Christmas CD and vinyl deals

Prince / 1999 4LP box set deal

ITALY : Prince / 1999 4LP box set – €45 €65

Contains the album remastered on two vinyl records and a further two albums of B-sides, remixes and single versions. Includes a download code.

ITALY: Tom Petty / American Treasure 6LP box set – €96

Great deal. Equates to around £82 compared to £116 in the UK.

UK: Madonna / Madame X  2CD – £6

2CD deluxe in hardcover book. Great price – even cheaper than Black Friday!

UK: Springsteen on Broadway 2CD set – £6

UK: Paul Weller / Other Aspects:Live at the Festival Hall 2CD+DVD – £5.75

Ridiculously low price for this fine triple-disc live set.

UK: Liam Gallagher  / Why Me? Why Not. deluxe CD – £6.99

Deluxe CD with three bonus tracks. This comes in an Amazon-exclusive slipcase.

UK: Led Zeppelin remastered vinyl LP – £13.99

the SDE shop: The Beatles / Fan Club Christmas Records 7″ box – £99

GERMANY (JPC): Pink Floyd / Dark Side of The Moon immersion box – €67

Similarly priced on Amazon UK.

Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Immersion Edition

GERMANY (JPC): Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here immersion box – €67

Similarly priced on Amazon UK

Pink Floyd / The Wall Immersion Edition

GERMANY (JPC): Pink Floyd / The Wall immersion box – €67

Similarly priced on Amazon UK

GERMANY (JPC): Various/ The Art of McCartney 2CD+DVD – €6.99

Exclusive recordings with McCartney’s band from Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Roger Daltrey, Jamie Cullum, The Cure, Barry Gibb, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne, Def Leppard and more! This is the three-disc hardcover book edition.

UK: The Smiths / Hatful of Hollow vinyl LP  – £13.99

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Mike M

It’s a bit quiet folks, nothing doing? Got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket


dodax.nl from Netherlands has the later Years Box set of Pink Floyd listet for 257,57€ inkl. shipping.



Thank you Juerie. Just bought it. They don’t ship outside the EU so I had it shipped to my parents in the Netherlands who will shake their heads again after receiving another surprise SDE box in the mail.


Keef Talk is Cheap £5 for the double
Talk Is Cheap – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition https://amzn.to/39fvdIh


Alan Parson Project “Eye In The Sky” box set now €66 on Amazon Italy.

Also REM’s Automatic For The People box is now €37 also on Amazon Italy. This box has been on sale everywhere but if you don’t have it yet for a bottom price, this is your chance.


REM Automatic for the People 4CD anniversary boxset now just £39 on Amazon UK.


DSOTM turned up today, what a magnificent box set, thanks for the heads up. Are the Wall & Wish You Were Here worth getting?


I consider The Wall the best release of the whole bunch, even though it’s not my fave PF album. However it nicely shows the evolution of the tracks (plenty of demoes etc.).


For inexplicable reasons it has no 5.1 mix. All PF’s other smash albums that were released in large box sets have been released in 5.1 so I don’t understand this.


Thanks Nico, I think I’ll give it a go


Lucky me. Always wanted to have the three Pin Floyd Sets. But after all this issues with them, I resist buying them.
Bit with the 49€ from fnac.es I pulled the trigger. And the boxes I got where wonderful. No yellowish BluRays, no Bubbles. They look and sound phantastic.

John McCann

So much for the vinyl revival, Boston’s legendary record shop, Skippy whites are closing after 60 years, so ,, Cheers,,


Prince “Originals” 2x Purple LP + CD + thick book package, 24 page booklet w photos, essays and handwritten lyrics, now only $23 on Amazon.com

adam shaw

Don’t know if anyone has already posted this but DB Loving The Alien cd box £85 on Amazon Uk .
Merry Xmas to all .


Neil Young – Official Release Series Discs 5-8 Vinyl 4 LP in amazon italy at 66 €.


Mike M

Nice spot Oskar, great price for the boxset containing the ditch trilogy. Arguably his best period.


