Chris Rea / La Passione deluxe


This November Chris Rea will release a four-disc ‘artist’s edition’ of the 1996 soundtrack album to his very personal film project, La Passione.

This is effectively a ‘Director’s Cut’ of La Passione audio with Rea, apparently, always unhappy with the version released originally due to different creative visions between him and the label.

This new deluxe edition comprises two DVDs and twos CDs. The audio discs will contain original music from the soundtrack album La Passione, remastered (and some remixed), along with new tracks, some of which are orchestral scores that had been left out of the original.

Neither DVD contains the actual movie. The first has re-edited original and new short films to complement the music along with an interview with Chris between each piece. Also included on this disc are new pieces on the Dino and GTO Ferrari’s with new soundtracks to each.

The second DVD features a documentary on Wolfgang Von Trips – the Ferrari racing driver who Chris followed as a youngster and who subsequently died racing at the Italian Grand Prix in 1961 – made up entirely of unseen Von Trips personal cine films. Rea has recorded new music for the documentary.

The four discs in this deluxe set are housed within a 70 page book, which includes photographs and paintings from Chris Rea. The man’s deluxe editions are normally done with style and are high quality, as you will know if you’ve bought sets like 2008’s The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes.

La Passione is reissued on 6 November 2015.



To be confirmed.

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I’m from the USA, what region is the La Passione DVD’s, Will they play?
There should have been some info on what region these DVD PLAY.
Please give info, thank you.

lewis laidler

I have been a big big fan of Mr Rea from deltics-to road to hell have been dissapointed that he has turned to a different road. hope that he will realise that his fame and genuen fans loved his raw ness and his blues rock stile that he started his love for music lapaione was a task for Chris and I can respect his quality in dooing this ( I think the album was well done ) Chris love your early blues Rain coat in a rose was my wedding day dance love Chris -ace of hart xxx


Hi Progster

Steel River Blues is track 5 on the Blue Jukebox album though I don’t know if it was the same song used for the TV series.


Yes Jason a box set is another idea maybe…I would much prefer the individual albums released with the accompanying b-sides and 7″ and 12″ remixes that were recorded as part of that release that were not included…Chris is probably right there wasn’t much unreleased stuff he did look after us by putting out many singles from his 80’s output on mini albums there was 2 of those…and partly with the extra tracks it was a marketing ploy by the record company to get the single up the charts…but us fans gained in all the wonderful songs not in his albums so can’t really complain there…one major song that was used as the theme song to the 2004 ITV series ‘Steel River Blues’ has never been realeased on any Chris Rea album or compilation as far as I know.

Bart Prins

I totally agree, there are great B-sides like ‘True Love’ and ‘Sunrise’ that never made the albums, and sadly enough they never were released on (single) cd. Until a B-sides compilation cd is released, we will have to do it with bad quality youtube recordings…

Jason Brown

Looking forward to this, and totally agree – a reissue campaign could be great, but I think a career spanning box set would probably be better.

Not so much the hits, maybe – there’s hardly a dearth of compilations out there – but album tracks, b-sides, live stuff and remixes, plus maybe soundtrack bits too. I remember reading an article where he stated there wasn’t much unreleased stuff. I bet there’s some, though…

I wonder what happened to the autobiography he was working on about 5 years ago?


Ely I totally agree that we need a 30th anniversary edition of ‘On The Beach’ but in fact we also need his whole catalogue completely remastered especially all the early albums up to ‘Road To Hell’ at least…What a treat it would be to have all those albums with crystal clear remastering and added bonus b-sides and 12″ remixes for each particular album…Chris recorded many songs for each album and some good cracking songs never made the actual album and ended up as b-side…point being the b-side of 1984’s ‘Bombollin’ from the ‘Wired To The Moon’ album’ had ‘True Love’ which I loved and should have been on the album…The 7″ and 12″ Singles that were remixed for single release were actually better and tighter sounding than the dull album versions…’Touché D’Amour’ and ‘Ace Of Hearts’ are prime examples…come on Chris get ’em out there they are crying out to be expanded and remastered and are very long overdue.

Paul English

His albums up to Road To Hell sound great on CD.

What’s most annoying is the lack of B-sides, single mixes and extended cuts that are still in CD limbo.


I don’t think Chris Rea owns his master tapes, as evidenced by the fact that he re-recorded a lot of the songs for the Best Of a few years back.

So it may not be down to him as to whether his catalogue gets a ‘refresh’.

But you’re right – would be great to see his albums given the full b-side, 12″, 7″ deluxe treatment….


Good that Chris is doing this stuff, can I wish for a SDE of On The Beach though, it’s 30 next year.


Totally agree – one of the first CDs I brought, and just love the whole vibe of that album. Bought 3 or 4 after that, but lost interest when things started to go a little bit too Mark Knoflerish! :-)


I’m a massive fan and have already pre-ordered but must say disappointed to hear that the original movie is not included in this set, it’s never been released on DVD. Nevertheless looking forward to this one.

lewis laidler

I have been a big fan of Mr Rea from 70 Benny- to Road to hell his latest travel has not exited me the same I loved his brass slide blues sounds and unicq vocals but his deep blues sounds make me a bit lost wished that he would resale an album like shamrock diary quality miss his early stuff ???!!