Demon to fix Suede vinyl box error

Demon Records have promised to replace the 2LP vinyl version of Suede‘s Night Thoughts contained within their recent Studio Albums 93-16 box set, after it emerged that there were issues with the audio.

Fans had noted and complained about the sound at the end of the sides, because instead of fading out, they were hearing the start of the next track. So for example at the end of ‘No Tomorrow’ (which finishes Side A) you can hear a bit of ‘Pale Snow’ (which is the start of Side B). This is clearly not how it is supposed to be, since the original vinyl wasn’t like this. This afternoon Demon have issued the following statement:

“Demon acknowledge that there is an error with the masters used for the pressing of “Night Thoughts” within the Suede Vinyl Box set released on the 9th November.. A new master has been provided by Suede for “Night Thoughts”, and both LPs for this album will be repressed and will be available to everyone who purchased the box set. We are waiting on manufacturing timelines to confirm the date a replacement will be available. Demon are genuinely sorry, and are addressing the issue as a matter of priority.”

The label have promised to issue further details via their own, and Suede’s, social channels, and obviously SDE will keep you up-to-date too.

The box set was released last Friday although by that point the limited edition coloured vinyl edition had long since sold out and only the black vinyl version was available.

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[…] box set last year and were unhappy with the vinyl pressing of Night Thoughts. The label were quick to acknowledge the error – to do with song segues on the four sides of vinyl of the 2016 album –  and vowed to fix the […]

Tony O

sorry Paul, I did actually just get a reply from DMG


Thanks for contacting Demon Music.

We are still waiting to hear back from Amazon as to how they would like to proceed. As soon as we have confirmation, we will communicate this to you.

Thanks for your patience,



Some people seem to have received a replacement, has anyone found out how to get one yet, Amazon won’t accept messages 6 months after order date and as this was preordered a long time ago I cannot contact them!?!

Tony O

sorry to sound like a broken record Paul, but did you get any updates on the box set

Brenez Alain

I just played ‘Night Thoughts’ of the box set for the first time. Beside the known issue of the fade out, there is also a big issue with the speed as it doesn’t play at the right speed, Brett Anderson sounding more like Barry White.
1st LP plays okay although not as dynamic as the CD’s.


Play it at 45rpm and it’s fine. I also couldn’t understand why 331/3rd rpm didn’t work so I switched to 45 and no problem. I later googled it and other people obviously had the same problem and same solution.

Nuno Videira

Any news about this?


Hi Paul,
Were you able to get any updates from Demon?


I experience some of the records being quite noisy and lots of crackles. Especially the first record (Suede).
Someone else having the same problem?


Same here especially the Suede album

Matt Thurston

My box set arrived to me in Los Angeles a couple days ago. Open it up today. The top spine of every record save one of them is badly split open about 6 inches. Obviously the inner sleeves are split open as well. And I could even live with that. But the top spine of the record jacket? No way. So disappointed.


My Suede coloured vinyl has the usual split and creased inner sleeves which is really annoying, it makes them look second hand. The inner sleeves in the Cast box set(same company) were a far superior quality.

Such a shame more care can’t be taken with these collectors sets. I’ve emailed Demon asking if they can replace the inner sleeves, but one week later, no response.


Got to take my hat off to Demon, they’ve updated their news page to take account of the problems with the inner sleeves that quite a few, myself included have mentioned. Whilst it would have been nice if it hadn’t happened in the first place, their willingness to deal with the problems is excellent in my opinion.


This reissue uses the cheapest of materials. Wafer thin inner sleeves, some of which arrive torn. The rest are creased to some extent. Now to hear that there is mis pressing is the icing on the cake. Demon are cheapening their brand by releasing such sub standard product. As many people will comment, I can always not buy the next Demon product and send this one back. That is good advice .


Maybe Demon will also replace my copy of the debut LP from this set. Absolutely horrific pressing quality, which seems to be a recurring feature of vinyl pressed by GZ. Not very excited to hear the rest at this point. Yet another vinyl return that I have to spend time negotiating.

Tony O

you guys think you have problems, my “Head Music” has two copies of disc 1!


This is a fairly common thing to happen with these box sets, isn’t it? My 69 Love Songs box set had 2x Volume 2 Disc Ones… I finally got round to playing it after over 3 years after its release and the lovely people at Merge Records honoured a replacement – sent all the way from the USA


They must have made up new acetates and stampers for this edition, which is good – obviously digitally sourced – but the mastering engineer does not appear to have listened to it – bad. I wonder how do these records sound compared with previous release?


