Daft Punk / “Random Access Memories” deluxe box set edition


Columbia Records will release a luxury deluxe box set edition of Daft Punk‘s acclaimed 2013 album Random Access Memories in early December.

The box set is a real multi-media offering featuring vinyl records, a book, robot design schematic posters, and two USB sticks with hi-res audio and high definition video.

The contents are presented in a cloth-bound box (13” x 13”) stamped with the Random Access Memories logo in gold foil on the cover. All individual contents are separated by vellum dividers printed with a circuit pattern texture inspired by the gloves of the Daft Punk Robots.

 The deluxe box contents: 

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A special edition 180 gram double vinyl with gold and silver foil labels. Includes an eight-page saddle stitched booklet containing album artwork, credits and lyric sheets.

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A 56 page cloth-bound, hardcover photo book of images from the RAM recording sessions and film shoots, featuring a foreword by Paul Williams.

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A special edition ten-inch collector’s vinyl containing an extended interview with Giorgio Moroder taken from the original session recordings for the song, Giorgio by Moroder.

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Two sets of Robot helmet design schematics with individual components separated onto 8 layers of unbounded transparencies. Each set is contained in a clear presentation pouch.

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A pair of full body Robot design schematic posters (12” x 24”) printed on heavy weight matte finish poster paper.

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A 70mm motion picture film strip containing 5 sequential frames from the Lose Yourself to Dance original production dailies, mounted in a heavy weight matte stock with an open back.

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A pair of gold and silver plated, metal encased, reusable USB drives containing the following*:

AUDIO: High-resolution digital audio files (88.2KHz / 24Bit) of the 13 original tracks on RAM plus the high-resolution audio files of the bonus track, Horizon and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky Remix.

VIDEO: High-definition, Apple Pro Res 422 (1920×1080) video files of: the full length video for Lose Yourself to Dance; the original RAM TV campaign spots; the extended Coachella version of the Get Lucky promo featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

This deluxe box set is available to purchase exclusively via Daft Punk’s online store. The box will ship in early December.

The full box set (click to enlarge)

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Alan Fenwick

I see they finally gave in and listed the number of these sets’s they are producing.

They are pressing 2,500 of these, so by my estimiations that will be around 2,400 avialable for the sales heavily discounted next year.

william m

I’d buy it if you got a free luxury chrome daft punk robot helmet with it :-p


This release is a big joke


Was this the most overrated album of the year (just asking) surpassed only by this offering as the most ridiculous Super Deluxe Edition of the Year ?




Mad. Totally mad.


I have guard dogs for sale. They cost £15. I’ve got hundreds.

You can have the same guard dog that has also been trained to do the following: can fart the greek national anthem, recite the entire works of Dickens backwards and somersault every time the word cabbage is mentioned. These guard dogs cost £250.

The second guard dogs are pricey but there will only be 10 available that have been trained to do the pointless extras.


LOL. Aww, Greek? Give me the Icelandic national anthem and SOLD!

Rob Puricelli

All the money spent on some pretty useless additions when they could’ve made a hi-res 5.1 mix and done the music some proper justice. It’s a great album, IMHO, but all of this is pretty pointless apart from maybe the Giorgio 10″ and possibly the book.


This is polishing a turd. It’s an over-hyped, dull record anyway.


Some artists can afford to charge premium for what some would argue were meagre extras. These tend to be long-term album artists, and the viability of what they actually offer up will be discussed long and hard on here, for a long time I hope.

Others (Gaga, Del Rey) tempt newcomers with entire CDs worth of new tracks, in an attempt to elevate themselves into the pantheon of Classic Artists. It’s a lucrative chasm to leap.

I personally prefer the latter, if only as a contrast to the bogus “deluxe editions” offered where the only extra is what would have been a B Side, a soundcheck, and a remix.


Have these people never heard of a deluxe CD edition? It would probably fly off the shelves, as would Goldfrapp’s Tales Of Us, but instead they load it up with all these extras (What are we going to do with them? Stare?) and count on the collectors and completists. I loved RAM but at this price? Nah. A better move would be to sell the various ingredients off their site individually as collector’s items.

Tales Of Us is a great album but the #1 reason most people will buy their box is to get that extra CD that should have been available with the album anyway.

PS Lana Del Rey’s deluxe box set was perfect and reasonably priced. One of the best I’ve seen.


As great a record as this is, at that price I’d expect an autographed, numbered, very limited edition. I don’t think they’re going to move very many of these at this price, nice as the goodies are.

Alan Fenwick

I think we’ll see this for sale elsewhere, similar to the Suede vinyl set which was also sold by Myplay.

Watch out for a price reduction later as well, this isn’t going to fly of the shelves at £175 a pop, that is unless they’ve only made 500 of them or so.


but is there an actual decent album in it? if it’s the same thing that got released earlier this year to great fanfare, only for things to go quiet after people actually heard it, pass.


This looks awesome. I’ve only heard Get Lucky though. Can’t buy it based on 1 song I like :D


Yes you can :D
The rest of the album is meh apart from Contact.