David Bowie RSD releases announced

Triple live set  • 12-inch single • 1978 promo album

Parlophone will issue three limited edition David Bowie releases for this year’s Record Store Day, which is on 21st April.

The first is fairly predictable, a physical release of the Let’s Dance demo that was made available digitally back in January to mark what would have been David’s 71st birthday. This is a 45RPM black 12-inch vinyl single and it features the full length version of the demo. Although it wasn’t stated explicitly at the time, the digital version was just an edit – the RSD version clocks in at 7.34 and like the edited version this was mixed by Nile Rodgers (original co-producer of the demo with David) in December of last year. The B-side is the live version of Let’s Dance from the Serious Moonlight concert film which was previously issued on the AA side of the now very rare Australian David Bowie Is exhibition yellow vinyl seven-inch single. The sleeve of this 12-inch is a variant of the original Let’s Dance single cover.

The second item is more substantial. It’s a 3LP vinyl previously unreleased live album Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78). This was recorded live during the ISOLAR II tour at Earls Court, London on the 30th June and 1st July 1978 by Tony Visconti and was mixed by David and David Richards just over six months later at Mountain Studios in Montreux. The trifold sleeve features imagery by photographers Sukita and Chris Walter.

Finally, Bowie Now is a reproduction of a rare 1977 US promo-only LP pressed on white vinyl. Unlike the two items above, it doesn’t offer any previously unreleased audio, but is an interesting curiosity, delivering a selection of tracks from the then current “Heroes” and Low albums. As you’d expect these use the recent remasters by Tony Visconti. The cover is the same as the original, but this new edition now features a newly designed inner sleeve with a rarely seen (and very cool) black and white image of David in Berlin in 1977.

These all sound rather good… now the only problem is getting hold of them. RSD is on 21 April 2018. Good luck!


Side 1

1. Warszawa
2. “Heroes”
3. What In The World

Side 2

1. Be My Wife
2. The Jean Genie
3. Blackout
4. Sense Of Doubt

Side 3

1. Speed Of Life
2. Sound And Vision
3. Breaking Glass
4. Fame
5. Beauty And The Beast

Side 4

1. Five Years
2. Soul Love
3. Star
4. Hang On To Yourself
5. Ziggy Stardust
6. Suffragette City

Side 5

1. Art Decade
2. Alabama Song
3. Station To Station

Side 6

1. TVC 15
2. Stay
3. Rebel Rebel

Produced by David Bowie. Recorded live at Earls Court 30th June and 1st July 1978 by Tony Visconti. Mixed by David Bowie and David Richards at Mountain Studios, Montreux, 17th– 22nd January 1979.


David Bowie – vocals, chamberlain
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar
Adrian Belew – lead guitar
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
Simon House – electric violin
Sean Mayes – piano, string ensemble
George Murray – bass guitar
Roger Powell – keyboards, synthesizer
Background vocals – Carlos Alomar, Adrian Belew, Sean Mayes, George Murray and Roger Powell


Side A

Let’s Dance (Full-length demo) (7.34)

Produced by David Bowie and Nile Rodgers
Arranged by David Bowie and Nile Rodgers
Mixed by Nile Rodgers and Russell Graham at Le Crib Studios, November 2017
Recorded on 19th December 1982 at Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland by David Richards

Side B

Let’s Dance (Live) (4.34)

Mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Recorded live at Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 12th September 1983


Side 1

1. V-2 Schneider
2. Always Crashing In The Same Car
3. Sons Of The Silent Age
4. Breaking Glass
5. Neuköln

Side 2

1. Speed Of Life
2. Joe The Lion
3. What In The World
4. Blackout
5. Weeping Wall
6. The Secret Life Of Arabia

Side 1 tracks 2 and 4 and side 2 tracks 1, 3 and 5:
Mixed by Tony Visconti at Hansa by the Wall, Berlin

Recorded at The Château d’Hérouville and Hansa by the Wall, Berlin between September and October 1976.

Side 1 tracks 1, 3 and 5 and side 2 tracks 2, 4 and 6:
Recorded at Hansa by the Wall, Berlin between July and August 1977.

Engineers – Tony Visconti and Colin Thurston, and Mountain Studios, Montreux
Assistant engineers – David Richards and Eugene Chaplin
Hansa By The Wall in-house engineer – Eduard Meyer
Mixed at Mountain Studios, Montreux
Remastering overseen by Tony Visconti


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I would like to know just how “limited” the bowie rsd releases are. It seemed last year, that they weren’t really limited at all, in the sense that the numbers pressed were just like any “normal” retail release, but hyped up and basically marketed as if they were some sort of holy grail that you had to get before they disappear from the shelves. In other words, a big con.