Anyone thinking of getting the prince 10lp (if you’re lucky enough to find it ) or 5 cd edition, should.
I’m a bit in love with this box set. All the previously unreleased sides are my favourites and I’d have been happy to have had these on a stand alone release. I’m not too bothered about the 7” edit in mono of various songs that are available on the cheaper/lesser edition too. Shame they couldn’t have made the tracks I’m talking about more readily available. There’s always streaming I guess….


DSOTM and WYWH Immersion boxes arrived from Amazon UK and both BluRays are perfect. Just spent a fantastic evening listening to the 5.1 mixes on both and was blown away. DSOTM is absolutely stunning. Well worth £50.

Gianni Marangon

David Bowie Loving The Alien (1983-1988)(15LP) now $ 102,19 on Amazon.com


About Prince’s 10 LP sde, as Paul said, it’s indeed a limited edition. Warner never intended to repress. I will even add there’s no need for a confirmation from the label as all these massive 10+ LP box sets are limited editions by design even if the sets aren’t individually numbered.

It makes no sense for the label to repress because they don’t make enough money on that product. It’s a luxury item, a beautiful marketing product to watch in stores (or online) and push the sales of the other 1999 editions (while very few can afford to pay between £140 and £200 for the 10 LP box set, most Prince fans can afford one of the other editions like the 4 LP, double LP or the CD editions). I must say it works because during Black Friday, I went to a FNAC store in Paris and while I was browsing the music section (I stayed there for 30 minutes) I saw 3 differents persons take the 10 LP box set in their hands to admire it, they saw the price, put the box set back on the table and bagged either the 4 LP or the 5 CD edition instead.


The 10 lp box set for Prince’s 1999 is still €160 at Amazon Germany, which with the £ exchange rate is a great price.

Amazon Germany also has low prices on most of the Kate bush box sets (vinyl III works out at £32); also Peter Gabriel vinyl albums are cheap.


I would imagine there will be a re-press as it was never marketed as a limited edition.

It’s odd 1999 deluxe hasn’t sold well, however, when you look in stores and at online listings, many vendors don’t have stock.

Even on the day of release, my local HMV shop had very few copies for any of the formats.

I think Warners badly judged how popular this would be.


Bit of a under call.

It’s not making the most of opportunities like this that might smother future physical releases in the long term.

That.. and pricing!

I’ve heard repress is under discussion, end of Feb / March, fingers crossed.


Ah – details!

Why bother dropping the price by a further €15 today – just to excite and then disappoint people? Algorithms? Glad I got mine at the time of release.

Merry Christmas.

robert tyrrell

Prince 10lp set. therecordhub.com in Ireland have some. it is 193 euros after you take a 10% discount on your first order and free shipping


Actually, the Prince 10-lp version is €145 on amazon.de!


The website stated there were still 5 items in stock


The 80’s CD reissue label Rubellan Remasters is having a holiday sale on their releases at their website, like Danielle Dax, SPK, Trees and Krisma. They also have just reissued The Passions last album Sanctuary with a bunch of extra tracks and have two more Visage reissues coming out in January. Yay!


i love that label but the postage prices to the uk just kill all hope


It’s not their fault, it’s the postal service. But they advertise that two CD’s ship for the same price as one CD to the UK, so that helps. They just today announced on their mailing list they are releasing a reissue of the singer from The Cars, Ric Ocasek’s first solo album Beatitude with bonus tracks, and Berlin’s album Love Life, and they are working on getting Pleasure Victim too. That’s very exciting! I will buy anything they put out, they do excellent work and it shouldn’t be hindered by the post office fees.

Luís Rodrigues

Richards Keith Talk is cheap super deluxe box 65€ in Amazon Italy, think its a good price!!!


Mike M

That Keith price didn’t last, over 100 euros now :(


Really like a lot the last Who album
The german deluxe edition cd offers 3 bonus tracks
All This Music Must Fade
Ball and Chain
I Don’t Wanna Get Wise
Beads On One String
Hero Ground Zero
Street Song
I’ll Be Back
Break The News
Rockin’ In Rage
She Rocked My World
This Gun Will Misfire
Got Nothing To Prove
Danny And My Ponies

James W

I really like the first two bonus tracks. I think there’s great stuff going on in “This Gun Will Misfire”, both musically and lyrically. I think it’s one of the five best songs on the album. And it’s great to hear a “lost” Pete Townshend song from the ’60’s with “Got Nothing To Prove”. Plus, the “Austin Powers” sounding orchestral arrangement is a fun romp. I don’t care for the last bonus track, though.

