David Bowie dies aged 69


David Bowie has died aged 69 just two days after the release of what is his final studio album ★ (Blackstar).

The music legend had been suffering from cancer for 18 months. More to come later, but I wanted to post the news so people could leave comments and tributes in one place.

Did you see Bowie live? What was his greatest album?  Share you thoughts and memories.


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David Bowie war ein ganz außergewöhnlicher Künstler, “Ahes To Ahes” ist eines meiner Lieblingslieder. Er war ein sympathischer Mann, großartig.


I’m still reading the tributes and articles and it still feels like an unreality. I keep thinking, “not David Bowie, surely?” Such a wealth of wonderful material and memories. Unbeatable. Last saw him on the Reality Tour, Nov 2003. Favourite album: Low


So many rock stars, so few artists.
Treasure seeing him live on the REALITY tour in 2004.

Pete {in Australia}

So, let this sink in. THANKYOU to David for all his wonderful music. I was lucky enough to see him in Melbourne at the old Kooyong Tennis courts, for his Glass Spider tour. I cannot remember if Chalrie Sexton joined him on stage, like in Sydney.
My Fav album has always been “Scary Monsters”.
Also really like the instrumental release, compilation: All Saints – Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999
This also is one of my fav album covers, along with Eart Hil I Ng.
Fav song,
well HEROES, always moves me.
I wrote a list yest, just poured out, without really studying all songs, tracks, albums, and I already hit 20. One day I will do my list properly, but for now, these are what hit the paper, in no fav order:

It’s No game {Part One}.
Underpressure (with Queen).
The Laughing Gnome.
Hallo Spaceboy. [both versions, but Pet Shop Boys version just adds another twist on it and wins]
When The Wind Blows.
Crystal Japan.
John. I’m Only Dancing.
Suffragette City.
Golden Years.
Boys Keep Swinging.
Let’s Dance.
This Is Not America.
Cat People. [original verison].
Life On Mars.

Kai Karkkainen

Heard about Bowie’s death yesterday while at work and I’m still amazed how hard the news hit me. I discovered his music back in 1972 when I was nine years old ( I remember hearing “Starman” on the radio ) and since then Bowie has been – and always will be – one of the all time greats for me. I was lucky to see him twice live here in Helsinki, Finland: in 1996 on the “Outside” tour and later in 2004 ( ? ) on the “Reality” tour. Both gigs were fantastic and showed two different sides of Bowie. The “Outside” concert was truly brave and uncompromising: he played almost the entire album ( a criminally underrated album, by the way ), no hits, not many words spoken to the audience. This was clearly David Bowie – the artist. The “Reality” concert was more like David Bowie – the entertainer: obviously much of the new album was played live, but many of the big hits were played as well. I remember Bowie being much more relaxed this time around ( he even interrupted the band at the start of “Ziggy Stardust”, jokingly blamed the band for screwing up the intro and started the song all over again ).

I have been listening to my Bowie albums quite a lot during these two days. I’m having difficulties listening to the “cheerier” stuff, it doesn’t suit the mood I’m in. I’m playing “Warszawa” from the “Isolar II in the Court” bootleg as I write and I’m definitely feeling a bit LOW. I still have some music from the man to look forward to: I pre-ordered my copy of “Blackstar” from Amazon UK and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I’ll listen to it in silence and think of all the good memories the music of David Bowie has given me.

Drifting into my solitude, indeed…

R.I.P. Mr Jones, a true legend…

Julian H

I guess he wanted to go out with a bang, as what I’ve heard from Blackstar sounds fantastic. A true artist. RIP.


2 Bowie gigs are amongst my best concerts ever ( i have seen hundreds being 52 years old) :

very small venue ( burned down to flames some years ago…)
OCT 14 1999

1. Life on Mars?
2. Thursday’s Child
3. Something in the Air
4. Word on a Wing
5. Can’t Help Thinking About Me
6. China Girl
(Iggy Pop cover)
7. Always Crashing in the Same Car
8. Survive
9. Drive-In Saturday
10. Changes
11. Seven
12. Repetition
13. I Can’t Read
(Tin Machine song)
14. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
15. Rebel Rebel

and yes, TIN MACHINE !!!
at Le Zénith, Paris, France
OCT 30 1991
around 2000 people

