David Bowie / Fame picture disc


David Bowie‘s 1975 US number one single Fame was announced a while back as the next 40th anniversary picture disc and can be pre-ordered fairly cheaply at the time of writing.

The seven-inch single features the original single edit of Fame on the A-side with an alternate mix of Right on the B-side (actually a AA-side). Apparently, this is the same version of the track that appeared (presumably inadvertently) on the Rykodisc / EMI reissue in 1991 but “due to a mastering error it was released at the wrong speed”. First I’m hearing of this, but anyway, for this picture disc release “that issue has been rectified”.

On UK Amazon this is ‘Currently Unavailable” but it’s widely available everywhere else with France offering the best pre-order price at just over £7.

Fame will be released on 24 July 2015. Read more David Bowie News.

Track listing

1. Fame (Original Single Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
1. Right (Alternate Mix)

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Fred Smith

Sorry to be pedantic,but ‘Fame’ hit the top spot in the US in 1975.


Apparently Prince is even more precious with his vault.


Bowie hasn’t been all that generous over the years with the vault. The Rykodisc campaign took a lot of convincing on the part of its creative directors, and even then he greatly reduced their “wish list” down to what we ended up getting. Since then, he hasn’t let all that much more trickle out, so I suspect either there isn’t a ton left, or just not a lot that he wants to let out there. At the very least, I think EMI/whoever the hell controls it should work on rounding up all the disparate bonus tracks and live bootlegs along with proper remasterings on deluxe reissues for the albums we haven’t seen spruced up yet. That wouldn’t require much from Bowie, and we’re all clamoring for it. Much preferred to these fairly laughable 7″ picture discs.


I just wish he would give us a proper anniversary edition via an album. I’m tired of these 7 Inch picture discs. Surely it’s time to open up the vault Mr. B!


I agree. There is something very tired about this. 2 very dull images. I don’t feel any twang of excitement at all.


It’s also available on Amazon USA for pre-order $14.99. I ordered mine a few days ago. Love the fact that these are coming out a few times a year.