Classic indie vinyl bundle


A fantastic indie vinyl bundle of four classic debut albums is available now on as part of a new influx of stock on Demon Music’s online store.

Get Suede‘s eponymous debut, The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s Psychocandy, The Wedding Present’s George Best and Sugar‘s Copper Blue for an unbeatable £35.

suede_bundleAnother great deal is All-The-Good-Suede-Albums™ (Suede, Dog Man Star, Coming Up and Sci-Fi Lullabies) on vinyl – that’s a 7LP bundle – for £45.

Talking of Suede, the Dog Man Star 20th anniversary box is now down to £65 and you can pick up the T. Rex Tanx/Zinc Alloy deluxe for less than £30.

Head over the the online store now for these and other bargains. Demon have assured this blog that the ‘issues’ some have experienced with fulfilment of orders is a thing of the past.


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same thing happened with me over the JAMC vinyl box. forced to do a paypal claim. may I also use this as an opportunity to slag off those jokers at recordstore.co.uk who, on upping the price of the Rainbow LP vinyl box which was part of a large order, from the offer of 50 back to 100 pounds, claimed ‘out of stock’. thus acting like the dishonourable charlatans they are. that site is great for pathetic twitter updates all day (making out they are such music fans- funny- when treating those punters with contempt) which i saw on the site- but actually shipping product on the dates specified instead of holding your money and worrying about your order later- forget it. seriously, whoever runs that outfit needs a punch in their face.


I ordered the 5 CD Gene bundle from them as a gift. I got 3 Gene CDs and two Ian McCulloch CDs which they told me to keep. Then, instead of the missing 2 Gene CDs I got another copy of 2 they had already sent. Which they also told me to keep. I eventually got the 2 missing ones much later than I needed them. But I did get 2 McCulloch and 2 Gene discs out of it.


I ordered the Acid Jazz boxset from them a few weeks ago and it arrived within days. Can’t comment on any of the ‘bundle’ deals though, and that seems to be their main issue in fulfilling orders.

As an aside, the Acid Jazz boxset is cracking and well worth the £9.99 asking price.


Great product and very good packaging but stock control and refund processing is abysmal. Not worth the hassle regardless of price.

Still awaiting a refund of the £90 I paid 16th of Feb for the Jesus and Mary vinyl box which they marked as out of stock two weeks after I ordered and paid.

Nigel Griffin

I’ve ordered twice from this site and received both packages (Sugar Vinyl Box set and Fine Young Cannibals CD bundle) inside a week – very well packaged too.

Jason Carty

Do they ship from the US or UK? It’s not really clear looking at the site.

Paul Ward

Terrible experience with MyPlay when ordering from this site. It can take up to four weeks to receive your order and, in the case of my last order which turned out to be unavailable, I am still waiting, three months on, for the balance of my money to be refunded. Buyer beware!

Stan Butler

The Christmas deals turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. Hope they have it sorted this time.
I see the first three Suede albums are available for £45, but you can add the next two for a mere £5 extra!

Stan Butler

Perhaps explained by the fact that I missed Sc-Fi Lullabies, which is a 3LP set, off the £45 collection. Oops! Decent value for vinyl fans whilst stocks last.