1. Bus Stop
2. Under the God
3. A Big Hurt
4. Baby Can Dance
5. Shopping for Girls
6. Stateside
7. Goodbye Mr. Ed
8. I Can’t Read
9. Go Now
(The Moody Blues cover)
10. Baby Universal
11. Sacrifice Yourself
12. I’ve Been Waiting for You
(Neil Young cover)
13. Betty Wrong
14. You Can’t Talk
15. Debaser
(Pixies cover)
16. If There Is Something
(Roxy Music cover)
17. Heaven’s in Here
18. One Shot
19. You Belong in Rock & Roll


The loss of David Bowie is like taking the heart out of the music industry. His influence on generations of pop/rock artists is as relevant as the Beatles or Elvis .

Metal Mickey

“Legend” is the word, and we don’t make them like that anymore… without making any kind of musical comparison, saviour-of-the-record-industry Adele has released 3 albums in the 8-and-a-bit years between her first hit and “25”… in the 8-and-a-bit years after “Space Oddity, Bowie released *11* albums as part of the greatest run ever produced in the name of pop & rock music…

Space Oddity
The Man Who Sold the World
Hunky Dory
Ziggy Stardust
Aladdin Sane
Pin Ups
Diamond Dogs
Young Americans
Station to Station

… *and* he gave “All The Young Dudes” to Mott The Hoople, toured almost constantly, produced Lou Reed & Iggy Pop, made “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, and brought Kraftwerk to the world’s attention… will that do? Yes it will – sleep well, sir.


Glass Spider Tour in Rotterdam The Netherlands. It was quite impressive from start to finish.

Jim Galvin

In hindsight reading David & Iman’s posts online, he was trying to tell us that he didn’t have long. I’m heartbroken, he was definitely one of my Idols. Blackstar is one of my favorite new albums and it has been since I received it last friday. I have the “Five Years” box Sets on the way and i’m hoping that there will be a “The Next Five Years” and more in the works because I have almost every single CD release already, I don’t have them all on vinyl anymore. R.I.P. Ziggy, i’m gonna miss you


Completely shocking news. Still trying to put in perspective. Having lost members of family to cancer, it’s difficult to not feel cheated – must do the glass half-full thing and really appreciate how brave David was in his willingness to bare his artistic soul for our enjoyment. It cannot have been easy at times. IMHO, the last album confirms David had no regrets up to the very finish of pursuing the creative process to the fullest extent in a fashion which very few (if any) have ever been able or would ever dare to do. What a beautiful & singular legacy he leaves to the world.


That beautiful colour portrait of David, in suit without socks, released for ‘Blackstar’ promotion, fooled us all – so full of life, so healthy.

The first single I ever bought at 8 years of age was ‘Heroes’, first concert was the Serious Moonlight Tour, then followed up seeing the Glass Spider Tour 5 times in Melbourne and Sydney. His music and life had such a profound influence on my thoughts and actions – like so many here, it’s hard to believe he is no more. While I didn’t always feel close to his music of recent times, he will remain in my heart forever more.

Favourite 10 tracks today…
1. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (reprise)
2. Teenage Wildlife
3. Blackout
4. Modern Love
5. Five Years
6. Somebody Up There Like Me
7. Moonage Daydream (Demo version)
8. Stay
9. Rock ‘n Roll With Me
10. The Width of a Circle


Sad news…utter legend. ….71-81 faultless!….Under Pressure the greatest duet of the 80s ,Dancing in the Street the worst…such was Bowie. Personal faves…..Low, Heroes,Aladdin sane,Ziggy,Hunky dory,Diamond dogs,Scary Monsters,Station,Young Americans……there’s great trx from all over his extensive back catalogue 69-86 then post Outside till present day. Loved your music a long time now Mr Jones. RIP …have fun up there with Mr Bolan…..tanx da slider


I recall hearing Space Oddity on the radio when I was a nipper. I had never heard anything like it before. It’s that kind of thing that his music did to you and the impression that it left on a young mind that will truly last. The first thing I heard on the news this morning (here in Oz) was that he had died. It took a while to sink in. As a previous poster said – he may be gone but his music will live on. So long, it was great taking the journey with you.

