DECADE: The best of Super Deluxe Edition / pre-order new 128-page book

Physical memento of SDE’s first ten years • 128-page softcover book • Interviews & features • 1000 copies feature special embossed front cover 

I’m pleased to announce DECADE: The best of Super Deluxe Edition 2011-2021, a forthcoming SDE book that features highlights from the site’s first ten years.

The 128-page softcover book offers content highlights from between 2011-2021, including:

  • Peter Gabriel (Feature on ‘So’ box set ‘controversy’ / open letter)
  • Crowded House (interview with reissue producer Jeremy Ansell)
  • World Party (interview with Karl Wallinger)
  • Eurythmics (interview with Dave Stewart)
  • Swing Out Sister (interview)
  • INXS (interview with Andrew Farriss)
  • Depeche Mode (interview with Music For The Masses producer Dave Bascombe)
  • SDE in New York City (diary feature)
  • Duran Duran (feature)
  • Eric Stewart (interview)
  • Art of Noise (‘in search of’ feature)
  • David Bowie (interview with Serious Moonlight photographer Denis O’Regan)
  • Nik Kershaw (interview)
  • a-ha (interview with reissue producer Bill Inglot)
  • George Michael (feature)
  • Mike McCartney (interview)
  • Morrissey (interview with Viva Hate producer Stephen Street)

The book also includes new annotations from SDE editor Paul Sinclair, giving the behind-the-scenes commentary on all the interviews conducted, plus newly commissioned illustrations, unseen photos and more.

This very special publication is the first of three planned volumes for 2021 that together will provide a comprehensive physical memento of the best of SDE in the last 10 years (we hope to produce a slipcase to house all three volumes!).

The first 1000 copies of DECADE are the limited deluxe edition of the book and feature a special embossed/metallic-effect cover with matt and spot varnished highlights. All come numbered and signed by me (SDE editor, Paul Sinclair).

A further 1000 copies will also be signed and numbered and will feature a matt-laminated front cover with spot varnish highlights (the same treatment as on the now sold out McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues).

In the spirit of the 10 year celebrations, SDE will also be giving away a sealed copy of the David Bowie Five Years 13LP vinyl box set. This has a market value in the region of £1000. All purchasers of the numbered copies of DECADE will be automatically entered into the giveaway and details are to follow on how the prize-winner will be selected.

DECADE: The best of Super Deluxe Edition 2011-2021 will ship on or around the date of publication: 30 April 2021.

These books are exclusive to the SDE shop. There will be a maximum order quantity of TWO per customer. Pre-order by using the buttons below or by clicking on this link.


SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Tim Bishop

Thanks for a great site that I dip into often, especially since you featured that excellent expanded reissue of Stephen Duffy’s I Love My Friends. Looking forward to the decade book. I’m only a poor postman, so can’t usually afford much of what you show here, but I love music, love looking at what’s out there, and just occasionally my heart wins over my head! Cheers.


Book duly ordered.
Happy birthday SDE!!!


Ordered. Thank you, Paul.

Postage to Australia etc is quite astronomical at the moment, but did not want to miss out on this one. Thank you again for all your tireless service and hard work over these past few years. SDE is a joy.


Not your fault, Paul. We’re all dealing with it at the moment and it’s out of our hands for now. Gotta have a little treat from time to time, hopefully the postage will come down at some point.

No Nights Off

But does it come in a poly lined sleeve?

John MC cann

Could the cat jump up and knock that mug of coffee/tea all over your superdeluxe editions,?


Paul, In light of heightened shipping costs during this time, and to provide some indication of future demand for you, I would be willing to prepay for all three volumes (plus slipcase), and wait to ship them until later in the year (or whenever). I suspect total shipping costs would be cheaper. If this is too difficult, or just impractical, I understand. Just wanted to throw out the suggestion. P.S. Already ordered the first volume- small price to pay for the value this website offers.


