David Bowie / Zeit! 77-79 5CD box

David Bowie / Zeit! "Berlin Trilogy" box set

EMI are to take advantage of the current David Bowie frenzy (The Next Day,  ICA Bowiefest etc.) by releasing a five CD box set called Zeit! that collects the three albums that make up his so-called “Berlin Trilogy” (Low (1977), Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979)) and pairs them with the double live album Stage (released in 1978, the only year Bowie didn’t release a new studio album in the 1970s).

There are no packaging details at present, except for the fact that the CDs all reside in a card slipcase. It’s quite likely the CDs will simply be the standard releases in jewel cases, much like the Neil Young Official Release Series box set.

Don’t expect any bonus tracks, the price will tell you that this is a budget release. Having said that, Stage is the 2005 Tony Visconti remaster with Stay and Be My Wife added, and the running order corrected to reflect the order the songs were played at the actual gigs (the original release and subsequent CDs had a chronological running order). The other albums use the 1999 EMI remasters.

Zeit! 77-79 is issued on 6 May 2013.

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Paul Goddard

Does anybody know if there is a planned third box set following on from ‘Who can I be now’ that will have remasters of these albums?

[…] Two years ago EMI issued Zeit! a five-CD compilation which contained the so-called ‘Berlin Trilogy’ (Low, Heroes and Lodger) from the late 1970s and Stage the double live album of that era. Fair enough, there was no remastering and the ‘box’ was little more than a card slipcase to hold CDs already easily available, BUT this could be picked up for less than £15. Or £3 a CD. For collectors this was a waste of time but for the ‘casual fan’ this was a great deal. To compare, the new Five Years box wants £8.33 for each CD included. […]


Who the fuck is “The Dame”?! Lol. Where did you get that name from?! How do you know that?!


I think it’s fairly obvious why these titles have been chosen though. Just a glance at the cover of the new album by The Dame makes everything clear.

I agree though, what’s the point?

fred smith

Never thought i would say this but i would rather have an expanded ‘Tonight’ or ‘Never Let Me Down’ than buy this feeble release..we want new ,old material please!


What a disappointment. Once again these classic Bowie titles are forgotten when it comes to getting the deluxe treatment. We’ve had a new Ziggy, a new Aladdin Sane, but when it comes to these titles we get the same 1999 masters stuck in a slipcase and slapped with a budget price that barely matches what you can get the current discs for. Why?

One day we’ll get deluxe editions of each of these (sans Stage, which has already had some loving). However seeing this comes out suggests it’ll be quite a wait yet.