Kevin Farrow

My mam and dad bought me a tape recorder for Christmas 1972 and I remember taping Bowie singing Jean Genie on Top of the Pops (4th January 1973). Still have the cassette 43 years later, although only the end of Jean Genie is still audible.

First single I ever bought was Drive-In Saturday in 1973 when I was 12. First album I bought was Hunky Dory, also in 1973. I remember it was £1.98 from the shop on Salford Precinct. Also remember me dad saying “what a load of rubbish” when I first played it :-)

Ian Hicks

Saw Mr Jones live on 25 occasions from 1978 at Earls Court through the Reality tour at Wembley. He’s my all time musical hero and influence.

Fav album: Hunky Dory

RIP Starman

Ian Hicks

Thanks Paul, and thanks for your brilliant site. I must admit I was numb yesterday and today I feel bewildered. The heartening thing is reading comments and feelings from all the fans young and hold and how David’s music touched their lives. We have lost a legend but his legacy lives on in every fan.

Robert Fitzpatrick

Rip Bowie ! sad day !


While I can only echo everyone else and say that David Bowie’s passing is truly a sad event. My deepest condolences to his family.

Gareth Pugh

In the midst of the sad news, isn’t it heartening to see not only so many tributes on here, but also so many different favourite albums between them. That in itself speaks volumes about how creative talented he was. Rest in peace DB.

Chris S

It’s hard to accept the death of someone who has been on your turntable for decades. Always changing, always taking the listener to some place new, different and exciting .

Favorite songs (in no particular order):
Life on Mars
Panic in Detroit
Young Americans
Ashes to Ashes
This is Not America
One Shot
I’m Afraid of Americans
The Stars are Out Tonight
Drive in Saturday
Diamond Dogs
Where Have All the Goodtimes Gone
Slip Away

Wayne Klein

RIP David Jones. Interestingly. Man who managed to change his personna without losing the core of who he was. The word “changes” came to be embodied by his entire career.


I was speechless having gotten a text with the news shortly after getting to work. I’d been listening to Black Star on the drive in and repeatedly over the weekend. It’s an amazing piece of work and the first album from a major act to excite me in ages. I was definitely anticipating more to come.

Sadly, I never saw him live, but he’s left plenty of amazing albums behind, though I’d be hard-pressed to pick out a favorite. Being born in ’83, I had the pick of the discography by the time I was old enough to start collecting his music. If pressed, I’d probably have to give a list of the Christiane F soundtrack, Outside, Heathen and apparently also Black Star at this point.

You couldn’t ask for a better piece of work to go out on and while it’s sad as hell there won’t be more, there isn’t a fan living who can claim that, for just being one man, he left behind an awful lot of amazing music for those who care to hear it.

It may be a bit of a faux paus, but I’m going to be the first to make the joke that he decided he was going to go out like Freddie Mercury only with more style. Who else could have kept declining health a secret while prepping a multimedia release that made the fans want more all at the same time? Both the album and its videos seem like the work of a hungry artist ready to sink his teeth into the future, not someone contemplating his mortality and preparing to shuffle off.

In any event, I can only offer my thanks. His offering was a generous one.


“… like Freddie Mercury only with more style” – why do you say that? Freddie’s way of saying goodbye in the ‘Days of our Lives’ video was very brave and unique, as is David’s in ‘Lazarus’. Different of course, but both equally moving – at least to me.


Was lucky to be in London between 00-05. Saw him at both Hammersmith Odeon & Wembley, got a meet/greet at HMV (handshake, conversation ,signed Heathen), was at the BBC radio recording hosted by Jonathan Ross in front of only 200 people (incl playing ‘Bewlay Bros’ I believe for the first time), and saw him at the Meltdown Festival he curated, performing Low/Heathen in track order back-to-back. Memories indeed.


Hey Paul, heard the news today (oh boy…) and thought of you. Bowie provided the soundtrack to so many memories for us (and that amazing ‘secret’ gig…). But what I remember most is the cassettes – remember how we put an album on each side of a C90 and then had to ‘get into them’ in order? Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold The World. Hunky Dory and Ziggy… Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs (I think we skipped Pin Ups…) and on and on. Happy days. What a gift he gave us. I hope you’re well. I shall put on Station to Station now (my favorite, I think… or is it Hunky Dory? Or Low? Or…) . Great site. A x


Our loss is Oxfam’s gain. I agree about the discipline/connection point. I think it’s one of the reasons it’s hard to add new artists to one’s perennial faves. I’ve made a real point in recent years of downloading full albums and ‘forcing’ myself to put them on rotation in the car. It’s definitely helped. When you get a sec, drop me a line with your email address. Look forward to reading your piece!