It will end up just like last year- people who couldn’t be bothered queuing up for the bowie rsd vinyl will moan about not getting hold of the releases, everyone queuing up overnight will buy the bowie stuff whether theyre a fan or not, just to claw some money back, the first few copies on ebay will go for ridiculous prices, then a couple of weeks later ebay will be flooded with the bowie rsd releases and most people will barely make their money back after ebay fees. The same releases will turn up on discogs from overseas, cheaper than ebay. Then to top it off, the live album will be released on cd a few months later, after everybody (including bowie fans who don’t own a turntable) will have already bought the album on vinyl. The marketing department at parlaphone will be rolling on the floor with laughter.


No 7″ Picture Disc – bit surprising.

Guess the next will be Breaking Glass for Black Friday.

[…] David Bowie‘s debut on double red/blue vinyl. Features mono and stereo version. Parlophone’s Bowie RSD releases are covered here. […]


Also added today is a 2LP set of the debut (Deram) album featuring the mono & stereo mixes.


David Bowie (1967) will also be released as 2 LP set in red and blue vinyl. Mono version on disc one, stereo on disc two.


Ha! Ha! It looks like he is Hailing Hitler on that album cover for Blackout! You all sure are slow to realize it! :)


love the sentiments behind RSD but with the growing clamour for ‘me first’ and £££ can understand folk giving up.
I have.

one question though- What stops the store staff buying up stock to flog themselves on eBay or even the store holding things back?
just wondered?

P. E.

Well, I’m excited about all three of these releases. Yes, there are other releases I’d still like them to do, Christiane F on vinyl for one, but for now I’m happy with what they’re offering.


Don’t see the point of queueing up for any of this considering how readily available previous items have been… This Bowie reissue game is so overheated (and full of questionable value) that it’s getting comical to watch.

Andrew F

Well, I’m super-excited for these RSD releases. Just wish that the David Bowie Is live mini-album would get a wider release. Still, to those able to attend the exhibitions, it’s nice to have something rare and exclusive.

The nice thing about last year, was that my friend bought me the Cracked Actor and Bowpromo sets for my birthday, so there was no long queue necessary last year.

Hope everyone gets what they want on RSD, without having to pay a fortune or sell a kidney.


I just want the cd edition of Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78)!!


RSD is all about commitment and how much you want the stuff, I have sat in Berwick Street for the last 3 years waiting to get Bowie stuff only. I don’t mind doing it as I have no intention of paying inflated prices for the stuff. I have only failed once to get everything I wanted and that was last year with the Placebo picture disc featuring Davie Bowie. All 3 of these are worth having if you are a diehard and not a casual fan. Sister Ray limit you to 1 copy per item which is the way it should be or at least do with Bowie stuff as they know where it is likely to end up on Ebay!


Sister Ray’s still going? Excellent. Used to go there a lot when I lived in London.


and i still hope for

cat people (putting out fire) (long version) 9:24

although as it was not used in the “who can i be now” box, i think this ship has sailed… :-(


my guess for the 2018 box:

1. let’s dance
2. serious moonlight live
3. tonight
4. labyrinth EP
5. never let me down
6. glass spider live
7. tin machine
8. tin machine II
9. re-call 4

not sure about tin machine II but i think it would be sad if this album really becomes a unloved child as it has some nice tracks (baby universal, you belong in rock n roll)

additionally, maybe a remixed album (let’s dance)

Mathew Lauren

This was (as even Bowie admitted) his most commercial album. It, also, broke him to another whole generation of MTV viewers (I remember the era well); so along with the “Blue Jean” (extended vid) and the follow-up album, “Tonight,” I’d like to see these BOWIE-efforts mixed to discrete, surround-sound. BC, ES or SW available for surround remixes?

Paul Murphy

You’re not likely to see Tin Machine II on it. That release was on Victory/London. The ‘debut’ album was of course an EMI release, and following various legal travails, it is now classed [as from the 1999 release] as a David Bowie album entitled ‘Tin Machine’ [the way it was intended to be in the first place].

David Perry

Labryrinth rights owned by Universal so that’s a non-starter.

I think we’ll be looking at a Serious Moonlight Live set off the DVD audio instead of the unfairly hated Glass Spider. If there’s a full demo LP off Let’s Dance, my guess is they’ll sit on that for the next anniversary.

Also extended 12″s and EP tracks on Re:Call will make it worth the purchase. Big question for me is will they issue the missing Ryko tracks as they were released in 1990, technically in period.


If Tin Machine II were included then it would be silly not to slip in ‘Oy Vey, Baby’ – but who knows what would be in a fourth box – if indeed there be a fourth at all.

