Diana Ross: 1980s albums reissued with comprehensive bonus tracks


Diana Ross‘s albums recorded during the RCA/EMI era (1981-88) have been expanded for reissue later this year.

Soul, funk and disco reissue specialists Funky Town Grooves have remastered (from the original tapes) all six albums from the period in question, and the releases will either take the form of expanded single disc editions (Why Do Falls Fall In Love, Silk Electric, Ross) or two-CD deluxe editions (Swept Away, Eaten Alive, Red Hot Rhythm and Blues).

The label also appear to have done a decent job in tracking down the various edits and remixes of the singles with multiple versions of virtually every 45 making an appearance. Full track listings are available below.

All these reissues will be released on 14 October 2014.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Expanded Edition)

Silk Electric (Expanded Edition)

Ross (Expanded Edition)

Swept Away (2CD Deluxe)

Eaten Alive

Red Hot Rhythm and Blues

Track listings


Why Do Fools Fall In Love (1981)

  • 1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
  • 2. Sweet Surrender
  • 3. Mirror,Mirror
  • 4. Endless Love
  • 5. It’s Never Too Late
  • 6. Think I’m In Love
  • 7. Sweet Nothings
  • 8. Two Can Make It
  • 9. Work That Body
  • 10. Mirror, Mirror (7 Inch Mix)
  • 11. Mirror, Mirror (7 Inch Alternate Version)
  • 12. Work That Body (7 Inch Mix)
  • 13. Work That Body (12 Inch Mix)
  • 14. Work That Body (Extended Mix)
  • 15. Endless Love (Edited Version)
  • 16. Endless Love (Vocal Version)
  • 17. Endless Love (Instrumental)


Silk Electric (1982)

  • 1. Muscles
  • 2. So Close
  • 3. Still in Love
  • 4. Fool for Your Love
  • 5. Turn Me Over
  • 6. Who
  • 7. Love Lies
  • 8. In Your Arms
  • 9. Anywhere You Run To
  • 10. I Am Me
  • 11. Muscles (Edited Version)
  • 12. Muscles (12″ Version)
  • 13. So Close (Single Version)
  • 14. I Am Me (Edited Version)


Ross (1983)

  • 1. That’s How You Start Over
  • 2. Love Will Make It Right
  • 3. You Do It
  • 4. Pieces of Ice
  • 5. Let’s Go Up
  • 6. Love or Loneliness
  • 7. Up Front
  • 8. Girls
  • 9. Piece of Ice (12 Inch Mix)
  • 10. Pieces of Ice (12 Inch Instrumental)
  • 11. Pieces of Ice (7 Inch Mix)
  • 12. Up Front (7 Inch Mix)
  • 13. Up Front (Special Club Mix)
  • 14. Up Front (12 Inch Mix)
  • 15. Let’s Go Up (7 Inch Mix)


Swept Away (1984)

Disc: 1

  • 1. Missing You
  • 2. Touch by Touch
  • 3. Rescue Me
  • 4. It’s Your Move
  • 5. Swept Away
  • 6. Telephone
  • 7. Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)
  • 8. All of You
  • 9. We Are the Children of the World
  • 10. Forever Young

Disc: 2

  • 1. Swept Away (12 Inch Long Version)
  • 2. Swept Away (12 Inch Instrumental)
  • 3. Swept Away (7 Inch Single Mix)
  • 4. Touch by Touch (12 Inch Single Mix)
  • 5. Touch by Touch (12 Inch Instrumental)
  • 6. Touch by Touch (Alternate Single Mix)
  • 7. Telephone (Edited Version)
  • 8. Missing You (7 Inch Single Mix)
  • 9. Fight for It (7 Inch Single Version)


Eaten Alive (1985)

Disc: 1

  • 1. Eaten Alive
  • 2. Oh Teacher
  • 3. Experience
  • 4. Chain Reaction
  • 5. More and More
  • 6. I’m Watching You
  • 7. Love on the Line
  • 8. (I Love) Being in Love with You
  • 9. Crime of Passion
  • 10. Don’t Give Up on Each Other

