it was so good, hence the name of the album The Bedroom Tapes.
The album was very well received at the time and got some great reviews. On the day of release I was in Manhattan, New York and Carly and her band played a few of the songs from the album live in a park, this was for an open air edition of a live morning TV show. It was a good free show for those who happened to be in the area and catch it.


Yes Paul it was great as it was completely unexpected, and the weather was fantastic so a great day to hang out around the park for a couple of hours and watch Carly perform.
Not sure how the album performed over here but in New York the album was a fairly high profile release. Clive Davis, the American music mogul, was involved in the project and actually came on stage to introduce Carly. Also the album had big prominent displays in the record stores that week as well, HMV, Tower, Virgin etc


OMG the cover art! What happened to her right leg? 2 times longer than the left one. An early example of epic Photoshop fail :)


Expanded by 2 tracks – what a joke :o)


Never even heard of this album! LOL


What a curious choice for a re-release. I have to agree with Ken, this really wasn’t acclaimed, BUT, I’m Really The Kind is one of my favourites of her quirky numbers.

I wish Carly would dive into the vaults and treat us to some outtakes from No Secrets, Another Passenger, and Spy outtakes, or better yet an album boxset or two.


Received mine about a week ago, and the quality is outstanding! I’m so glad Carly has rereleased this masterpiece, and I’m especially glad she included When Manhattan Was A Median, one of her finest songs!

Billboard got it right when they called this album “A feast for fans of intelligent, richly crafted pop music.” And I agree with NY Daily News when they called it “One of her best albums.” It’s no wonder this album is a fan favorite. Hopefully Carly will reissue more of her albums, like Another Passenger.

peter m

Hi andrew
could you tell me how much the total price was?
I couldn’t work it out on the site.


The order total price is 19.99. The CD is 14.99, and shipping is 5.00, there is no sales tax.

peter m

Thanks for the info.


This seems a very odd album to “expand”. Don’t agree it was “acclaimed” and it certainly wasn’t popular. There are a lot of albums in Carly’s career that would deserve the “expansion” treatment and this isn’t one.


only TWO Bonus tracks? A bit cheap for a Special Edition I think.