Co-producer James Guthrie on The Wall Immersion Box demos

Pink Floyd / The Wall Immersion Edition Demo DiscsJame Guthrie co-produced Pink Floyd‘s The Wall album and has been responsible for the remastering of their entire output for the 2011 reissues.

Below are his notes about the forthcoming demo discs included with The Wall Immersion  Box Set which is released on Monday 27 February. They go some way to explaining the various ‘programmes’ within each disc.

“A word about the content of these ‘demo’ discs.

Roger, David, Nick, Rick and I had been living with Roger’s original demo recording of ‘The Wall’ during the summer of 1978. We began work in the studio that October and, as Roger had written about 3 album’s worth of material, the first order of the day was to determine how best to tell his story in a more manageable, double album format. Working up some of the musical arrangements and creating a new set of demos was the most logical solution to that challenge.

During the course of making these demos, we experimented with many different running orders of the songs. In order to hear everything in context, each rendering was cross-faded and built much as we would a final ‘album’. The demos included on these discs have been pulled from various versions of the different running orders. Consequently, in order to present some of the more informative and interesting demos, the crossfades have to a certain extent, dictated the running order that you have here. Additionally Roger agreed to use a collection of short excerpts from his original demo which are represented in the first 14 minutes of disc 1, programme 1.

Also included are David’s original demos of the music that ultimately became Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell.”

James Guthrie, Lake Tahoe 2011

A detailed look at the demos can be found here.

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Interesting stuff. I have a full set of demos from what I presume is a period in-between the Immersion demos and the final release. A lot of different lyrics, instrumental versions, a couple of extra tracks (‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ parts 2 and 3) but pretty much the same running order as the final release. I would love to have seen those released in this set, along with the mixes/alternate versions from the film. Roger has said in interviews that these don’t exist separate from the dialogue, etc., but I have a set as well. If I knew his address, I’d send him a copy…..


Thats actually quite very interesting info. Now we’d of course like to see some of those full length experiments released next.