Cream / Classic Album Selection


A  box set of 1960’s supergroup Cream‘s long-players looks like it’s on the way…

This Classic Album Selection is listed on Amazon UK for April release and is apparently a four-CD set. Logic dictates that the four studio albums – Fresh Cream (1966), Disraeli Gears (1967), Wheels of Fire (1968) and Goodbye (1969) – will be the CDs in question.

There is no confirmation about track listings at this stage, but it’s probably safe to work on the assumption that there will be no bonus tracks and like the recent Siouxsie and the Banshees box, this will be a relatively ‘no frills’ package, which means card sleeves and no booklet in a clamshell-type box.

The Cream Classic Album Selection box set will be released on 29 April 2016.


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I’ve just noticed that the pre-order price on Amazon UK has reduced to £12.99


To celebrate 50 years of the band, why would they reissue all 4 albums once again in a new package? Most of fans have had these for years now!

Instead why not treat us to something new? If you cannot find anything from the 60s, why not release all four Albert Hall gigs from 2005? A 8CD box & a 4 Bluray box!


Canadian price is $66. That will scare off anyone. Considering that most of these “classic” collections end up really cheap. I’ve seen the 3 disc Jeff Healey for $15 [with a couple of European-only tracks thrown in].

peter chrisp

Although i have a best of, i understand a couple of these albums were remastered in 1998 without any extras, and judging by what Paul has suggested in advance the chances are pretty slim and with a number of artists re-releasing their back catalogue it seems to be the go. But what can we do, and i would imagine the packaging is just a cd in standard sleeve. In regards to the Cream, although they are expensive but it’s tempting to go to “Japan” as i noticed Disraeli
Gears, Fresh Cream are double discs stereo & mono Wheels Of Fire 17 tracks & Goodbye Cream
just the standard amount of tracks.

Julian H

There is a standard double CD deluxe of Disraeli Gears I think

Phil Cohen

The multitracks of Cream’s 1968 U.S.A. concerts exist…..held by a recording engineer whose asking price is too high. Universal says “No”.

Fat Old Bloke

Those Were The Days box is the go-to Cream box.
Albert Hall 1968 was recorded in mono?
I thought all the multitrack mixes of Cream albums apart from Fresh Cream were lost in a fire. Possibly Albert Hall was sadly part of that tape loss.
Maybe more live shows were also lost sadly as well


I picked up the lp collection from amazon thanks to SDE. They were a supergroup and should be treated as such. Even Hendrix applauded them!

Matthew north

What we really want is a PROPER remaster of the albert hall gig, locating all the source material such as the version of white room with the john peel introduction, and finding the original audio etc.

Howard Johnston

I agree with you entirely. But Tony Palmer reckons it was all ditched largely thanks to Auntie Beeb!!! But who knows? Maybe something will surface one day, if somebody managed to make copies of the two gigs (both were recorded – 6.30pm & 8.30pm shows).


For a few bucks more you could get the “Those Were The Days” boxed set which contains all their studio recordings and all but three of their live recordings.