DEAL / Beatles in Mono vinyl box


Cheapest price EVER for the stunning Beatles in Mono 14LP vinyl box set.

You’ll need to be VERY quick because when this went down in price on Amazon UK it literally lasted minutes. At the time of writing it’s €275 or around £215 on Amazon Germany.

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I just got it for EUR 299 from Amazon Italy.


Wow … Wish i was online, when that price happened …

Gary c

Dammit!! Stereo vinyl boxset dropped like a stone to £160 for about a nanosecond this morning. Back up to £275 now


Purchased. Wisdom in a box.


You might try vinyl-gold.com, a Polish website.
It’s not as cheap as amazon now but I got mine for 310 euro plus 16 euro or so for courier a few weeks back.
I find them very reasonable and reliable.
I live in Ireland and do not work for them!!!

My Jelly

Come on Amazon UK follow suit we’re in Europe reduce that £288 price tag Chistmas is coming I need an early present. The last time I placed an order with German Amazon for the John Martyn box set which was ridiculously priced they didn’t fulfill the order and cancelled my order I’m not getting my fingers stung a second time.


Stunning … for this piece of music history and artistry, thank you so much for the heads up. I think Amazon.fr had been the cheapest but that was about 276.00 (which is 304.90 at the moment) Euros for less than a day … So i would be amazed if Amazon.de keep that going for long. Even with postage that’s still a good £50 less than the UK. Shame Amazon.co.uk seems to have dropped only for about five mintues. Still, it’s amazing what you can save if you shop around, as they say. Many thanks Paul, way ahead of the crowd as always. Cheers everyone.

gary c

I got an email from CamelCamelCamel about this too.
I had a choice a couple of weeks back to either buy the Smiths Complete (finally!) off a guy on Ebay or buy Beatles vinyl, and I chose the former.
I’ve got the CD Box so that will be fine…right?