David Bly

A question for you about this new WHO album that you seem to like a lot. Mind you, I haven’t heard it yet, but my question is – is it all that?

I ask because here in the US, Universal has been running adverts on television, which is something I haven’t seen done for ages for a “legacy” band. And one review in the ad claims that it’s “their best album since ‘Who By Numbers'”!
Can this really be true? I find that claim hard to believe. Could it be better than “Who Are You”, or even the two Kenney Jones albums, which I quite like?
What say you?

I probably won’t be getting it soon anyway cause I’m very broke and it the process of retiring.
But one thing that’s good is that Amazon Italy has let me know my “G is for Go-Betweens” set has shipped, and the price guarantee has knocked €52,27 off the original cost, which is pretty incredible.

Meanwhile, happy holidays and many happy returns to you, Paul!

Rob Stirrup

I’m a huge fan of The Who, but was looking forward to the release of ‘Who’ with trepidation. Particularly since the underwhelming Endless Wire.

However, I have to admit that the album has really blown me away. The first 7 songs are really strong and it’s only I’ll be Back and Break the News that the album starts running out of gas. Rockin in Rage should have closed the album rather than She Rocked My World too.

Roger is in amazing voice throughout, even if there’s some autotune on some of the tracks.

I think the regular album is better than the deluxe edition cd- have to agree with Roger !


@David Bly, my thoughts on WHO are that it is easily their best since Who By Numbers. I have been blown away by how good it is and started from a cynical position when it was first announced.
Unlike some others, I also really like the three bonus tracks and I play the album straight through. The autotune on backing on a few of the main album tracks doesn’t bother me, but I wish their was none on the last bonus track sung by Pete, Danny and my Ponies. I would really like a version of that without it. I have always been a fan of Pete’s solo stuff and like his voice as it is, but trends will be trends.


Sorry for another question but the SACD of Wish You Were Here, can you play the 5.1 mix on a CD Player? Is there a SACD AND CD 5.1 mix on the SACD if you get my drift, or is it just SACD version in 5.1? Soo complicated.

Steven Roberts

Not wishing to muddy the waters further, but what you actually need is an SACD *capable* player i.e. a machine which can access the SACD layer of the disc in question (assuming it is a hybrid disc).

Certainly a dedicated SACD player will do this, but so will numerous *universal* players – so called because they play CDs, DVDs, blu-rays, 4K UHDs and, yes, SACDs…..

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Pioneer UHD players LX500 and LX800. I think some Sony UHD players.

Robert Paglia

I have Sony 4K blu ray player. It plays all the formats Steven mentions.

Steven Roberts

Ok, perhaps “numerous” is too strong a word, but when I was in the market for a 4K/universal machine there were certainly “several” to choose from ;)

In the end I settled on the Sony UBP-X800m2 – which totally ROCKS, by the way :)


Or you could dust off a Sony PS3 game console which also has SACD playback capabilities.


High-end blu-ray players manufactured this decade have SACD play-back capabilities (mostly because of the big classical music catalogue in the SACD format) but I guess it will no longer be the case in the future. So far, some Yamaha, Sony, Marantz, Denon, Onkyo BR players continue to support SACD playback. Nowadays very few dedicated SACD players are produced, you’ll mostly find universal players capable of playing BR, DVD, SACD and CD. Marantz SA-7001 SACD player is often regarded as one of the best and affordable dedicated SACD player. Major Hi-Fi equipment manufacturers like Linn, Arcam or Cambridge Audio still produce CD/SACD players. For example, a high-end cd/sacd player like PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player costs £6000. If you google it and look at the specs you’ll understand why.

Just like you I have an OPPO (bought it last year only a few weeks after Oppo announced they would no longer manufacture BR players) and it’s indeed a superb player well worth the price.

Martin Kyprianides

A question for Paul: is there a way we can establish if the current EU-pressed Pink Floyd DSOTM and WYWH Immersion box sets that Amazon is selling at low prices contain defective or repressed blu-ray discs? The DSOTM blu-ray issue is well documented, but early EU pressings of the WYWH blu-ray suffered from several audible clicks on the 5.1 mix.


