Deep Purple / “Made in Europe” box


Deep Purple have announced that their 1976 live album Made in Europe is being remixed and will be released as a deluxe box set in “early 2015”.

The following message was posted on their Facebook page a few hours ago:

“Deep Purple (Overseas) in conjunction with UMG is currently remixing the brilliant ‘Made In Europe’ which was taken from Saarbrucken in April 1975. Ritchie’s final shows…..Universal will be releasing a superb box set with the complete shows and a new documentary based on the period. IT ROCKS and it’s due early 2015!”

As noted, the album was recorded on the final dates in April 1975 just before Ritchie Blackmore left and the group had broken up by the time of the October 1976 release.

More news on this when we have it.

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Cameron H

If any updates on this boxset could be shared please let us know, I would really like it. Thanks.

Mark Nolde

This is not really progressing a lot it seems.

I dont understand the rerelease of MIE as a standalone with just 5 tracks in 2015. 2017?

But not a total fullblown edition in which ALL Saarbrucken tracks , remixed et all?

Eludes me Whats going on here? :)

Tero Honkasalo

Any update on this?


Scott W.

Now with DPO seas going bankrupt I guess we will see no more archive releases?

michael shiflett

I’m sorry, but with all due respect made in europe is nowhere near as good as made in japan!


I love both. They’re different.


A year has passed since the day the news of deep purple made in europé deluxe edition was released, and still nothing. What happened?


Hi folks,
by now it’s nearly the end of 2015, and nothing happened – as usual in the DP-camp.
Does anyone knew what happened to this project?

Julian H

I wonder if they will correct Ritchie’s spelling on the cover.

Julian H

Maybe that’s why it’s taken them so long…


Anyone know if there’s any progress regarding the MIE-boxset?


The ‘Live in Graz’ is for me worth buying for ‘Mistreated ‘ alone. An absolute STUNNING performance IMHO.

joan massey

just found the 8 track at a Thrift Store.


Correct. Take the vinyl edition for a great audio experience. MIJ has never sounded so cool.
I hope for the same concerning MIE.

[…] is confirmed that a Deep Purple Made in Europe box is coming because the band let that slip and Kate Bush‘s Before The Dawn will see a deluxe release – probably a multi-disc book […]


Note to Universal Music Group: That obscure Deep Purple song is called ‘Smoke On The Water’, not ‘Somoke On The Water’ (as printed on the back cover of all three LP sleeves in the recent Made In Japan vinyl box)…

The big MIJ vinyl box does sound great to these ears though. I wouldn’t say the vinyl mastering is ‘brickwalled’ at all…

Rock Voorne

What is “brickwalled”?

Eric Weinraub

They better do a better job than they did with the Made in Japan box. Fans are tired of brickwalled digital.


Hopefully it will be cheaper (and better) than the 4CD Made in Japan box.

dr. Zoidberg

The new Graz-cd has the same mix that’s on the old Mk. III – The Final Concerts 2cd, with the drum solo edited out from exactly the same place.
Also the song You Fool No One on the Paris set sounds a bit suspicious. It was also edited on the old Final Concerts 2cd with the guitar solo left off. However the Paris cd’s released since seem to patch the guitar solo part straight from the old Made In Europe. And the Paris cd’s sure sound more patchy (funny sounding bass boost on the final band note before the solo and audience crossfade in the beginning of Blues) than M.I.E. So what’s from where? Beats me.

Jürgen P.

…..Universal will be releasing a superb box set with the complete shows and a new documentary based on the period…..

Hope the new documentary is just like “Live in Japan Tokyo 1972” many
unseen footage from 74 to April 75 ….


The Deep Purple setlist in early 1975 was as follows
The Gypsy
Lady Double Dealer
Smoke on the Water
You Fool No One
Space Truckin’
*encores (only known to be played Paris)
Going Down (Don Nix)
Highway Star

Made in Europe contains only five songs of the Saarbrucken Show, with bits sliced in from Paris and Graz. You fool No One misses the ‘Mule’ bit and is only 16 minutes this should be approx. 20 minutes. Stormbringer is out of sequence (although sounds as a perfect setcloser)

The ‘complete’ Graz-show was released recently. It is however NOT complete. Ritchie’s Blues bit en the entire drumsolo (which David promises at the start of You fool No One) miss here. There are no encores and it is unsure if they were played there. From the You fool no One edit it lookes like they used the same mixes as were on MK III: the final concerts.

Live in Paris (La dernière séance) is thus the only really complete show released and includes the encores. These are with Space Truckin’ on the second disc. You Fool No One has Ritchie’s blues, the drumsolo and the Mule segment.

So, what will we get extra with the complete shows:
-The Saarbrucken versions of The Gypsy, Smoke on the Water and Space Truckin’
-And we will learn the truth about the other tracks, esp. Mistreated and You full No One.
-The complete You Fool No One from Graz.
-Maybe the encores were played in Saarbrucken and even in Graz. We don’t know that. It is known that Ritchie wrecked a Guitaronly in Paris during Highway Star (and still manages to make it sound better than the ‘Last concert version’ with Tommy, but this wasn’t Tommy cup of tea).

hope this gives a light in the black, dNK


hi! Which bits from Paris and Germany? I have purchased the Graz cd and also have the Paris cds and do NOT recognize coincidences between MIE and Graz / Paris. Thanks a lot!


Forgot to add… I had also read that the CD had edited versions of solos by Ritchie and Paice. Not sure if that’s accurate, but if so, a “complete” set would be nice. Time to start saving money again.


According to one source I saw, that show also included Going Down and Highway Star as encores, which were not included on the recently released CD.

Hans Jörg

Could it be that graz is not complete? The reissue is a single cd and I cannot imagine that purple only played 80 minutes or less.

Philip Cohen

All of three of these concerts(Graz, Saarbrucken & Paris) have already been released in their entirety elsewhere, and undoubtedly, in this new boxed set(as with Universal’s “Made in Japan” 4-CD + DVD box), these albums will be given compressed “Loudness Wars” remixes & mastering. No thanks.


Graz is edited and lacks the encores. Saarbrucken has not been released in its entirety as well.

Hartmut Kreckel

Saarbrücken hast NOT been released in its entirety.


Opens with a blazing (ha) version of Burn and closes with an almost as good version of Stormbringer – my introduction to DP. I’ve not always loved everything I was supposed to but they were on fire (ha, I just can’t stop) on this record. About as good as any live stuff I have from them.

Johnny Fuckin' T

This is great news. Love this album and the Coverdale/Hughes DP era so much. I still remember getting it for 99 cents in the cut-out bin at Woolworth’s in 1980