David Bowie / “The Next Day”: 2CD+DVD collector’s edition


This November, Sony/Columbia will release a special three-disc collector’s edition of David Bowie‘s 2013 ‘comeback’ album The Next Day.

“The Next Day Extra” as it is being dubbed in some quarters, breaks down as follows: Disc one is the original 14-track album, while disc two is a ten-track ‘companion CD‘ which includes the three bonus tracks from the original deluxe edition (So She, Plan and I’ll Take You There), the Japanese-only bonus track (God Bless The Girl), two remixes (Love Is Lost and I’d Rather Be High) and four previously unreleased tracks (Atomica, The Informer, Like A Rocket Man, and Born In A UFO). The third disc is a DVD featuring the four videos made for the songs Where Are We Now?, The Stars (Are Out Tonight), The Next Day and Valentine’s Day.


If you’re feeling aggrieved that you have to buy this new set for the previously unreleased songs, then it might be some form of consolation that Sony are offering a seven-track digital download that includes everything on the second disc, except the three bonus tracks that came with the original deluxe edition.

Since its release in March, The Next Day has reached number one in 15 countries and been a darling of the critics, culminating in a recent Mercury Music Prize nomination. It just goes to show what a 10-year absence can achieve, since the album is really no better or worse than Reality or Heathen, the two (excellent) records that preceded it.

The Next Day Collector’s Edition will be released on 4 November 2013.

The Next Day / 3-disc collector’s edition track listing:

CD 1

  • 1. The Next Day
  • 2. Dirty Boys
  • 3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
  • 4. Love Is Lost
  • 5. Where Are We Now?
  • 6. Valentine’s Day
  • 7. If You Can See Me
  • 8. I’d Rather Be High
  • 9. Boss of Me
  • 10. Dancing Out In Space
  • 11. How Does the Grass Grow?
  • 12. (You Will) Set the World On Fire
  • 13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
  • 14. Heat

CD 2

  • 01 Atomica
  • 02 Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for The DFA)
  • 03 Plan
  • 04 The Informer
  • 05 Like A Rocket Man
  • 06 Born In A UFO
  • 07 I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)
  • 08 I’ll Take You There
  • 09 God Bless The Girl
  • 10 So She


Videos for the following:

  1. Where Are We Now?
  2. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
  3. The Next Day
  4. Valentine’s Day

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I was a bit dismayed to see amazon charging £9.49 for the 7 MP3s even though they’re 99p each – with the exception of the Dfa remix which is album only.


Bowie has over the years promised or if you like “threatened” a Tin Machine retrospective. I think he was genuinely sad that Hunt & Tony made it clear they quit for good as they didn’t like the softer sound directon of the ace second album.

if you click on my name you will be whisked off to my (poor) blog, if you are of a mind to do so search the blog post called the “Tin Machine myth”, written before the triumphant Next Day return, which puts complaints and praise for the band into some sort of perspective. whether you like the music or not.

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I think they dont like the Tin Machine albums because they’re poor albums…


Why is everybody always bashing Tin Machine?
The first record is amazing (The first 6 songs belongs to his best from the 80’s)
Tin Machine II is indeed much lesser


I agree, I also like many songs from his Tin Machine era. The first album starts incredibly well, I also like the first 6 songs and the Lennon cover and ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Baby Can Dance’ are alright too. Tin Machine II is without doubt another matter, but it also includes at least three decent songs, namely the first three songs on the album. I burned myself a CD with all these mentioned songs and it works really well.

I think these two albums are hated by mosts fans and critics because it isn’t the Bowie they are used to: dirty, sweaty, american, normal, rough and part of a band. I think these two albums were important for Bowie after his 80s albums and his status as a pop charts megastar.

Tim Harrison

I thought that Outside was a good album…not great, but good because he pushed the envelope. It wasnt particularly commercial but better for it. Bowie lows?…Tin machine…need I say more?! I agree that the hiatus that has led to this album (which is very good) has probably led to it’s overwhelming and universal acclaim. I bought the Deluxe Edition of The Next Day KNOWING they’d pull this marketing ploy…and I’m blinkin glad they have…something which gives us more Bowie can’t be bad…as long as it’s not Tin machine! Not sure Mr B will be in a hurry to release Deluxe editions of those two career lows!


Good price!


Only £13.99 on sainsburys.


if it helps, on the Reality front, i have the standard version of the CD (cover background / spine white) and the “tour edition” 2 disc set (cover background / spine silver)

on the CD there is one extra track, a decent enough cover of Waterloo Sunset. the DVD is an in order performance of the entire (standard edition) album, performed to a presumably select, invited audience at the Hammersmith Riverside Studios, September 2003. i.e. this is not the “A Reality Tour” DVD.

considering the amount of acts out there who now do gigs specifically to play an album through in this way, a sign of Bowie being ahead of the game once again?

i am convinced i have a 3rd copy of the album somewhere too, with just remixes or something tagged on the end.

Wim Lintsen

I have “The Next Day” in 7 versions, if i’m not misstaken… The 2 EU and the 2 Japenese versions, the vinyl (EU) and the Paul Smith vinyl and also The iTunes version and i’m delighted with the new Collector’s Edition… In total 8 bonus tracks (comparing with the original version, not counting the remixes)… David was never that generous since the Ryko releases (1990).