Prem Khanna

I was at the Earls Court gig so I will attempt to get that for nostalgia sake.

Mic Smith

I’m another one put off by the hype of RSD. I’ll wait for the inevitable CD release of Live in London. Not bothered in the slightest about the promo but the 12″ demo I’d happily get one way or the other.


Looking forward to Welcome To The Blackout on the inevitable CD edition later this year. Well done RSD. You have become pointless.

Steve W

Well the live lp sounds like it’s essential. I’m a bit annoyed about the Let’s Dance record becuase I bought the digital one & thought that was it so I suppose I’ll have to get this too a it’s longer. :/

I’d just like to say though that others are correct – it is still very easy to get last year’s Bopwie RSD releases. In fact it is no possible to get them slightly cheaper than I originally bought but that’s life.


well, liked cracked Actor last yer. I’m sure the 1978 live will eventually come out on CD.


Don’t bother with RSD anymore. If you want these wait they will come on eBay or amazon later for a reasonable price, the Bowie gem promo in the box can be purchased cheaper than when it was released on RSD


Not being a vinyl buyer, I certainly hope there are plans for the life album to be more widely available on CD sometime soon!


I always queue up very early. I’ve never, and would never, sell a title on eBay. The way I see it, I plan for it and it’s only time. Meaning, I have to sleep in a chair a bit and I have to wear a coat but time will pass no matter what and so I do it once a year and I do it as a big _ _ _ _ you to the eBay people. “Oh, did I prevent you from getting a copy of a record you have no plan of listening to but you’re hoping will provide you $150 extra income? So sorry.”

I know people enjoy sleeping in, but it’s once a year people… and my wife knows and my kids know, “when we wake up, Daddy won’t be here.” and then I get home at 11:30am and I take them for a nice lunch and everyone’s happy.

Excited for these titles. Every year, we get fewer and fewer exciting things.. So these are . a great sign…


Spot On Steven..


Your description is very familiar Steven, even down to taking the family for lunch!

I love RSD and will be queuing outside Banquet in Kingston again this year. I’ve been doing so since 2012 and over the years have met some really interesting people in the queue and had some great conversations about collecting and music generally.

Let’s also not forget that RSD is fantastic business for the shops – it’s not just Banquet’s busiest day of the year, it’s their busiest week, and when the online sales start they get a month’s worth of orders in one day. For a lot of shops RSD has been a real lifeline, which is the whole point.


Maybe it’s wise to include a ‘remix-disc’ for the next boxset.

Just a few from the Let’s Dance & Tonight albums (era 1983-85):

Shake It (Long Version) 5:20
Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix) 4:29
Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix) 5:03
Tonight (Dub Mix) 4:16
Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix) 5:16
Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix) 7:27
Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dub Mix) 7:16
Loving The Alien (Extended Dance Mix) 7:27
Don’t Look Down (Extended Dance Mix) 4:50
Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix) 7:14
This Is Not America (Instrumental) 3:51
Dancing In The Street (Clearmountain Mix) 3:07
Dancing In The Street (Instrumental) 3:17
Dancing In The Street (Steve Thompson Mix) 4:40
Dancing In The Street (Dub Version) 4:41


I don’t recall any remixed or 12″ mixes from Let’s Dance. Where did “Shake It” come out as a long version? But certainly Tonight and NLMD are loaded with remixes, as well as all the non-album singles.

Marc Sutton

And in my ears a far better version than the album version!!


Last year my local store was allocated zero copies of the promo lp and those triples are too expensive for me.
Would like the Lets Dance 12″ though how much might it be? The last Bowie 12″ I bought was Underground which is in a Labyrinth LP cover as Woolies had run out of Underground ones!
Do shops know allocations beforehand as I don’t want to queue only to find there never were any available?


Shops order a number but aren’t guaranteed to get the amount, or any. All part of the fun!


“… now the only problem is getting hold of them. RSD is on 21 April 2018. Good luck!”

I really don’t think anyone will have problems getting a hold of these releases, Paul.
The “BOWPROMO” and “Cracked Actor” LP sets are still so widely available, any mention if these being limited is simply false.

Totally agree with Lee Realgone’s comment: “… hate the cynical cash-grab of RSD…”
As frattonlad stated: “The theory of RSD is to draw people to record shops.” – not to wait in line to purchase overpriced LPs only to find out the shop doesn’t have it in stock… since the employees will purchase them first and sell them online.

Ben Williams

I think it’s more getting hold of them on the day. The place near me in Cheltenham last year ran out of all Bowie items..

