Dead Or Alive / Unbreakable: The Fragile Remixes 2LP coloured vinyl

2001 Japan-only remix album • Pressed on green vinyl

Demon Records continue with their Dead Or Alive coloured vinyl reissues with Unbreakable The Fragile Remixes.

The 2001 Japan-only compilation featured remixes of tracks from 2000’s Fragile album and this is now pressed as a 2LP set for the first time in its its original Japanese Promo LP configuration and is pressed on pale green vinyl.

This remix set follows the Fragile vinyl reissue (on red vinyl) which is due at the end of the month, and Nukleopatra (on blue vinyl) which is released on Friday.

Unbreakable The Fragile Remixes will be released on 28 August 2020. You can pre-order from the SDE shop via this link, or by using the button below.

Side 1

1. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co.”B” Mix]  7.54
2. My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix]  5.05
3. Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix]  5.01

Side 2

1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Zi Zone Mix]  4.35
2. Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix]  5.42

Side 3

1. Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix]  9.31
2. Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix]  5.15

Side 4

1. Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix]  4.47
2. Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix]  4.32
3. I Paralyze [B4 Za Beat Remix]  6.35

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When I bought nukleopatra and fragile I was just thinking give it a couple of weeks and this will pop up LOL


Migraines now come in vinyl format, yay!

Seriously though, glad to see it released on vinyl but this is one album I never need to hear ever again, and I don’t mind a bit of eurobeat in general.


I really wonder why they left out “Nude Remade/Remodelled” but release this.
I would much rather have a re-release of “Remade/Remodelled”, and on CD please.
Thank you. ;-)


Need to be in the right mood for this, but great to see it coming out, ordered through SDE Paul.


Hi Paul, are there any mp3 downloads included with this release?

Michel Banen

Oh, I’ll get this for sure !!!

Michel Banen

Is this a SDE exclusive or will it also become available via Amazon ?


As tempting as this is, the remixes are very much of its time, meaning they’ve not aged terribly well imo. Not being negative for the sake of being negative but absolutely for completists only.


Japanese dj’s remixing the previous album Fragile. Which was already half remakes of songs from the back catalogue. This one I have never listened to. Though I like the new songs from Fragile. What is now left to issue/reissue on vinyl? Rip It Up, Nude Remade & Remodelled & Evolution.

I would buy a new Dead Or Alive set on cd if it includes mixes not included in the box set. Such as the special mix non stop version of My Heart Goes Bang.


I’d love to see “That’s the Way” best of on Vinyl !!!


Would like a 3 cd set featuring remixes and the Hits.