David Bowie / “Ziggy Stardust” 40th Anniversary Vinyl, CD & DVD coming

David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars / 40th Anniversary EditionEMI are set to release a 40th anniversary edition of David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars on 4 June 2012 (5 June in the US) according to Bowie’s official Facebook page.

It appears that the album will be reissued in three individual formats rather than one big super deluxe edition, although the announcement is a little ambiguous on this point. Nevertheless, the following formats will be made available one way or another:

CD: A new 2012 remaster of the original album. Digitally remastered by Ray Staff, original mastering engineer for Ziggy at Trident Studios, and Ken Scott – original co-producer.

LP: A new 2012 remaster of the original album on heavyweight 180g vinyl. Digitally remastered by Ray Staff.

DVD: 2012 remaster (96/24 PCM stereo) digitally remastered by Ray Staff. Plus Ken Scott 2003 5.1 mixes (DTS 48/24 & Dolby Digital) and stereo fold downs (48/24 PCM) – original album plus the following 5.1 previously unreleased bonus tracks:

  • Moonage Daydream (instrumental)
  • The Supermen
  • Velvet Goldmine
  • Sweet Head

There will also be a digital download of the new 2012 remaster.

David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
30th Anniversary release from 10 years ago

This reissue represents the fifth CD release for Ziggy Stardust following on from the original RCA disc in the early 1980s, the Rykodisc/EMI reissue with bonus tracks in 1990, the EMI reissue without bonus tracks in 1999 and the 30th Anniversary 2CD set from EMI in 2002. A hi-res SACD of the album was also released in 2002.

The bonus tracks on the DVD do not include John, I’m Only Dancing (previously unreleased mix) and the Ziggy Stardust and Lady Stardust demos from the Ryko/EMI release in 1990 (and the subsequent 30th anniversary issue). The Supermen is likely to be the alternate version recorded in 1971 that appeared on the Hunky Dory Ryko/EMI reissue as a bonus track (and again, it appeared on the 30th anniversary CD of Ziggy Stardust). Moonage Daydream (instrumental) appears to be unique to this new issue.

This reissue could well be the last under David Bowie’s contract with EMI. The rights to most of his 1970s output are set to revert to him later this year, after which we are likely to see some super deluxe box sets (hopefully) with more unreleased archive material released under contract with a different label.

More details on the 40th Anniversary reissue of Ziggy Stardust when we have them.

Update 25/4/12: The DVD comes with the vinyl and the CD is a seperate release.

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Vinyl Gourmet

This LP is not a digital remaster, it is 100% analog cut from Original Analog Master Tapes by Ray Staff assisted by original producer Ken Scott, and it sounds absolutely glorious. Unfortunately it’s out of print now :(

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Do you think they’ll get the stereo mix right on this release? The right and left channels were reversed on the 30th Ann. edition. I’ll stick with my Ryko.


To reply to Steve and Martin: there is a double CD bootleg by the title A New Music Night and Day that embodies some exclusive recordings which were available in that “for friends only” CD which was issued many years ago (the official spin off was the instrumentals CD). So some material exists from the “Berlin period”.
Please do also consider Steve Pafford excellent feature in Record Collector issue 354 if you want to dream with your feet on the ground.

As for CD editions, may I add the excellent “fat booklet” Rykodisc edition of 1990 which to me remains a gem (much better than the booklet for the 2002 double CD edition)? In those days there were no Mick Rock dedicated books ;-))

Apparently, now the LP is coupled with the DVD. Release date on some sites is now 6th of April!

Cheers to everybody and a Happy Easter

Steve Marine

I have the 2-disc 30th Anniversary Edition. Remastering is nice, but if they don’t include everything that was included on that edition (plus more, to be honest) then why buy it? UGH… I was really hoping for deluxe editions of the Berlin trilogy.

Martin Maxman

I don’t think there’s enough material to release remastered deluxe versions of the Bowie/Eno “Berlin” albums, unless there’s some well sounding soundboard of a 1978 Bowie concert or something.

I really don’t understand why won’t the tracks from “Disc 2” of the Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary release reissue be released on another regular CD disc of this album, maybe EMI/David and Mr. Scott can’t find enough material to add to make it satisfying for fans or not make it look like they’re wasting disc space by adding in said inferior remixes of Stardust period songs or they aren’t interested, and in terms of the latter I’ve heard that “disc 1” of “Stardust” from the 30th anniversary release was badly mastered and poorly remixed, and seeing that no one really said anything negative about “disc 2” of that release, it’s assumed the original Ryko bonus tracks on that disc and other “rare” tracks sounded fine and actually very good.

While I happy that another mix of “Ziggy” will be released as well as remixes of related bonus material will, I do wish instead of “Velvet Goldmine (a track I’ve heard was really from the “Hunky Dory” sessions despite an intention of it to be released in the original Ziggy Stardust album) was dropped for the re-recording of “Holy Holy”or for Bowie’s cover of (the) “(Port of) Amsterdam” or even “Round and Round (Around and Around)”.
I wish no matter what, a bonus disc or extra time on the first disc of the upcoming release holding the original album would include the demoes of Ziggy Stardust and Lady Stardust, the re-recording of “Holy Holy”, John I’m Only Dancing (Remix from the previous Ryko discs), Round and Round, and even the bootlegged instrumental version of “Starman”, unless there’s nothing different about it.
That and if a DVD is included in this reissue where’s the c. 1971/1972 “Old Grey Whistle Test” Videos of Queen Bitch, Five Years and Oh, You Pretty Things?!? Where’s the Starman Top of the Pops Video and no promo or outtake video of “John, I’m Only Dancing”?

Just thought I’d bring those things up, not too be too negative, but while I’m happy for a new remaster and remixes of material from the period, I do wonder what will be interesting about the instrumental version of “Moonage Daydream” to be released and that it’s true, EMI just wants us to throw out Disc 1 of that previous anniversary 2 disc set of “Ziggy Stardust” and just hold on to Disc 2 of it.


“Plus Ken Scott 2003 5.1 mixes (DTS 48/24 & Dolby Digital)”….are they in higher rez on the SACD?


soooo…. do I get rid of my deluxe book edition I bought a few years ago? Perhaps my SIMPLY VINYL 180g re-issue vinyl?? Also, why do these things keep coming out with my favorite, “Hunky Dory”, being passed over for the deluxe treatment again and again and again?