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David Bowie‘s new single, Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime), is receiving the retro packaging treatment ahead of its 17 November release.

As previously mentioned, the single was specially recorded for inclusion on Bowie’s forthcoming five-decade spanning hits set Nothing Has Changed, but it is also being issued as a 10-inch vinyl record (and digital download) and has a vintage sleeve design as seen above.

Unique to these formats is a ‘radio edit’ of Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) that chops three and a half minutes off the running time and ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore a new 2014 recording. Unless a CD single is issued or either of these end up on some Target/Walmart-type special edition both of those tracks will effectively be unreleased on CD.

As well as the UK 10-inch release (Cat No. 10RDB2014), the record will be issued in North America on 28 November as a ‘Black Friday’ exclusive. Full details of Nothing Has Been Changed can be viewed here.


Limited 10-inch vinyl / “Sue (or In A Season of Crime)” 

Nothing Has Changed / 3CD Deluxe Edition  

Nothing Has Changed / 2LP Double vinyl

Track listing

Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) 10” vinyl & Digital

A/ 1. Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (7.24)
B/ 1. ‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore (5.27)
2. Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (radio edit) (4.01)

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Tim Larkham

I agree with all of those clamouring for a CD single. Pet Shop Boys issued 3 singles from their last album “Electric” and now they are going for silly money. Surely, artists of Bowie’s calibre would want their music released in quality formats? Artists don’t record at MP3 quality so why release it like that? I’m sure if Bowie’s label pressed 10,000 CD singles of this then they’d selll out within hours. One can only dream…

Mic Smith

I love the retro sleeve. I’m pleased I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait to hear the new music.


OK, the problem here is simple.

They know Bowie fans already have everything on a compilation so they add one or two tracks unavailable elsewhere on CD to mean those people who want the tracks have to buy the full set.

Either offer the tracks on a CD single or as a lossless download as previously stated or don’t put them out at all because it stinks and is pure exploitation.

I don’t buy vinyl anymore, it’s a pain in the arse and overpriced. It’s audio is also usually taken from the same digital source as the CD version and so has no sound benefit over the CD. The CD version can be used in multiple locations and can be copied into various formats for archiving and portability etc.


I’ll just wait till the 3cd set is released. By the way Amazon US is selling the 3 cd version for $22. Not bad for a new 3 cd set.


No cd single= no sale to me


I cant believe that companies such as apple dont have the bandwidth to sell high quality lossless music downloads. Maybe theyre expecting people to double dip when they release normal cd quality stuff in the future, then again for slightly better “hi res” version etc etc.


Why are record companies trying to shift people towards poor quality mp3/ m4a downloads without offering the music in at least cd quality? No wonder music sales are dwindling- theres not much worth spending money on anymore


…who said that vinyl is cool again??? Cd single release, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred Smith

Groan looks like i will have to fork out on an expensive promo….Message to Mr Bowie ‘Some people still collect cd singles buddy’.


The main, big name consumer outlets selling digital downloads need to start offering lossless formats as an option.

Also the digital files that come free with vinyl etc should also be lossless and let the person who bought it downsize the file for storage or playback reasons if they so wish.

CJ Feeney

Some retailers/bands do give high res downloads as an extra. Eg Suzanne Vega’s “Queen of Pentacles” had a .wav download (though the ads said MP3). I think my vinyl “Made in Japan” came with both MP3 and Flac downloads – I cwrtainly got two different mixes on download.

The problem is that while storage for high res files isn’t really an issue for personal collections, the bandwidth and storage for retailers who stock hundreds of thousands of digital tracks would be a significant extra cost.

Rob Deighton

Love this artwork – Richard Hawley did the same design for his ‘Singles Club’ the other year.