Cheap Trick At Budokan to be reissued as limited 2LP gatefold red vinyl

Gatefold • Limited to 1500 copies • 2LP red vinyl

The expanded ‘Complete Concert’ version of Cheap Trick‘s classic live album Cheap Trick At Budokan will be reissued on limited 2LP RED vinyl in February.

The 1978 long-player is actually the American rock band’s best selling album and reached number four on the Billboard album charts at the time. Originally 10 tracks, an expanded 19-track version was issued for its 20th anniversary in 1998 and it’s that version that Music On Vinyl are reissuing here. This 2LP 180g gatefold vinyl package is limited to just 1500 copies worldwide.

This 2LP edition of Cheap Trick at Budokan will be released on 2 February 2019 and can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link, or the button below.


  1. Hello There
  2. Come On, Come On
  3. Elo Kiddies
  4. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
  5. Big Eyes


  1. Lookout
  2. Downed
  3. Can’t Hold On
  4. Oh Caroline
  5. Surrender


  1. Auf Wiedersehen
  2. Need Your Love
  3. High Roller
  4. Southern Girls


  1. I Want You To Want Me
  2. California Man
  3. Goodnight
  4. Ain’t That A Shame
  5. Clock Strikes Ten

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Tom Kristensen

Thank you for calculating the postage into the total sum of this shipment. It gave me an extra charge of 26 quid. A really caring gesture from one record collector to another!


Did an intern in the art department design the cover?

Stuart S

Aye, especially when Amazon UK were selling it for £13.43 when I bought it in Nov 2010!

Larry Davis

Funny, today I stopped in Academy when I was in the city, and they had a great condition used copy of the 2008 3CD/1DVD boxset of Cheap Trick’s “Budokan” and it’s 30th anniversary for a great price…it’s the definitive set with the 2CD set as discs 3 & 4, and the show the night before on CD and DVD, plus great booklet and poster…now that the red vinyl is correctly listed, I may get it as a companion piece to the box…in case you are wondering what I paid?? $24.98…and another steal, a used copy of the 2009 4CD box by influential powerpop innovators Big Star, “Keep An Eye On The Sky”, in great shape, for $19.98!!! If I passed that up, no credibility left, haha, but I had to get em…

Nik Yeomans

According to the MOV website Clock Strikes Ten is included, (Track 5 side 4), so it is a 19 track album.


Where’s “Clock Strikes Ten”?

Michael Leek

Should be unlimited editions – cheap trick…

Ben Adams

20 years since the original CD release of this version and it STILL has the same era-incorrect pic of Robin and Tom on the cover. Wha-hey!

Larry Davis

Was comparing the tracklisting of both the original 2CD set and this new red vinyl…18 vs 19 cuts…yep, final song, “Clock Strikes Ten” was axed, unless that was an error…the encore is 2 songs, not 1…unless it’s an error or restored, I will be axing this title from my purchase list, even though the red vinyl does look cool…


Is there no ‘Clock Strikes Ten’ on this version?

Mad Earwig

A very enjoyable live album, but after having the yellow vinyl version way back, then getting the CD version then having to get the complete gig box set, I won’t be buying it again.

Now if we could get their studio albums remastered, I’d be in that queue.

Larry Davis

Ummm, they were…the Epic ones at least…there was a 14CD “Complete Albums” box Sony Legacy put out in 2009/2010, which had a band-approved 16-track version of “Next Position Please” exclusive in the box, the 4-track EP “Found All The Parts” as a standalone disc, the 2CD “Budokan complete concert” and remasters of the other 80s/90s Epic albums, even “Lap Of Luxury” with the original album version of their cover of “Don’t Be Cruel” restored over the single remix…it’s out of print and going for big bucks now…I had it at one point but sold it cuz I needed the cash…thought I could rebuy it easily later on…nope, bad move, been regretting it ever since, but you never know what will stay in print and stay common and what won’t…

Mad Earwig

Hi Larry
I was aware of that box set though didn’t think the albums had been updated/remastered.
I thought it was just like the Van Halen set where they just group the discography into a new set.
If I play the original ‘standing on the edge’ or ‘busted’ they sound so thin and flat, so will seek out this set.


Should of been on yellow vinyl like the original release. Still, I wonder if they’ll give out a badge with this release that says ‘I thought red vinyl was a cheap trick until I discovered At The Budokan’?

Chris Squires

RSD release is 19 tracks on Black Vinyl and 5,000
This is 18 tracks on Red Vinyl, numbered and limited to 1,500.

So enough differences if we want to find them, but it does start to look that nothing on RSD is sacred anymore and patience is required to save quite a bit of money.

Craig Smith

It is the same.
Oh, but hang on.
Actually it’s cheaper than the RSD release AND it’s on red vinyl.
And this is what really annoys me about RSD and ther supposed “one-off” releases?
MOV made a big thing about this on release but here we are again, less than 3 years later and another “special ” edition?


In 2016 it said: RSD “First release”,
so stay fair…

Paul Wren

I think this is the same as the Record Store Day vinyl release from 2016 that was limited to 5,000 copies: