Cathy Dennis / “Move To This” deluxe


Early nineties dance/pop artist Cathy Dennis‘ first album Move To This will be reissued as a two CD deluxe edition later this month by Universal Music.

These days Dennis has become a respected (and very successful) songwriter for other singers and bands and was behind such hits as Britney’s Toxic and Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, but for a short period almost 25 years ago she found success in both the UK/Europe and America as an artist in her own right.

Move To This was issued in 1990 and features the transatlantic top five hit Touch Me (All Night Long) as well as Just Another Dream and C’mon And Get My Love (her first single –  a collaboration with house music outfit D-Mob). The final 45 from the album was Too Many Walls a co-write with Anne Dudley of Art of Noise fame. That song was the third single from the album to breach the US Hot 100.

This new deluxe edition is remastered and expanded with many seven-inch edits and twelve-inch remixes. In fact it includes all of the Everybody Move To The Mixes remix album which back in the day was included as a bonus disc on a limited edition version of Move To This follow-up Into The Skyline (as well as being issued separately in some territories).

Move To This deluxe edition will be released on 15 September 2014.


Track listing

  • 1. Just Another Dream
  • 2. Touch Me (All Night Long)
  • 3. C’mon And Get My Love (D-Mob featuring Cathy Dennis)
  • 4.  Too Many Walls
  • 5. Tell Me
  • 6. Everybody Move
  • 7. Move To This
  • 8. My Beating Heart
  • 9. Got To Get Your Love
  • 10. Taste My Love

Bonus Tracks                 

  • 11. Just Another Dream – Danny D 7″ Edit
  • 12. Touch Me (All Night Long) – 7″ Mix
  • 13. That’s The Way Of The World (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
  • 14. Too Many Walls – Acoustic Version
  • 15. Love Is
  • 16. Everybody Move – 7″ Shep Pettibone Mix
  • 17. Just Another Dream – 7” US Mix
  • 18. Everybody Move – Padapella Mix
  • 19. Just Another Dream – Paul Simpson U.S. Remix


  • 1. C’mon And Get My Love – Dance Hall Mix  (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
  • 2. Just Another Dream – 12″ Mix
  • 3. Everybody Move – Everybody’s House Mix
  • 4. Touch Me (All Night Long) – Club Mix
  • 5. Too Many Walls – L’Autre Mix
  • 6. C’mon And Get My Love – Spaghetti Western Mix (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
  • 7. Everybody Move – Everybody’s Club Mix
  • 8.  Just Another Dream – Funky Love Mix
  • 9. C’mon And Get My Love – Dedication Mix  (D-Mob ft Cathy Dennis)
  • 10. Just Another Dream – Nightlife Mix
  • 11. Just Another Dream – Alternative Bass Mix

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obviously incomplete in terms of bonus tracks. For example:
Too Many Walls, my favorite song, only appears three times. There is in fact two more versions… the 4:30 single version (different drum sound), and the video edit, around 4:00 in duration. I prefer the single mix to the album mix.


It would have been even better if it came with a DVD of all the MTVs from Move To This. Both Into The Skyline & Am I The Kinda Girl should be expanded + their MTV and all the rare tracks like Love’s Cradle & It’s My Style, which were only available in Japan back in the days.

Julian Jones

We need a re-issue of INTO THE SKYLINE !!!!!!!!!

Fred Smith

I always thought what a lovely song ‘Too Many Walls’ was,and i will certainly be getting this reissue.IF ONLY Princess’ début album had been given this treatment a few years ago……


Overall, pretty good tracklist but why only one 12″ mix of Touch me all night long? This was her biggest hit and much more successfully than Just another dream which appears on this re-release in several different mixes. I hope we get a reissue for Into the skyline too!!


Brilliant!!!! This year is turning out to be superb with all these re-issues! I’ve spent a fortune. I’ve had to have them all from Kylie, Donna, Belinda and I would love some re-issues from 2 Unlimited, pleeeeasseee.


Agree with most of the comments here. A frustratingly wasted opportunity by the compilers. I still play my Everybody Move To The Mixes European CD release as well as Canadian release of same, which as a collector are actually not that hard to find, so this is also a thumbs down from me. Remastering and liner notes don’t cut it. Insufficient first-time-to-CD tracks fail to tempt those who will have to decide whether to spend their hard earned cash on other reissues offering far more unreleased material, such as Lisa Stansfield and Donna Summer. Universal take note!


My wife has both of Ms. Dennis’ albums, so I might pick this up for her. This reissue looks to have the things I typically look for:

1. All the essential cuts – album versions of course, plus the primary extended version and the radio edits
2. Quality mastering / remastering
3. Extras not included previously – b-sides, demos, rare mixes
4. Quality packaging and other bells/whistles (booklets, slipcases, etc.)

That said, really the first two listed are most important. So I’m happy about this reissue.


Some/most copies of Everybody Move To The Mixes have succumbed to disc rot, so this reissue is probably well-timed…..