I only have a 2014 DMS and 2016 Coming Up to compare. I think the 2014 DMS is superior to the boxset, while the two Coming Ups are about the same. I do think the debut self title sounds good. I also used to own the HM reissue and Night Thoughts, but i don’t think neither those nor those in the boxset stood out for me, they’re all quite average sounding.

Steven Roberts

For what it’s worth mine did turn up, but I’m going to send it back. I just can’t be arsed with all this proof of address/waiting for a new copy/hoping that’s not faulty as well nonsense. I’m out.

So if anyone out there is still miffed that they missed out on a copy, you might want to keep your eyes open for a ‘Warehouse deal’ in the next week or two when Amazon attempt to re-flog the copy I’m returning……


Glad to hear other people’s inner sleeves we split..
Mine were also creased ..
Really poor quality

Please send out some winners, as well as the disc!



Misery loves company.

David Yeates


I’d just come home from work!

Couldn’t find the words.. Mr Fusspot


I think Demon records need to slow down and think a little. I got the CAST coloured vinyls a few days ago and all 4 records are dished/warped. I then got another set and 2 of the 4 are warped/dished. Quality control clearly not a strong point


Hi Paul
As the coloured vinyl edition is an Amazon Exclusive does this mean that when Demon get the corrected discs pressed up they will be sent to Amazon to be redistributed to everyone that bought a copy? There’s no way I can find of asking Amazon without initiating a return of the whole box set (which doesn’t usually need to take place if they’ve accepted that the fault is theirs)… Or will they be sent from Demon as people apply to them with proof of purchase from Amazon? So annoying… I’ve only just got the corrected Soft Cell DVD disc (which now works!)

Chris Squires

As Paul says he will post the details here but my guess, FWIW is that we will probably have to send proof of purchase to Demon like we had to do with the duff Bowie box. Demon will just send out the replacement disc.

If they are smart they will make us work for it a bit so they can probably get away with not having to provide too many new copies. If 1,500 have been sold but only 500 people complain or bother to write in then Bingo. If they go through pure Amazon sales they will be replacing copies that the customer didn’t even realize was faulty or had no intention or thought of complaining. Sounds cynical but that’s the cheapest way of digging them selves out of a hole.


I think you’re right, and hopefully they’ll be courteous enough to give their customers some kind of warning or idea of when the ‘cut-off’ will be (yes, I’m one of the silly ones who delayed, forgot and missed my replacement “Heroes”!)



They only issued 1,000 copies of the coloured box set, exclusive to Amazon, and ALL sold.

So that’s their commitment.

As you say ref. The Bowie “Heroes” situation, they sent out copies, without sleeves to thos pe that complained, and showed proof of purpose, I expect it will be the same process.


Chris Squires

Absolutely Peter, I am making the assumption that the black vinyl version also has the same issues too, I don’t have a black copy so it is just an assumption and that then brings in all of the small independent and internet retailers like What records etc.

For me, it’s a case of do Demon do the right thing and press up 1,000 coloured copies and another 1,000 black copies (or whatever the black vinyl run was) and still give out replacement copies in 2 years time or do they hit the “expediency” button press 500 of each and then quietly put a 3 – 6 month time limit on it and not tell anyone about the time limit until it has passed. V.V. sneaky.

We get the advantage of a community here at SDE but I am sure there will be quite a few people who do not “do” the internet forums and will buy the black copy from a Bricks ‘n mortar independent and maybe a few who did buy from Amazon but just don’t follow it up (a present maybe?), don’t notice or don’t get around to playing the whole box set for a few months. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have put an LP on then I get a call from the Mrs. only to return an hour later to find the record still spinning. None the wiser in that case.

I just get the feeling that most companies will get away with whatever they can.


my guess is it’s gonna be the latter ( they be sent from Demon as people apply to them with proof of purchase from Amazon) because from a logistics point of view it’s easier for Demon and Demon only to handle the replacement, black or colored. Also it’s Demon who messed up so it’s only fair for them to fix this, Amazon should have no part in this process.


That’s what happened with the faulty Dead or Alive ‘Nude’ vinyls. As I remember, I got an email from Amazon, asking me to simply confirm the order for the replacement, and it was sent out.