Steven Bonds

Saw him on 4 occasions – Manchester Move Festival in 2002, St. Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn in 2002, then twice on the Reality Tour in 2004 (Austin and Kansas City) All four times were extremely memorable in their own way – just after Suede finished their set at the Move Festival in 2002 the clouds parted, the rain stopped, and the Thin White Duke captivated the audience with an amazing set. The intimacy of St. Anne’s was very special – I like how he jibed the audience before his encore (“I’m 57 and I can make more noise than you.”) He made reference to the bat caves in Austin, and probably the greatest moment for me was when he performed “Station to Station” in Kansas City – which leads me to my favorite album, Station to Station. One of the few rock stars who also deserves to be called an artist.


My dentist is in that same house here in Berlin/Hauptstr. where he once lived and it was so crowded today, flowers everywhere. I hope we have a statue one day, maybe in front of the Hansa Studios? I saw him in Berlin on the Heathen and Reality Tour. On the Heathen show he played the whole Low Album and it was fantastic. My condolences to bis family and friends. R.I.P.

Ben B

I can’t believe it was only Friday night that I dimmed the lights, put on Blackstar, and took it in alongside a glass of red thinking just what an incredible record it was.


Always fond of the hits but became a much bigger fan after The V&A exhibition. Really liked his cover of ‘Hard to be a Saint in the City’. He’ll be missed terribly.


Despite the desperatly sad news, I remembered this old tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zV4pJ8MwM

I haven’t bought it yet, but does ★ (LP or CD) come with a lyric sheet?

Micky Clappers

August 1st 1997.
Bowie walks on stage with his 12 string guitar and sings ‘Quicksand’ I was in heaven. I can still feel the electricity of that performance to what would have been to about 1500 very lucky people in an old converted church in Birmingham (Que Club).
January 11th 2016.
We say goodbye to the ‘vessel’ that was David’s body. His soul and music will outlive us all (me anyway). I feel honoured to have inhabited the same time and space as ‘the man who fell to Earth’… Go easy on your way Starman…
Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
And the girl next door
And the guy upstairs
Everyone says hi
And your mum and dad
Everyone says hi
And your big fat dog
Everyone says hi
Everyone says hi
Hi hi hi hi

Love and respect


Goodbye David.
He’s been my first concert in june 87 at San Siro stadium in Milan.
The Glass Spider Tour. Amazing for me.
My favourite Bowie album is Let’s Dance. My first memory of him was listening to his Heroes on radio in 77. I was 12 years old.
He has been a true Icon of our times.
No more to say.
Thank you David.


I don’t think Bowie would have wanted people to be sad on his passing, but to more than ever enjoy and celebrate his magnificent work. Let all the children boogie.


I was around for Elvis’ death in ’77 and Lennon in ’80 but this feels bigger somehow.

As a daft anecdote, I found out that one line in ‘Changes’ is “Turn and face the strange…changes” where for 40 years I thought it was “Turn and face the strain…changes”. Feeling better than I was this morning when everything just seemed grey.


Too many thoughts and memories to share. Goodbye David Bowie. The world will not be the same.


I got lucky to see him 6 times, on 21st April 1976 I went to my very first rock concert … The Thin White Duke at the Deutschlandhalle Berlin (which doesn’t exist anymore). Further concerts where 1978, 1983, 1987, 1990 and at last 2002, always in Berlin. And I got more lucky, to meet him one night in the 70ies in Berlin, at a bar called … BOWIE.
Today I am totally shocked, I never expected this, I was so excited about the new album.
So this album is a great farewell gift to all of us.

Thank you, David, RIP

Robert Atkin

Sad news that was not expected. Look up to the skies and there will be a Starman up there maybe speaking with Major Tom.