After my experience with those immersion box sets I would not touch them for 20 quid

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Whilst on the topic of Pink Floyd and box sets and bargains:

The individual “years” from the Early-years behemoth box-set are at a low price (perhaps their lowest ever thus far) on amazon.co.uk:

Cambridge St/ation 1965-1967 £20.50
Germin/ation 1968 £19
Dramatis/ation 1969 £19
Devi/ation 1970 £26
Reverber/ation 1971 £19
Obfusc/ation 1972 £20.50



@Harcourt Fenton Mudd
I’m hoping they split up the Later Years box set. While I can do without most of the audio CD/LP stuff, I wouldn’t mind the stuff on Blu-ray.

CJ Feeney

Thanks. I picked up the 71 and 72 boxes. I’m not really interested in the pre Meddle stuff. I just wish the Echos at Wemble Empire Pool wasn’t exclusive to the big box, as I’d like to complete the concert spread across the WYWH/DSOTM 2 disc sets

Steven Campbell

To anyone who like me has discovered that they have a faulty Dark Side Of The Moon Blu Ray, I had a hunt on some of the AV forums and found an email address for a company who makes replacements. The email address is mail@aecreate.com. I sent them the serial number of my faulty disc and though it did send me an automated reply to say that they are seeking replacement discs from a distributor and I’d also read that the window for getting said replacement discs had closed on January of this year, someone on the AV forum that I found said email address on said they’d emailed back in October of this year and got their replacement disc in the post this month ie December so it’ll be interesting to see what if anything comes of it as there was also a postal address for you to post the disc without its cardboard sleeve to but I’m not sending that yet until I get confirmation to do so, indeed the impression I get is that you don’t need to send them the faulty disc so it’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

Dan Slattery

@Steven Campbell, I’ve just checked my DSOTM blu-ray and mine has yellowed too. Thank you for the email address – I got an automated reply as well. It will be interesting to see what happens next, if anything.


Could they be dumping the immersion boxes to make way for a Middle Years Box?

eric slangen

There will be NO middle year box. All is covered with the Immersion boxes.
Maybe an Animals box but who knows.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

They are dumping them because they eventually turn yellow and stop playing, the same happens with Aqualung and some Yes bluray audio discs.ONLY THOSE MANUFACTURED IN EUROPE BY OPTIMAL MEDIA, I think it is the name of the company.


REM Automatic for the People 25th Anniversary Box Set is currently €39.97 on amazon.de at the moment.


For those in America ordering the Pink Floyd box sets the blu rays most likely wont play unless you have a region free player. However the dvds seem to be region free so you’ll be able to listen to the surround sound at the least, but not watch the documentaries

Frank R

Right now DSOTM and WYWH Immersion sets are less than $70 on Amazon U.S. The Wall is $75

David M

I don’t think that is the case, it would make no sense at all.


There are two DVD’s with the DSOTM immersion box. One audio (with 5.1 for those who like that sort of thing) and one containing all the video material. I was inspired by the Early Years set to purchase Dark Side, (though not WYWH as there was not enough new/unreleased material on there to warrant the price and anyway I already had the two disc Experience edition which contains everything I need from that album) so that would of been sometime in 2017 , and the Blu Ray plays perfectly. I bought The Wall set when it was first released from a local indie shop and that too is perfectly okay in every way. These are great bargain prices BTW, well worth snapping up!

Mr Smyth

I’m regretting not buying the Suede “Blue Hour” vinyl boxset for 25 quid last week!! Feckety Feck!


Is the Immersion box the only way to get a 5.1 version of Wish You Were Here? does anyone know or is it available elsewhere? If one of you knowledgeable people could tell me it would be appreciated, thanks. While I am asking, Merry Christmas to Paul and everyone.


Thanks Paul.

Mark stuart

Was on the point of ordering the who cd, then i realised its the ordinary edition without the bonus tracks.


Last week the autorip for the standard edition included the extra deluxe edition tracks too. Don’t know if that helps.