Peter Muscutt

Have received my set but haven’t been able to play it yet so thanks for the heads up. I too received mine with most of the inner sleeves split, which seems to be a common problem. Incidentally, does anyone know (from experience) whether the LPs with the audio issue are worth holding onto? Would Demon expect us to return the faulty LPs if we want a replacement, or might they ship out new LPs upon a proof of purchase/order etc and let us keep the old ones?

I only ask as I recall seeing an article about some real old LPs and 7″ mispressings once (wrong label applied to LP, wrong song pressed onto wrong side of LP/7″ etc.) and wondered if they were worth anything to collectors? Probably wishful thinking…

As this involves a sound/audio issue, I doubt it but just a thought!! I can imagine some Suede vinyl collector in the year 2075 poring over the faulty Night Thoughts LPs going “hmm, the 2018 coloured version with the audio cock up…interesting curio!”

Rik Skyline

Mr. Eustace – “The original Bloodsports debacle” that you refer to is nothing to do with Demon Records. That album was originally issued by Warner Bros.

David Carter

Does this affect the coloured and black vinyl, I received mine yesterday(coloured) but havent opened it yet, will they swap coloured for coloured. Ill give it a spin at the weekend.


It’s not black, it’s charcoal!

andrew R

Nothing to do with the Suede box per se
However with the plethora of box sets available
at the moment are any getting” lost” sales wise or not performing as expected?
For instance i have held back on Electric Ladyland purely on a financial level
normally with no sales competition i would have snapped it up.
Any ideas Paul?


Good on Demon for their prompt and professional response.

thomas solimine

It amazes me that the quality control on so many of these reissues and boxes goes out the window. Doesn’t anyone listen to these before release?


Looking at some of the comments here, the people who buy these box sets don’t even listen to them after their release!


Given that I’m waiting on mine from Amazon UK, I’ve not been able to hear these for myself yet. Assuming the replacement discs will be colored vinyl versions.


Me too, now been informed that 3 days after the carrier received it that it is now’ undeliverable’
As it is damaged! Something strange going on here, taken a week from dispatch by Amazon Dunstable to finally get this news after many emails and calls to Amazon.


Amazon sent mine loose in a box with only “magic paper” no protective case for the set, just bouncing around inside the box from the UK. Mine got dinged onthe corner and a split on top. Am I PO’ed yes, it really boggles the mind that an amazon exclusive set is made and no shipping accomidations are thought out. But to be pragmatic, atleast it arrived, records undamaged…..


I got mine from Amazon, packaging was perfect, so much so I posted on FB, as there are countless whining and negative comments on the forums/groups I frequent.

In a fairly large box, with rolled paper taking up the slack. Then a cardboard box similar size to the box set, inside this was a purpose made polystyrene enclosure, with box set within

Top class, I would have expected ALL such copies would have been packed similar as this was an Amazon exclusive!!

Paul Taylor

It will very much depend on the warehouse that shipped it. Not all package stuff the same


same, and even the box itself wasn’t very sturdy. It’s a big box, bigger than necessary, and all they have inside was some scrap paper. my box, like yours, must have been bouncing around all the way to new york. it’s dinged a little but not too bad and the records are fine.

Paul Taylor

My mate was pulling my leg about my woes with Amazon and missing items but it seems I’m not alone.
I ordered the Bowie Who Can I Be Now box and the first one went missing due to being ‘sent to the wrong carrier facility’ and hasn’t been heard of since. The replacement was out in the van for delivery and vanished into thin air. It took a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing by email and phone (including me hinting at getting the police involved as an item I paid for appeared to have been misappropriated) before they eventually offered the choice of refund or replacement; I took the former.
One thing I’m not keen on is the fact Amazon pre package a lot of stuff and stick a wee label on the box describing the contents; hardly ideal. To be fair I tend to get stuff packaged as Peter has described which would negate the labelling issue but that’s not always the case
On a brighter note, they ended up giving me £35 in various credits over the two weeks of hassle which I have offset against the upcoming Simple Minds box set. Hopefully that arrives ok……


Yeah Paul, I feel with you!
I am in exact the same position now with this Suede-set……


I was advised that my order was damaged and undeliverable on say of release, together with White alhum) – sounded very odd then and more so to read it’s happened to othere as well


Has there been a single Suede set on Demon that has released faultlessly since the original Bloodsports debacle? I have the original white albums boxset – think that one was ok? But, for example, my 4 disc DMS @ Royal Albert Hall was all torn when it turned up…

John Archbell

Hi Paul

Do you know if they’ll replace the defect discs for people who bought off eBay?



