Charles Aznavour 60-CD box set

This week sees the release of Aznavour a massive limited edition 60CD box set celebrating the work and career of French singer/songwriter/actor Charles Azavour.

The Frenchman has suffered over the years with endless compilations hitting the marketplace but this collection, created by Universal Music France, is a serious retrospective and anthology that looks to put this right by including 45 original albums with their correct sleeves and original packaging designs reproduced.

A further 15 discs collect rarities including two CDs devoted to unreleased and alternate versions (30 tracks), a 1963 live performance at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, four individual discs compiling Italian, English, Spanish and German tracks, and three CDs of duets! In total Aznavour offers over 760 tracks all remastered from the original tapes.

The box (which has a magnetic enclosure) comes with a 96-page booklet written by Bertrand Dicale which is also translated into English

Aznavour is out now.


Summary of contents

CD 1 to 45: all 45 albums published in 25cm, 30cm and CD covers and original track listing

CD 46: Aznavour and Roche, 6 rarities recorded in 1947 + 12 official titles 1948-1949 + 2 bonus material (unreleased)

CD 47-50: Compilations scattered titles: 45s, B-sides, etc

CD 51: The historic concert March 30, 1963 at Carnegie Hall in New York (unpublished Concert – 22 tracks)

CD 52: the best moments in English – (Includes rare and unreleased versions on CD)

CD 53: the best moments Italian – (Includes rare and unreleased versions on CD)

CD 54: Highlights in Spanish – (Includes rare and unreleased versions on CD) CD 55: the best moments in German – (Includes rare and unreleased versions on CD)

CD 56: rarities, participations, documents, alternate versions, radio archives Switzerland (title 1-8) Also included: Come, give us your hand (BOF What makes David run?) (Unreleased CD) Come cry in the palm of my shoulder (BOF Édith et Marcel) (Version piano voice – unique CD) Unforgettable Geneva (Unreleased) And yawn and sleep (with Jean Jacques Milteau) Yes (If you say “yes”!) and yawn and sleep (with Jean -Yves D’Angelo) Pub Wizard (Unpublished)

CD 57: Alternative Versions unpublished + 1 unreleased track Digitizing 1500 Masters Charles Aznavour has, by careful analysis, to find 15 forgotten treasures! 01 If there were another you (unpublished Version) 02 La bohème (Version singer – unpublished) 03 From you have loved (unpublished version) 04 If I had Millionaire (Unreleased by Charles Aznavour) 05 To make jam (unpublished Version “New Orleans”) 06 My dear (unpublished version) 07 A million times (unpublished Version “Big Band”) 08 Baby, let me love you (Unreleased) 09 We will go to Verona (unpublished Version) 10 But it was yesterday (unpublished Version) 11 I’ll wait (unpublished version) 12 Thank you, Madam life (unpublished Version) 13 I love you (unpublished Version) 14 The old-fashioned pleasures (Unpublished Version. Sung in French-Italian-German- English-Spanish) 15 Love takes us (unpublished version)

CD 58-60: Compilations duets appeared on discs Charles Aznavour but also on albums by other artists around the world with Elton John, Paul Anka Sting, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Johnny Hallyday, Bryan Ferry, Raphael, Dean Martin, Patrick Bruel, Edith Piaf, Grand Corps Malade, Kery James, Liza Minnelli, Mireille Mathieu, Seda Aznavour, Liane Foly, Compay Segundo, Trio Esperança Gerard Darmon, Bratsch, Shaila Durcal, Laura Pausini, Liesbeth List, Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban, Carole King, Herbert Grönemeyer, Chico & The Gypsies, Gilles Vigneault, Petula Clark, The Soldiers, Vincent Niclo, Paul Daraîche, Engelbert Humperdinck.La mamma and also with Roberto Alagna (Unreleased) If you love me with Nana Mouskouri (Unreleased) I was not expecting that with you Mama Bea. Taken from the soundtrack Édith et Marcel (Unreleased CD) This is a guy with Mama Bea. Taken from the soundtrack Édith et Marcel (Unreleased CD) For you Armenia with the group of 80 artists (Unreleased CD)

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Tim Barton

The 20-disc Les Annees Barclay is going for around ¥3,900 a Amazon Japan, which is a spectacular deal. As I type, only 5 left.


Is Tapestry of a Dreams included in this set? Thanks


Contains “Sa jeunesse” recorded by Charles Aznavour, Matt Houston, The Shady Brothers, Vitaa, Elisa Tovati, Soprano, Black M Amel Bent (Barclay).

Mikko Suhonen

L’intégrale accordéon was, I believe, very limited edition of 20 cd’s. Don’t know if that’s available anywhere anymore for a reasonable price.

Metal Mickey

Most of the UK will only know Aznavour for “She” and maybe “Dance In The Old-Fashioned Way”, but he’s absolutely massive worldwide, and has even had a “jukebox musical” of his songs, which I saw in Paris a few years ago… this is frankly far too rich for my blood, but a good indicator of what a major artist he is, looks tres bon!


Johnny said it. I feel the same!
Mikko, what about L’intégrale Accordéon? That was about 20 or 40 CDs…

Mikko Suhonen

I thought that the 34 cd box by Universal Music of Nana Mouskouri was something but this is really something extra special. Shame that I don’t have the money and I’m not really into Charles Aznavour. But I hope it sells beaucoup, beaucoup, it looks fabulous.

Still waiting for a really, really good box of Edith Piaf. It would take only about 10 cds.


That is one hell of a collection!! Shame that I don’t really have that much interest, but great for people who do….