Mark, that’s the one to have according to Roger, who clearly isn’t at all happy with the inclusion of the four bonus tracks! See https://ultimateclassicrock.com/roger-daltrey-bonus-tracks-who/


HMV have some of the exclusive Who vinyl with bonus cream disc available again. £29.99 and limited to 5000 copies. For what its worth I think it’s an excellent album (and cover). https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/who

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

The problem with the Immersion boxes is if you will get a yellowish unplayable disc when you opened them.
I was tempted to get TDSOTM one to replace mine last week, when they were 47€ for FNAC members and the three of them were part of the 3×2 deal in almost all music items in stock.
I ended buying The Beatles Abbey Road superdeluxe set, David Bowie’s Conversation Piece and The Band 50th annivetsary superdeluxe boxset, which came to 71€ per box, not bad at all I guess!

Peter Anderson

I repurchased the DSOTM immersion box this week having failed to find out how to get a replacement for my original Blu-ray which will no longer play. Can confirm that the Blu-ray in the replacement box is also not recognised at least in my player so it will be going back to Amazon UK.


Any thoughts out there on the best place to get Underworld’s Drift box set? Cheers :)


I got it from Amazon Germany/France (cant remenber!) for £60

Steven Campbell

I got mine on a pre-order from Amazon themselves for around £56 if I recall correctly.

Peter Muscutt

Yes probably Amazon now for the ‘Drift’ box – the Underworld webstore/website did have signed copies (not signed on the box itself but a print that comes with it) but I guess they’d all be sold out now. I’d preordered ages ago from the Underworld site (May I think) and it was about £60 from there.


Dark side box is cheaper at Amazon.es
The Dark Side Of The Moon – Ed.Immersion https://www.amazon.es/dp/B004ZNARH4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_oMN-DbZ3W1VY0

Larry Davis

Just got the new Who (regular version) from a co-worker who got her’s free with a ticket, and she hated it…another friend of mine loved the Peter Blake designed cover but hated it too…I know the good reviews & how you feel, Paul, so I had to hear it for myself…I like it!! Not album of the year or the band’s best work by any means, but it doesn’t suck & is leagues better than the last album “Endless Wire”…the first song sounds like a mashup of “Bargain” & “Athena”, but it works…

Roger Mills

Anyone had any issues with the uDiscover website, I preordered a Little Steven Vinyl and Cd box set “EarlyWork” in Oct 2019, the release date was to be 6th Dec, haven’t heard anything since.
I’ve sent emails and tried to ring their Customer Service number all to no avail….HEEEELP…!!!!

Nicolas Helminger

Correct. I got an email recently

Roger Mills

That’s a link to the US site, I got mine from the UK Site…I also ordered the same box from the US, its currently in transit and going through customs in London according to my tracking from USPS….

José Ramón

All three Pink Floyd boxes are at 49.99 euros in Fnac Spain.

Eamonn Mooney

The Who 15 disc Polydor singles is current £59.95 on Amazon UK. I call that a Bargain….

Mark Guscin

A couple of weeks ago the Immersion boxes were all at € 50 in FNAC stores, not sure if the offer is still on

Wayne Olsen

Picked up Dark Side. Now I have all three! Thanks, Paul.


A word to the wise. If buying Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Immersion box make sure you check the blu ray disc. It’s been the subject of a replacement programme as many European copies have been badly pressed and got the dreaded ‘rot’ so they’ll no longer play. (This hasn’t happened to the US sourced sets, only European!) This seems to be mainly the earlier pressings. Unfortunately the replacement programme has closed now, as I found to my cost. The full story can be found over at the Hoffman site.

Paul b

Bought it a month ago and had that problem! amazon replaced it ASAP so OK in the end!

Paul S

I’ve just read this & I bought dark side immersion when it was released. The blu ray did work as I have listened to it a few times but not recently so I’ve just got it out and yes I can confirm it’s failed to read in my Panasonic player which read it fine previously :( not happy, checking the forums now to see if it’s possible to replace at all


I hear the same thing’s been happening to Early Years. Better check mine ASAP.

