Colin Vearncombe of Black in critical condition after car crash


Colin Vearncombe of Black was involved in a serious car accident a few days ago and is fighting for his life in hospital in Ireland.

An update today on his website paints a bleak picture, with the musician said to only have “a slim chance of pulling through” after suffering serious head and brain injuries. He has been put in an induced come and has his family by his side.

Colin is best known for his 1987 hit Wonderful Life and the most recent Black album, Blind Faith, was issued just last year. Our thoughts are with Colin’s family and friends at this time.

Find out the latest news by checking the update page on Colin’s website.

Update 26 Jan: Sorry to report that Colin has sadly passed away today as a result of his injuries.

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Anthony C

It is very sad indeed to hear Colin has passed. We will forever have the music legacy he has left us all but I appreciate this is no consolation to his friends and family at this very difficult moment in time. R.I. P.


RIP Colin.
Classic song…timeless!!

Philip Treijtel

R.I.P. Collin.


Very sad news. I cherish the memory of meeting him in person last year after a concert. A nice, eloquent man and great artist has passed away.


Terrible news. His was a talent that stood out.


I’m very sad :(


Very sad news.


So sad to hear of his passing. RIP.


A new update today :(


The news of Colin’s accident hit me hard. His music had a big influence on my own songwriting in my formative years. I will be revisiting the catalogue of this great musician, hoping that he will pull through and experience the outpouring of love for him that we have been reading and sharing all week.


After hearing Wonderful Life all those years ago I tentatively bought the album. Great decision! Such a positive album (Title Track and Everything is coming up Roses etc). Still sounds great today. Wish you a full recovery Colin and thank you for the great music.


Very sad news. 2016 is turning out to be quite a brutal year and we’re only 21 days in. I don’t know if I can handle another 300-odd days of this.


Get well, Colin!

Joei Tan

Sad to hear that Colin was involved in a car accident. Wonderful Life was a great pop-classic. Great song! Hope that Colin will pull through this
tragedy. Best Wishes to Colin!


Have followed Black and Colin long beyond Wonderful Life. Am saddened by this terrible news.
Pull through, Colin.


Yes those are truly bad news for music fans as me so from here wish that all goes well at the end…

…and also my most sincere condolences to all Eagles fans all over the World due the pass out of Glenn Frey 2 nites ago. Looks like 2016 didn’t start very nice for some.


I heard about Colin`s accident last week, as Sean says it`s been a sad few weeks.

Pull through Colin and have “A Wonderful Life” your music has been part of the tapestry of my life, LOL.

Anthony C

This is terrible news!

I’ll be praying for him and his family.

We seem to be losing too many people this year who have provided us with the soundtrack to our lives. If it wasn’t for such people, life would be so bleak!



Lets hope he pulls through, and pray that the horrible start to 2016 does not see another musical talent claimed.


Prayers for him and those who know him.
His single Wonderful Life is a solid gold classic, even after nearly 30 years I never ever tire of hearing that song.
Paul, can you please update us on Colin’s progress or on any news you might have.


Yes very sad news but not happened a few days ago…his fatal crash happened 10 days ago !!! On Sunday 10th January…I knew about this at least 7 days ago from a friend who read it in a newspaper article…Let’s all pray for Colin we need a miracle for him to pull through…further scans are expected on his brain this friday, so let’s hope he does make it through to see his first grandchild due to be born on st.patricks day.

Phil Davies

It’s not yet a “fatal” crash – he’s still alive and hopefully will survive.


I purchased his latest album through Pledge music and it’s excellent, what a sad few weeks we’re having :(