Ken Evans

I still haven’t gotten my Heroes replacement CD. Got the two separate email replies some weeks apart, both had my correct address on it.

Martyn Alner

Bizzarely I ended up with 2 copies of the replacement Heroes CD! Seemed to be because I chased the original request and they just added a new one as well as registering the first request!


Martyn Alner are you interested in selling the spare, I have the boxset but no receipt with listed item to claim the new CD as bought in record shop where item not on receipt


Surprisingly, my Heroes replacement disc arrived in today’s mail! I was surprised that it was shipped internationally from England to the US.

Ken Evans

I still haven’t gotten my Heroes replacement CD. Got the two separate email replies some weeks apart.

Martin Power

Got mine a few weeks ago and the vinyl this week – just give them a nudge to remind them

Craig B

I was in the same situation as you , Ken . I was getting a bit twitchy , I must say , and then it turned up out of the blue about a week or so ago.
Just have to keep hanging in there , I guess. I’m sure it will turn up eventually.

Kevin Barrett

Great vinyls to get there, if only the unorganised debacle that is RSD was as well thought out!!


Questionable front cover of that live album given Bowie’s history.


Well, at least it’s not called “Live In Berlin”.


Atleast going to try and get the live-album on that particular RSD if my local shop has it available..that’s interesting but not necessarily mandatory addition to my collection.
Last years rsd-releases, I bought Cracked Actor 3lp (which is very good ) but I decided to pass on Bowiepromo-lp as it wasn’t essential for me and the price was way too high.
What Im really looking forward is the next, 4th boxset in the series, which is supposed to be released in september (like the previous 3 were all released at that month).


The live album will sure be released on CD, and that’s when I’m getting it. Still have to grab a copy of ‘Cracked Actor’, so I’ll probably wait and pick the two sets together. I don’t see the point of the mash up promo, and a CD release would have even less sense, but you never know with Parlophone when it comes to Bowie!

While we’re at it here’s my guess for the next boxset:
– Let’s Dance
– Serious Moonlight
– Tonight
– Never Let Me Down
– Glass Spider
– Tin Machine
– Re:Call 4
– alternate mix of one of the albums (likely ‘Let’s Dance’ since the most successful one)


Surely there’d be more call for a remixed Tonight or NLMD as these are pretty much the nadir of his output (though personally I think NLMD isn’t that bad)


“NLMD” is better than the “Tonight ” LP … and that’s the unmixed version I’m talking about! :)

BTW, there are four great bootleg LPs produced by Bedroom Productions that are worth the investment and highly recommended for any big Bowie fan (probably better than the most of the content to be released in the next anticipated Bowie box). I actually purchased these with the intention of NOT buying the next set in the series.

A1 This Is Not America (Extended Version) [With Pat Metheny Group] 5:43
A2 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (Long Version) 9:24
A3 Magic Dance (A Dance Mix) 7:12
B1 When The Wind Blows (Extended Mix) 5:33
B2 Absolute Beginners 8:01
B3 Underground (Extended Dance Version) 7:50

A1 Let’s Dance (Under The Moonlight Mix) [feat. Nile Rodgers] 8:45
A2 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (7″ Edit) [Giorgio Moroder] 4:08
A3 Shake It (Re-mix) 5:19
A4 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (7″ Version) 3:29
B1 Under Pressure (With Queen) (Extended Pressure Mix) 7:17
B2 Tonight (Live Duet With Tina Turner) 4:12
B3 Let’s Dance (Live Duet With Tina Turner) 1:05
B4 Let’s Dance (Live Duet With Tina Turner) 4:09
B5 Modern Love (Live In Montreal) (July 13, 1983) 3:40

A1 Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix) 5:36
A2 Don’t Look Now (Extended Dance Mix) 4:50
A3 Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix) [Feat. Tina Turner] 4:26
A4 Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix) 7:11
B1 Dancing In The Streets (Long Dance Version) [With Mick Jagger] 7:02
B2 Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix) 5:01
B3 Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix) [With Iggy Pop] 5:57
B4 This Is Not America [With Pat Metheny Group] 3:48

A1 Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix) 5:33
A2 Girls (Extended Japanese Version) 5:33
A3 Day-In Day-Out (Groucho Mix) 6:27
A4 Bang Bang (Live In Montreal, 1987) 4:06
B1 Never Let Me Down (Extended Dance Mix) 7:02
B2 Julie 3:40
B3 Time Will Crawl (Extended Dance Mix) 6:07
B4 Day-In Day-Out (Edited Dance Mix) 4:28

… why Parlophone chose to reissue BOWIE NOW and not CHRISTIANE F. is a complete mystery to me. Some needs to be fired and perhaps hire a Bowie enthusiast for the job. Ta!