I was definitely excited to see this album being released as a deluxe edition with bonus mixes. I’m quite happy with the added stuff on here although some have posted that rare and dub mixes would make this a more comprehensive and complete compilation, I am still happy that a lot of great mixes have been included in here.
The remastered sound of this album will be worth it.

James Blair

This could have been so much more interesting, given that so many of the bonus mixes included are already on CD. Recycling the whole of the (free with “Into the Skyline”) remix CD seems to me to be lazy and a waste of valuable disc space. I was really hoping for some of the rarer (vinyl-only) mixes of “Touch Me” – which was, after all, her biggest hit on both sides of the Atlantic.
It’s still worth a purchase for the few new-to-CD tracks, but it could have been compiled with a little more love!
Fingers crossed for an expanded “…Skyline” to follow.


Having got back to my CDs this afternoon I see that the second CD of this release is the same as my 1992 version, although tracks 9-11 are new, so -result!


Assuming they follow up this release with an expanded version of ‘Into the Skyline’, I wonder how it will differ from the original 2 CD version? I thought that the second CD surpassed CD 1. I seem to be lucky to have found a copy back in 1992. Such are the joys of browsing the racks/digging :-)

With Donna Summer’s ‘Another Place And Time’, I think that it wasn’t as well received as it deserved to be because SAW’s songs weren’t looked on as that serious and Donna had allegedly made some homophobic remarks so the knives were (unfairly) out for her. Donna could basically sing the phone book and it would sound incredible.

Paul Greaves

Hmm, when I saw the headline I got excited. Then I read further and realised I have all the tracks on it already as I bought Everybody Move to the Mixes when it first came out. As Daniel and Stephen K says, there are plenty of rarer remixes that could have made their way onto this. Andn the list of remixes, don’t forget C’mon and Get My Love – Keys II My Love mix either. Technically nothing to do with Cathy or the song but still an official remix.

Stephen K.

I don’t know if there’s any demand for a deluxe D-Mob reissue (although crazier things have happened), but the remixes of C’mon and Get My Love could have been saved for that, instead of taking up space here.

Sporting only 1 remix of Touch Me (All Night Long) is a bit daft. This reissue will not replace my collection, but it could supplement it… though not in a meaningful way. Nearly all of these mixes are already on CD (when you could make a bonus disc just out of vinyl-only remixes).

It does, however, look better than the Martika reissue, which, at 16 tracks is worthless. All of the content has appeared on CD before. Here’s a question for everyone: If you have an excess of bonus content to fill up a disc with, would you be more tempted to fill it with remixes or Spanish-language versions? My answer might be different if I spoke Spanish, but having an identical mix that differs only in the language the lyrics are sung sounds like a misuse of a CD’s limited running time.


yes it would be ( more ) than enough material for a 3rd CD:

that’s the was of the world:
essential beat mix – 7:52
instrumental – 4:03
accapella – 3:49
beats – 6:29
underworld final d-mix – 8:38
underworld dub me-mix – 6:28

c’mon and get my love:
tv mix – 3:43
romance mix – 8:04
direction mix – 7:06
love & kisses mix – 5:20
d second coming – 4:59
a-capella – 3:40

just another dream:
paul simpson dub mix – 6:33
the dream mix – 5:45
the dream dub – 5:45
sleepwalk mix – 6:31
hot mix – 4:25

everybody move:
pop mix – 3:28
hot mix – 4:10
everybody’s house music – 3:49


Hi Daniel!

I desperately tried to find this remix here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1vx2o_cathy-dennis-just-another-dream-12_music

It’s nowhere to find and I really checked all mixes I could find on Vinyl and the Internet… It has basically elements from “The Dream Mix (7:31)” and “The Dream Dub (5:47)” plus the regular Single/Album Version…


Hey Daniel!

Do you have all these Version in possession? I would be highly interested in some! Please PN me!



that sounds great, even if the 12″ version of “That’s The Way Of The World” is not in it … I didn’t check but weren’t there other mixes to complete a 3rd Cd ?

Anyway, let’s hope that a 2Cds reissue of “Into the skyline” will follow !


I came across this and an expanded edition of Martika on Amazon UK a couple of days ago. Thanks for making the Cathy Dennis reissue official and providing the detailed track listing. I love this album. Can’t wait!! (Please post if/when you have info on the Martika reissue.)


absolute fantastic!!
i have most of the mixes only on mini-disc directly from vinyl.
this will be a hot autumn – together with Donna Summer’s
“Another Place And Time” re-release !


Definitely looking forward to the Another Place and Time reissue, which was certainly Donna’s most underrated album not to mention arguably the classiest thing SAW put their name to.

That said, already have my Move to This ordered. Great, underrated dance pop record with little-to-no weak tracks. Wouldn’t mind seeing Into the Skyline remastered either; not as start-to-finish great as MTT but definitely a very good album.