I always adored “PinUps”, where he covered 60ies hits and I loved everything up to “Station To Station” – and then I lost contact with his art. That rush-produced “Dancing in the street” video with Mick J. was probably the nadir of both men career. I’ll miss him anyway.
HDN in Berlin

Alan Boyd

Very sad day!. I was lucky enough to see David Bowie 3 times; 1977, 1995 and 2003. Very different concerts from the Chameleon of modern music. All his music showed his remarkable talent. Many Highlights including Heroes and Life on Mars etc etc. A real rock star!.

“We could be Heroes just for one day”

RIP Ziggy Stardust


I had the misfortune to see him live on the Glass Spider tour. It was terrible!
Like the new album though. Cheers Dave.

Stan Butler

Sitting here with a glass of wine, to toast the great man, listening to Low, with tears in my eyes. Christ he’ll be missed.


Like many I woke up on this rainy day to hear the sad news.

For me David Bowie always had an incredible knack to determine what many artists were going to end up sounding like. He was an artist that transcended many genres. Sonically he was wizard too, many of his albums were an exercise in listening.

Favourite projects, I liked the Tin Machine Projects, I will be playing ‘Heaven is Here’ out of my respect and love for this great artist. RIP David you will be missed, never forgotten.


Today the music died so many great songs and albums. Favourite album easy Man Who Sold The World remember taking it to school ( dress cover). When it was cool to walk round with obscure albums under your arm.

Dag Rune

This came as a big suprise and shock, as he’s appeared to be vital and energetic lately. with new music published in the last couple of years and I had hoped that there would be more to follow. But, there you have it…

I’ve been playing “Seven” from “…hours” today. It’s a good reflective song to play while mourning and reminiscing.

John Murray

My hero. I had a Ziggy poster on my bedroom wall back in 1972 and I still have a signed and framed Reality tour poster on my office wall today. I’ve stayed with him through every album and saw him live four times – firstly in 1976 on the Station to Station/Thin White Duke tour and lastly the Reality show in Manchester.

I’ve enjoyed all his work, but my favourite albums have usually been:
Station to Station
Scary Monsters
The Next Day

Paul E.

So sad to hear this news and hope he had the chance to read all the positive reviews of his final album release as I am really enjoying it. My favorite Is 1983’s “Let’s Dance” – was the first Bowie cassette (yep I said it) I ever bought and think the first three tracks are one hell of a trio! “Modern Love/China Girl/Let’s Dance” all on Side One – still that love that stuff today and will keep things on AutoReverse today in tribute.


“Sons of the Silent Age
don’t die, they just go to sleep one day”


YES!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I was lucky enough to meet him briefly once. It was during a signing session for Heathen in HMV Oxford street. As we may know he often incorporated the year into his signature ( in this case 2002 or just 02).
Anyway as he was signing my CD his hand stopped midway through the signature as he stopped to ask what year it was, the kind of dozy thing we are all capable of. I replied ” don’t worry people often get nervous meeting me” to which he laughed.
A shake of his hand and seconds later I was gone. Still remember it like yesterday.
Today still doesn’t feel real.


A sense of unreality for me, hearing this news.

I have loved his music for over 40 years now. My favourite album is Hunky Dory which I kind of got into via Peter Noone’s version of Oh You Pretty Things (I know, I know – but at least DB put a pic of himself in front of a billboard for that version on the inlay for the 1990 EMI CD). Love Kooks -exactly the song I would have loved to write for my boy. Life on Mars – my mum taking issue with the use of the word ‘writ’. Every track is so creative and musical – wordplay, arrangements, vocals, instrumentation.
From great pop to soul to rock to really experimental music, he sent me off exploring every genre of music.
Didn’t need anyone else’s help to get into the albums that followed.
Only saw him once, at Milton Keynes in 1990.
Thank you for enriching my life.
Condolences to his kids who’ve lost their dad, and to his wife, family and friends, and to all of us too.


I saw David in 1976 for the first time at Wembley Arena. His music has never abandoned me always giving me inspirations and emotions and will continue doing so. He will always be near me.


I was fortunate enough to see him on his Outside tour. I must admit, I didn’t get into buying his music until 1988, but I was aware of it since ’81 courtesy of MTv. Anyways, seeing him perform on the Outside tour in Dallas was sadly the only time I got to see him as he never passed through this area after that.