What a great surprise, Paul – I’m in for all three, and the slipcase!

One problem though, with conversion rate and shipping to Oz, I’m not going to be able to afford one until the day after tomorrow… if you have any idea, will you still have enough copies of the deluxe version?

Thank you, Paul. And happy anniversary once again.


Cheers. That takes a load off my mind. Can’t wait.

Garry Blum

I always look forward to receiving your e-mails,congrats on the book.


Do I need this? No
Is it likely to be highly readable and produced to a very high quality standard? Yes
Have I ordered it? Hell yes!

Congratulations Paul. Happy 10th birthday.
Looking forward to seeing the website refresh.



Ordered!! Wow Paul, congratulations on a job well done. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your website; the interviews, reviews, reissue news, deal alerts and hanging out with the SDE community in the comments section. Every day it brings me joy. Thank you for that!!

Chad B

This is quite a surprise and a nice one at that. Congratulations Paul on 10 years of Super Deluxe Edition. I can not count how many artists, different kinds of music and wonderful boxsets that I have discovered because to you and SDE site. I’ve ordered my copy and looking forward to getting it.


10 years? Crazy. I remember my go to place, for New Wave reissue news and interviews, 20 years ago was Remember The 80s which later changed its name to This is Not Retro. I can’t remember the guy who ran it but I remember when SDE first launched I thought it was too niche a site to ever take off. Now it IS the only place to go for classic music reissues. I can’t think of another site like it.


Some colours from Paper Gods plus the title Decade. Once a Duranie….

Cheers from Germany, Paul. Well done. All the best for the next Decade!


Indie psych rocker Steve Wynn (formerly of The Dream Syndicate) even released a box set under that moniker last autumn…


Ordered! Happy 10th Paul. SDE has been the first thing I look at every dang day for years now. The posts are always informative, well written and what I think makes SDE unique is that it’s got that fan perspective. You’re a fan communicating with other fans. I devour every post, even for artists that aren’t really my thing mostly for the comments. Everyone who posts are respectful of others here and as a direct result a community has flourished. Here’s to the next ten!

Jay kranz

Not gonna follow the Bowie model and sell the empty slipcase first?

Joking aside this looks great!

Chris Parker

Ordered, How do we know what version we get? 1st 1000 or is it random. Fingers crossed for the 5 years box set, huge Bowie fan

Hoping the slip cases aren’t as hard to get hold of as the BLA ones


Happy to order and help in a small way for all the years of pleasure (and the deal alerts) over the years I’ve gotten from this site. I’m sure the book will be excellent too. Thanks Paul!


Just ordered Paul in support of your work wich is essential
“En souvenir ” in memory of an unexpected meeting at a pub in the Royal Albert Hall just before the second Steven Wilson show (18 th march 2018) . The same night i saw my favourite artist in a special venue and a very clever music journalist specialist in his own way
I read your site every day ans sometimes twice a day, always some good news and i often advice my independant record store about the isues and re-issues (sorry for not bying them on the site !)
Happy future years Paul . Christophe Nice (french riviéra France )

Kai Karkkainen

Despite brexit, I just had to order this as a thank you for all your hard work this last decade ( and I shall no doubt be ordering the other volumes as well later in the year ). Here’s to the next 10 years!

Stephen Hoines

Paul, wonderful to see SDE still turning up with all the good stuff. Happy Ten Years (time goes so fast).
About time for a new Competition…..how about the prize being the book!?
Regular Competitions would be great!!

Neil Harland

Ordered, love to have all the interviews in one place. SDE has been a great site to help me grab some great deals over the years, and also often been the first site to announce deals !


Paul , : Re. the potential import tax etc for the rest of Europe.

Without wanting to teach my granny how to suck eggs , what you need to do is include a nice vivid colour sticker with the exact tariff code number for educational books on the packaging.