I have ordered the coloured-vinyl version on 5. October,
it was shipped last week and never arrived.

Obviously it was sent back by “somebody”, not me (!!)
though I ordered hundreds of items to my adress…..never any problems.

Amazon.uk told me they will refund it but they cannot re-dispatch the item to me.
Isn’t that great??……Especially as it is sold out……

Paul Taylor

I had a David Bowie box set go missing last week after it was put in the van for delivery. They still haven’t found it
Must be that time of year…..


Not really connected but thought someone might read this here – my recent OMD vinyl Architecture & Morality, at the end of side 2 it the needle goes scraping all over the label.(thus missing that end “loop” thing the bit after the music is stopped (what DO you actually call that run off bit?!). Does it every time – my poor stylus if I’m not in the room! Tweeted it to OMD but no reply, which is unusual for them.


It’s called the “run-out groove”.

Most discussion about run-out grooves concerns the codes or messages engraved in the “dead wax” area surrounding it, or cases (such as with the Beatles or Midnight Oil) where the artist has actually included audio on it that plays forever on a manual turntable that doesn’t lift and return the tone arm at the end of the side. (Or if, as a child, you successfully figure out how to override the return mechanism on your parents’ automatic turntable in order to listen to Sgt. Pepper’s run-out groove. Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

I’ve never heard of a record not having one, though. Perhaps OMD have a kickback deal with the stylus manufacturers. :^)

andrew R

Digital master cut to analogue .Pointless exercise and fraught with cock up
potential it would seem.
Where will the vinyl madness end?


Indeed. It sounds like they used the CD to master the new vinyl version, does it not.

Colin Harper

This sort of thing seems to keep happening with Demon/Edsel stuff, doesn’t it? Mind you, it doesn’t sound as ghastly as the ‘grey area’ Mahavishnu Orchestra white vinyl 2LP set ‘Dawn’ – manufactured in Europe from a US FM broadcast – that features somebody talking in German through the studio door intercom on Side 3. Probably the postman delivering something. Mind-boggling that no one – ‘grey area’ labels let alone ‘proper’ ones – seems to go through a process equivalent to the test pressing process of the ‘original’ vinyl era.

Pádraig Collins

Colin, that’s hilarious. You’ll have to include that in one of your sleevenotes at some point.

Paul Taylor

This is unfortunate but appears to be a recurring problem with these types of box sets. There has also been comment elsewhere about the audio sounding ‘flat’ although others seem to be happy with it. As Steve says issues like this take the shine off the anticipation and ultimately off the enjoyment of your shiny new purchase (which isn’t always that cheap). Bowie fans were equally disappointed after the Heroes debacle. I passed on this, for different reasons to be fair, and probably happy now that I did. I don’t take disappointment well!
While it’s to their credit to get on the case quickly, you can’t help but feel that an issue like this should never really have got out the door.


I am still waiting for mine to arrive. Thank you Paul for the update. This is yet another reason this site is such a great resource, things like this could easily slip through the cracks.


hopefully when they replace it will come with new inner sleeves too (if not jacket also), as mine, like many others’, have seam splits

Tony O

thanks for the heads up


Did they use the CD as the master for the cut?


The sticker says “remastered from the original tapes”, so I hope not.


I get so anxious about problems of both cd and vinyl box set pre-orders that after the soft cell problems I’ve stopped myself from purchasing them straight away. I know the problems are usually resolved but it’s the initial disappointment and waiting for a resolution that peeves me. I’m sure someone that hasn’t even heard Night Thoughts would pick up on the problem so where’s the quality control?


I have had a soft cell replacement dvd now and would assume that others have too.. but it took a month. I think that these things just should not happen but they do, despite being worked on by very experienced engineers and major labels. I think I will follow your lead and wait a while; we don’t really need the album the day it is released anyway, do we? I suppose if everyone did this though, the record company may think no one is going to buy it as they grade the importance of the release by pre sales.

Alan Fenwick

That’s fantastic news and fair play to not running and hiding with this issue, it would have been easy to do that and just ignore it.

What would be the icing on the cake is if Demon would also package up a complete set of new set of inner sleeves along with the replacement record in lieu of all the reports of seem splits people are reporting (I include myself in that)


This is great news, it’s frustrating the error happened in the first place, but I’m glad Demon have acknowledged the error and intend on fixing the issue.


Hi Paul

Will demon fix the coloured version as well?

But to be fair, I haven’t played it yet to find out?

Keep us informed