DEAL OF THE DAY: The Who / Quadrophenia Super Deluxe Edition


The Who‘s Quadrophenia Super Deluxe Edition (technically the “Director’s Cut”) came out in Autumn 2011, a period of time which it could be argued was the first season of the really big Super Deluxe Edition box set. Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were both released as ‘Immersion’ boxes around the same time, and U2‘s Achtung Baby and The Rolling StonesSome Girls also got the big box treatment.

The Quadrophenia set held it’s own with most of the above, although loses points for not containing the whole album in 5.1. However the 100-page book is truly excellent with a very long essay by Townshend himself and a track-by-track guide and tons of great photos. The collection also includes a wallet of memorabilia and a replica seven-inch of 5.15. The two whole discs of unreleased demos was also a real highlight.

This set is available NOW for £62 on Amazon UK which makes it today’s ‘Deal of the Day’, especially since it retailed at the time for between £75-£85. Check out the video below for a look at the set and our photo gallery from the time.

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think we have to wait longer… 50th anniversary… :-( So…… hope NOT to die before i get that old..

José David

I´m with Gary, somewhere down the line there’ll be a 5.1 version… Ultimate Deluxe Edition 45th (2018) XD


C’mon we all know that somewhere down the line there’ll be a 5.1 version of Quadrophenia released. I would be very shocked if this turned out to be the definative version.


Can’t stress enough how disappointing it was not to have the full LP in 5.1, when shelling out so much for a box you want it all, not just a sample. Having said that, the box on every other level was excellent although I do wonder if there are any actual outtakes from the session they could have included along with the demos. If you’ll remember in the 1998 reissue of Odds n’ Sods they included the Quadrophenia outtake we close tonight…


got the box when it came out, believe it was around 70 EURO !!! But nevermind the price.. this is an absolute MUST HAVE.. !!! Too bad though that not the whole album is in 5.1..