DEAL ALERT: Soundgarden / Superunknown super deluxe


Incredible deal! The Soundgarden Superunknown 5-disc super deluxe edition is available at the time of writing for less than £40!.

At £39.99 this 4CD+blu-ray set is the lowest price ever. It’s packaged in a hardcover book with lenticular cover and features the following:

  • CD 1 – Remastered album
  • CD 2 – 14 B-sides and 2 Unreleased Alt Mixes – 75 mins
  • CD 3 – 9 Unreleased Demos – 44 mins
  • CD 4 – 16 Unreleased Rehearsals from June 1993
  • Blu-ray – New 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix of all 16 album tracks, 96/24 High Res Stereo + lyrics pages animated into video to go with each song

Superunknown is out now.

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Well I’m sold, just ordered it and at that price its an undeniable bargain, thanks for the heads up!!


I found the extra material (book, 3 CDs worth of B-sides, live tracks and demos) to be well worth it. (And unlike so many of these super deluxe packages, it still includes the lyrics!) I have not listened to the surround or the app yet, so I can’t comment on those.

Reviews of the sound quality of the remaster have been rather mixed (Amazon is just one source), some people have liked it (despite lesser dynamic range) and others have not. I found it to be a wash, personally, but most importantly, it doesn’t fatigue me to listen to it at all.

Reviews of the 5.1 on the Blu-ray seem to be mostly positive, with a few naysayers here and there. (Lyrics are there too, apparently.) I have not found a positive review of the app anywhere, though – sounds like it might be a waste of time.

graeme ewan

buy it. at this price its def a good “keepers piece” and sounds just fine. I paid £48 on Amazon sometime ago but under £40 quid…… brings it into bargain territory for anyone with an even more than passing interest in the band. Next……BADMOTORFINGER please!!!!

Gavin Hallesy

Neil – According to the reviews on the US Amazon site – no. They say the whole thing is another victim in the ‘Loudness War’. The only thing in there I want personally is the 5.1 mix and that has a few differing reviews. Some comments say the vocals aren’t coming through the center channel on some tracks and that it’s weird. I’m really fighting hard not to click on ‘buy’ but I’m determined not to buy it!

Neil Wilkes

Does anyone know if the 5.1 mix is any good?
Also, how’s the mastering?