Lee Realgone

I have a hunch that the next box will include all of those…except Tin Machine.

I’d love to see an extensive audio/visual box set of Tin Machine stuff. It’ll never happen, but I can dream. I’ve written something about that for Real Gone, but won’t be posting it for a while yet.


I love DB’s Berlin period but with the recently expanded Stage set and the Brooklyn Museum release I think it is reaching a saturation point for ’78 live material. Since the RSD 3LP will most likely be $50+ and I’m running out of space I’ll settle for the CD release later on.


Live in Berlin 1978 mini LP exclusively for Brooklyn Museum’s DB Is -exhibition.
Oh, hope that one gets a “proper” release too: those tracks sounded great (when they were made available for streaming for a short period of time).


They seem to always do a CD release later, so I’ll be looking for those. Well… of the live album. The Let’s Dance and Promo disc are of zero interest.


some great releases there! the live one looks awesome Im less interested in the Promo one but the lets dance disc looks cool as well….hopefully I can nab these on record store day. I do think we’ll see the live album on CD as well so Unless you HAVE to have it on vinyl I wouldnt stress about it

Jimi Fletcher

My initial concern towards the ‘Blackout’ live album is that it might be too similar a song selection to the Stage LP. The Bowie Now compilation looks kind of cute but it’s as though they just picked ten random 1977 songs out of a hat, and making a compilation from only two albums is hardly going to put them in any new kind of context. Blimey, I’m grumpy this morning, aren’t I?

Ben Williams

I want these so bad! I’m guessing they will issue the Live London 78 LP on CD soon after RSD a la Cracked Actor, which is when I’ll be able to get it (and afford it..)

I had never heard of the Bowie Now promo LP before today. Cool design, especially that photo in the insert! Expect that one to appear on eBay (sorry to be cynical…) but a very nice looking release, hopefully I will get a copy if it’s not too expensive :-)


Delighted to see that, once again, the Bowie releases for RSD are interesting and well thought through. If only that were a consistent theme across RSD…..

Wolfgang Mintrop

Let’s hope that all this live stuff will also be released on cd. BTW, don’t know why this has not bec0me part of the boxes …

Alan Wilson

I imagine there will be fairly large quantities on all 3 of these, we should get the official numbers next Tuesday when the official RSD lists are confirmed. The bigger issue for me is what price will they stick on them.


“let’s hope they use the ‘right’ title track for “Heroes”!

Except that Heroes isn’t on it!



I’m going to try and get the Let’s Dance single and the live lp but I’ll bet that will be about £59. So I might pass…

Steven Mclaren

Live album looks very similar to Stage that I have just bought. Lets Dance appeals though.


These sound like awesome releases, but 1) I hope they produce sufficient quantities for all fans to grab a copy and 2) they’re not outrageously overpriced because they’re being released for RSD.


1) Of course they won’t…

2) Of course they will be…

Bassel Hassouna

My prediction for the future:
1- Welcome to the black out to be released on CD format in June 2018
2- the let’s dance demo will be found on the david bowie box set that is most likely due in September/October (probably on the re:call 4 disc)

I actually gave up waiting in hours at the store just to be told that they ran out of them and will wait, in the comfort of my own home, for the easy to get releases.

Ben Williams

Lol, yes I agree!

Surprised those cassette demos of Macca’s haven’t been uploaded to Spotify yet.

Mathew Lauren

Not yet :) Feels like some sort of “Let’s Dance” EP belongs on cassette to ensure that the full nostalgia/full exploitation-of-Bowie-agenda stays on track.

Seriously, though, new cassettes were present under lock and key at last weekend’s 1/4 annual “CD Trader” sale in L.A. Old cassette tapes were somewhere b/t good to excellent condition for a buck each!


Isn’t the theory behind David’s boxsets to include everything “released during the time period” which is why we didn’t get songs like Abdulmajid, Some Are, All Saints and I Pray, Olé. I highly doubt the demo would be included. Do we even know for sure another boxset is coming? It will be interesting to see how they handle the remixes since there were quite a few especially when you get into the 90’s…it will require a hell of alot of CD’s.

Lee Realgone

That live album better get a CD issue later on, or I’ll hate the cynical cash-grab of RSD more than I already do!


Agreed Lee. The theory of RSD is to draw people to record shops.

To buy stuff.

Not say: “sorry, the record label forgot the basic idea was to sell music to fans and as a result we have sold our 3 allocated copies to an eBayer who got here and began queuing a fortnight ago.”

Lee Realgone

The volume of RSD titles being sold from ebay shops in the two days before RSD last year was an absolute joke.