Deal Alert / The Who: Quadrophenia metal box



The five-disc Who box set, Quadrophenia Live in London, has dropped to by almost a third on Amazon UK today and is now £69. For that you get five discs in a round 10-inch metal box embossed with Mod bullseye.

The discs are a blu-ray and DVD of the 2013 concert film (both in 5.1 Surround Sound audio) ; a two-CD soundtrack of the show; and a 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire 1973 Quadrophenia studio album on a blu-ray audio disc. You also get a six-inch Mod headlight sticker, a Mod headlight button, as well as a book with liner notes and photos.

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peter crisp

Jim & Paul thoroughly agree with what’s on offer, Jim as you have ordered
the disc separately and ultimately it becomes a little cheaper is there a booklet in each disc? As with the forthcoming “Made In Japan” super deluxe edition, as well as the music, it’s great to have a huge booklet inclusive. The photos, the memorabilia, the history, the making of the album, in the end my preference is the complete box set.


To be honest I am not a big booklet reader. I imagine the individual discs will contain booklets with the information one would normally expect to find enclosed with a CD or music Bluray etc., which is more than enough for me. Any further information I may require I can get online.

I like a wide range of music and what with the massive influx of deluxe/anniversary/ super deluxe releases I always go for the cheaper cut down versions if the content in the big box either duplicates audio, is padded out with replica memorabilia or has minimal extras and does not justify the sometimes 75% increase in price.

[…] available as a standalone product and is also included as part of the Quadrophenia Live in London deluxe box set. Both are due for release on 9 June […]


I also own the ubiquitous Directors Cut box set and numerous vinyl to deluxe issues of Quadrophenia. I went down to the Schottenstein in Columbus to see the 2013 tour and it was more parody than Who.

Pete is trying to set a record for the number of times you can retread the same material. Blu Ray 5.1 of the original album is no use to me, and I don’t really need the latest sort of live version of this classic. And what the heck am I going to do with a sticker and a button ? Maybe they would look nice next to my Pink Floyd marbles.

Brad Chase

Thanks for nothing, Pete! First I had to shell out separately for
the Sensation documentary after buying the Tommy box, now
I have to cough up again for the full 5.1 version of Quadrophenia
after buying that box as well? I never thought Who fans would get
screwed but in 2014 the pound and dollar rule.


As an embarrassed owner of the so-called Quadrophenia Deluxe box set the one with only 8 songs in on a DVD in 5.1, I must say there are people (Pete Townshend) that come to mind when I read the recent Oasis review (Bag of Shite) for stiffing us like he did.


Still cheaper to get all the discs individually – I ordered the Bluray Audio at Amazon.de for £20 then the film Bluray for £20 and the CD for £9 at Amazon UK.

A saving of £20 on this new price.


Yeah, it’s kind of a toss up between having everything nicely contained but knowing I am paying £20 more for the outer box and the badge, (I really do like the design of the main headlight box by the way), or getting it all cheaper.

If it went down to £59 I think I would be tempted to get the box because it really does look nicely presented.

It is similar to the ongoing Oasis and Division Bell topics, how much are you prepared to spend for what you actually ‘need’, especially when those individual components are available separately.


Ideally just want the original Quadrophenia Bluray audio disc but amazon uk still haven’t listed it yet

DJ Control

At least I’m only buying the original Quad again one more time. Townsend originally said that if/when the 5.1 was finished for Quad he was going to make it available free for the punters that purchased the original super deluxe box set via that silly Qcloud web page.

DJ Control

Did I read correctly here? Is that the full original Quadrophenia in 5.1? The same one we only got a few tracks for in the Super Deluxe Edition?


yep thats correct.. oh well Who fans are loaded (they think)