Alan B

It’s interesting to contrast the marketing campaigns of The Who versus The Pet Shop Boys regarding signed editions. The PSB have a signed print available with every pre order from their official site. The Who on the other hand (similar to recent Roger Daltrey releases) suddenly have signed editions available just after release date i.e. not on pre orders. I got an email from the Who official store last week advertising a Pete Townshend signed copy with the byeline “help to get the new album to Number 1”. If you have already pre ordered the album, you have already received your copy before the signed version came out so if you want one you have to buy another copy. It’s a bit naughty but I did manage to get one. And does anyone else think that Pete’s autograph looks like the work of a 3 year old let loose with a pen?

Adam Sandurski

I saw a photo of that autograph. Not so good looking. The Pet Shop Boys signed ones are sent outside of the UK. The Who ones are not, even though at first and by mistake they did not mention that fact. It is the same shop so is it due to Pete’s grumpiness or what?


My PSB 7” vinyl of “burning the heather” ordered from their official site arrived at the weekend in a pretty flimsy envelope that had no padding or packing material what so ever. The record cover, although sealed is visible bent and creased. I emailed to inform them and got a auto reply form digital stores.I’m not ordering anything else from the PSB shop.


I ordered a Who signed copy as a preorder

Lee Carson

The Pet Shop Boys have now sold out of the signed print


Petes Autograph on Mine Looks like its done by an 18 Month old….. ! Doesn’t look anything like his autograph and i have a few….
apparently he was up until 2 a.m. i think mine was just as he nodded off at 2 a.m. and slipped ….

Jeremy K

Alan, assuming you are in the UK like me, the who store actually did do a pre order for signed copies of the new album. It was very, very on, January 19 I think, and I don’t remember it saying which version it was for (I assumed the standard version). Pleasingly when it arrived it was the deluxe version but, as you note, after release they have signed up more copies which this time are the digipack black cd version. The PSB offer was an interesting one and appears to have gone really well, so well in fact that they have had to close the offer earlier today if I’m not mistaken, such was the demand. I must say, I’m really rather impressed with the new Who album, I hope you are too.


The official Who website had preorder signed copies of Who about 12 months ago as I ordered one! Admittedly I think they were quite limited and I have since seen a further limited number available from recordstore (if I recall correctly), but these sold out quickly. It is a bit of a marketing ploy but a £15 hit (or thereabouts) for a signed cd isn’t as bad as compared to say The Kinks Village Green box set being in a limited signed variant after release. On the other hand, the PSB signed print is a much nicer giveaway for little outlay…which would be even nicer if I liked them enough…


Alan B, when the new Who album was announced back in January you were able to pre-order a signed copy. Mine arrived on the release date and was an exclusive signed slip case. These signed cds announced last week were an extra release of the special Mojo magazine release.

Alan B

I was eventually aware there was a pre order last January for signed copies (only found out a few months ago via this website). I am on the Who mailing list and never received anything from them about it at the time, so obviously missed out. The last couple of Roger Daltrey releases offered signed copies just after release and the new Who album (black CD) has followed suit. I got an email from the Who webstore advertising the signed copy last week for £10.99 and I ordered one. I then received an email from Recordstore advertising the same but at £15.99 with £5 going to the Who’s favourite charity. A bit weird since Recordstore operate both websites.

Paul Mac

Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are both slightly cheaper on Amazon UK at the moment, plus you’ll probably need to add delivery charges if buying from JPC, making it a slightly better deal again… The Wall is around the same price, but again no delivery charge to add ordering from the UK


The Pink Floyd box sets also available on Amazon for around the same prices or cheaper at the moment.

Dark Side Of The Moon:

Wish You Were Here:

The Wall:


For spanish users of Amazon Spain you can buy immersion box set of TDOTM for 50 € https://amzn.to/2YZVqpw

Eamonn Mooney

The immersion boxes are all less than £60 on Amazon UK

John Berry

Got The Who picture disc LP plus a ticket to see them at Pryzym in Kingston for £25!

Justin Isbell

I tried to get a Pryzym ticket last week. All gone in 30 seconds… grrr.
(Hope you enjoy the show btw).


Just bought Van Morrison 3 chords and the truth a couple of weeks ago. A deluxe version with 4 remixes has just been announced. Really taking the proverbial out of his fans!

Ben Williams

@John – the Van album ‘deluxe’ is digital-only and it’s just 4 alternate takes