The biggest problem we in Europe (I’m in the uk) have always had is that because EVERY single product falling into its own tariff code registration Is that the sheer volume of stuff that passes through customs gets automatically hit for 20% no matter what as they don’t have the time nor inclination to deduce otherwise……

The tariff code book Is literally a foot thick.

I used to import a lot of “art prints” which were subject to only 5% vat as they were “cultural” and was constantly hit for 20% because the American sellers couldn’t care less , I could always claim it back but it was a pain in the arse to do so , but I did so anyway and had a 100% success rate.

Maybe do a test run to someone in Europe with a sticker telling of the correct tariff code emboldened on the packing , they “should” get it tariff/cost free due to the educational values of a book….that’s if the system works correctly

Alan Mitchell

Yeah that’s great for the old dinosaurs on the site but for someone who likes to keep things current and minimal will you be releasing it digitally?

I’m taking the pee like everyone else here BTW. I fully expect the audio book to be released on coloured vinyl though.


Congratulations on the past decade Paul, and for bringing us so many memories and expert analysis (and all the price drop bargains) along the way. You’ve reignited my passion on many a down day and enlightened and entertained along the way. Thank you.
Book ordered. Any chance of a signed copy? You’re a legend.
PS: If I win the Five Years Box Set then please instead keep it and ebay it for charity.
Keep it up over the next decade.

Eric Penning

Ordered ! Looking forward to it ! Keep up the good work, Paul !

Larry Davis

Looks great…will be pre-ordering Friday at the latest…and winning that Bowie box will be icing on the cake!!


Brilliant. Now I get to hold SDE in my hands too.

Ed Naylor

Congrats on the anniversary! So now it’s become clear – all this talk of “spot varnishing” and “embossing” over the past decade has been a ploy to get us salivating like Pavlov’s dog when you dropped your own magnum opus. Well played sir! ;-)


I trust you’ll be releasing some additional content as a e-book, just for giggles. ;-)

Nathan Thomas

In honour of Bowie can we ‘register our interest’ in the purchase of the empty cardboard box that will potentially house the 3 books ? Lol


Well done Paul to the first ten years of making this such an enjoyable and informative music site that I check on a daily basis.
Here is to many more decades of continued success.


Ultimately, you could release a box set containing all three Decade volumes with bonus material including first drafts, test prints, etc. and a foreword by Paul McCartney!


Hey Paul, I know you can’t cheat on actual value but £ 30 will be too much for customs here….whiçh means 24 euro in customs admin costs + about 10 euro in duties; will end up to be £ 60. Any solutions?


unfortunately no; customs are nasty in Belgium. Recently purchased the Arlo Parks LP, seller declared £ 22 and I had to pay….34 euro in duties which I refused to pay. They don’t care if it’s a book or a record. I’m ready to order it, would like to have it but….


well it could be solved if declared as a ‘gift’ instead of a commercial product.

carsten Christensen

No VAT or customs handling exemption in Denmark. Unfortunately brexit has ruined the possibility ordering from here, Decade totals around £60


I am happy to pre order this, as I can not count how many artists, different kinds of music and wonderful boxsets I haev discovered thank to you and this site, Paul.

Chris Lancaster

Just ordered; looks great. Many thanks, Paul, for all of the website content over the years. It’s been entertaining, informative, and one of the first websites I check every morning. Here’s to the next 10 years!

James in Canada

Love the site and I love these booklets. My order is in. Looking forward to it Paul and another 10 years with hope that a site committed to physical releases will still be “relevant” in 10 years.


In how many colors will this be released ?

Congratulations ;-)




Is this shipping to the US? Not seeing anything about territorial shipping restrictions but want to be sure before I pull the trigger.


Purchased! Have to check out the deals I missed out on before joining SDE around three years ago.
Take care, Paul.

Peter cl

Looking for a deal alert on this,,,


Why no Blu-ray version?


Count me in – this site has pointed to some unmissable items I would have otherwise missed. Looking forward to parts two and three as well.