And indeed, the so overlooked “1. Outside” (1995) is his masterpiece from the last 30 years…


Yes, I have the 2 cd version of Reality and Heathen.
It is annoying for fans when months after the release of a CD the record company decides to release another version with more tracks, better packaging, better price etc
I am sure they could find a way around this. For eg selling a new package like Bowie’s with the original CD included. They could then sell 2 versions of the new package at different prices, one with the original CD and everything else, the other minus the original CD but including the new stuff so that we could just slot the CD we have into the new package.
I am sure someone did this a few years ago, was it Coldplay?
Of course the record companies know full well that fans will just buy the new package anyway, so they are really buying the album twice

Le Baron

If I remember correctly, Reality’s ”deluxe” edition (the one with the studio album + live reality DVD”) was released about one month after the release of the album.
World record here?

Bruno MacDonald

Let me add another vote to the “Outside is actually good” campaign. Trim out the spoken bits and you’d have one of his strongest latter-day albums

I agree with Paul that the wait led to The Next Day being rated higher than it otherwise might have been, but still think it’s leagues ahead of Heathen – which, heretically, I found rather dull

As for the cynicism of the reissue, as long as the extra tracks are available separately as downloads – as the report suggests – there’s not a problem… (Admittedly I buy virtually no physical releases these days, which I guess puts me in a minority Superdeluxeeedition-wise.)

alan hansen

a handful of thoughts:

1- for the record, i think “outside” was, is, and remains better than his next-best and previous work “scary monsters.” (sorry for the grammar gymnastics with that last sentence.)

2- vis-a-vis releasing a bonus-track extravaganza months after the original multi-optioned release: once again, the music-powers-that-be (be it the Thin White Duke, his publicist, Columbia Records, etc.) rear their douche-like head! (and i’m a nurse, so when i say “rear” and/or “douche,” i refer to them only in the most medical of terms.)

and 3- yes, i’ll be re-purchasing this for the additionals. i am so pathetic!


Bowie fan here – and of course this is a bit cynical. It’s the fact that it’s coming out so soon after the original release, and that Euro buyers are being attracted by bonus tracks from the Japanese release – clearly these songs were available when we got the original release, so it’s pure manipulation. This should have been available at the time of release. I’d rather have paid £20 for this, than what I paid for the first one, and then this one. Although these salkes will no doubt bump up the total sales figures…….

As to the quality – this is a fantastic album. It’s far better than Reality, imo. Heathen is brilliant, and this is on a par with that, of not even better.

I think the MUSIC on Outside is okay – but the storyline, and especially the silly voices, and just embarrassing. Outside could have been a coherent rock album, instead it’s a minor failed experiment. Since they apparently recorded 20+ hours of music during those sessions, a special edition might repair things a bit.


“I think the MUSIC on Outside is okay – but the storyline, and especially the silly voices, and just embarrassing.”

To my embarrassment, I always liked them (especially on ‘Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name’)

“Outside could have been a coherent rock album, instead it’s a minor failed experiment. Since they apparently recorded 20+ hours of music during those sessions, a special edition might repair things a bit”

A special edition with this additional stuff (“The Leon Tapes”) would be great – but I would prefer to see a special edition of ‘Low’ first. But as Bowie seems to be active again, chances are pretty slim…


It would be nice if they could have just had a coherent sales plan right from the start releasing everything together and saying, ‘look here is the new album and you can buy the vinyl, or the standard CD, or the deluxe CD or this CD/DVD combo.’

Most who go for this set will no doubt have already bought the previous deluxe CD thinking that’s it for this album. You just know they said, ‘let’s stick those extra bits on here and we can re-sell those people the same album they bought a few months ago.’


Is it just me or are there other fans outside who enjoy such releases even if they include stuff that has been on other releases too? I never understand arguments that this should be a rip-off, for me it’s more like a new item for us Bowie fans and everybody can freely decide if the extra songs/remixes/videos are worth the price. I never think “no, that is such a shame, another £ x for an album from which I already own most of the songs, how can they do that? they should have released all this stuff on day one etc.”. In my opinion this is a nice extra bonus release for diehard fans like me.


for those of us who bought the “SE” at the start of the year, this amounts to £16.99 for the DVD (4 videos), 5 new tracks & 2 remixes and what looks like a booklet with stills from the videos.

it would have been a nice “thanks fans” if this was closer to £12 – £15, but yeah, go on then, i will buy it.


“It just goes to show what a 10-year absence can achieve, since the album is really no better or worse than Reality or Heathen, the two (excellent) records that preceded it.”

Funnily, I thought the same when I first listend to “The Next Day” when it came out. But it surely is more coherent and consistent than “Reality” and it definitely is not as moderate and adultly as “Heathen”. And the promo videos are far better than anything Bowie has done since 1999’s “Thursday’s Child”.

The last Bowie album I really loved is “1. Outside” from 1995, somehow this NIN/Eno/Gabrel influences hit a button with me. “Earthling”, which followed was too hip with its drum ‘n bass elements and from then on, the wisdom/boredom of the old age set in… I would love to see a Bowie album released which is less classical and more experimental Bowie.


That’s a rare thing: finding another Bowie fan who thinks that ‘1. Outside’ is a great album. Should I take this chance and commit that I even liked the “Ritual Art-Murder-non-Linear Gothic Drama Hyper-Cycle” overstatement back then? Hey, I was driven with existential millennial angst… ;-)

Michael Larson

I also think that “1.Outside” is great. I like it more now than I did when it came out when I was 15, though I thought it was great then, too. I still think there are a few too many character interludes, but otherwise it’s a fantastic album.

The live versions of Earthling material were really stronger than the album versions, imo.

I need to go back to Reality again. I never got into more than 2 of the songs when it came out.


Any idea on the format of the seven track digital download – will they offer in a lossless format as well as the standard MP3 ?

Rob C

Torn whether to buy this as I sprang for the Japanese deluxe edition – I probably should have seen this coming. But knowing me, I’ll probably buy it in the end.