Disc: 2

  • 1. Eaten Alive (Single Mix)
  • 2. Eaten Alive (Single Mix Instrumental)
  • 3. Eaten Alive (Hot Extended Dance Mix)
  • 4. Eaten Alive (12 Inch Instrumental)
  • 5. Experience (Special Dance Mix)
  • 6. Experience (Instrumental)
  • 7. Experience (Single Version)
  • 8. Chain Reaction (Special Dance Mix)
  • 9. Chain Reaction (Special Single Mix)


Red Hot Rhythm and Blues (1987)

Disc: 1

  • 1. Dirty Looks (US Album Version)
  • 2. Stranger In Paradise
  • 3. Summertime
  • 4. Shine
  • 5. Tell Me Again
  • 6. Selfish One
  • 7. Cross My Heart
  • 8. There Goes My Baby
  • 9. It s Hard For Me To Say
  • 10. Shockwaves
  • 11. Mr. Lee (European Album Version)
  • 12. Tell Mama (European Album Version)
  • 13. Sweet Soul Music (Previously Un-Released)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Dirty Looks (Remix Version)
  • 2. Dirty Looks (Instrumental)
  • 3. Dirty Looks (Bonus Beats)
  • 4. Dirty Looks (UK Album Mix)
  • 5. Shockwaves (12 Remix)
  • 6. Shockwaves (Instrumental)
  • 7. Shockwaves (7 Remix)
  • 8. Mr. Lee (Swing Mix)
  • 9. Mr. Lee (Rare Groove Version)
  • 10. Mr Lee (7″ Swing Beat Mix)

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Expanded Edition)

Silk Electric (Expanded Edition)

Ross (Expanded Edition)

Swept Away (2CD Deluxe)

Eaten Alive

Red Hot Rhythm and Blues

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Interesting Stefano. I think these reissues are fantastic. But to my ears, the single remix of Chan reaction doesn’t sound as clear and crisp as the other tracks – sort of muffled. I was really looking forward to this and I feel a bit disappointed. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this track?


My question to FunkyTownGrooves:
One question: on CD 2 of ‘Swept Away’ track 5 lists ‘Touch By Touch 12” Instrumental (5:15), but it seems to be an edited version of the 12” Vocal Mix and runs 4:03 minutes. The instrumental version is not present on this reissue, but does exist on the B-side of the European 7″ of Missing You. Are you aware of this?

FunkyTownGrooves answer:
Yes – it is an error – apologies.

Lenny K.

The 7″ Edit of “Telephone” is taken from a bad vinyl record! You can hear it if you compare it to the album version! If the mastering engineers had been smart, they would have reconstructed the edit by using the album mix…


Mine just arrived from e-bay and they are pretty good. Booklets a bit basic but content great. There is however an error on CD 2 of ‘Swept Away’. Track 5 lists ‘Touch By Touch (12” Instrumental) 5:15 but it seems to be an edited version of the 12” Mix and runs at about 4:03.

Anyone else notice this?


Yes Anjoel, you’re right. I guess we definitely lost the instrumental version, because no other record company is going to release such an expanded package in the future. And I don’t think FunkyTownGrooves will correct disc 2 of Swept Away in future re-pressings.
Another discrepancy I’ve noticed is that Missing You on disc 1 (the album) has been edited. It should run 4.16 minutes, but here is runs 4.03 minutes. Some of the adlibs at the end are definitely missing. On the plus side, the so-called 7″ single mix on CD 2 runs 4.16 minutes. To my ears it’s the same version as the original album issue I know since 1984. If it was remixed for single release, I can’t tell any differences. But on the other hand, it may be the original album version, and the edited version on disc 1 could be the single version. Swapping error?


Been hoping for these albums to get the deluxe treatment for years! Needless to say, I have ordered all six of them.


Absolutely with Kiki on this one. Donna Summer’s albums deserve this treatment.


So long overdue, and such a terrific project! Didn’t think all these bonus tracks would ever see a CD release. Wow. Really looking forward to the whole reissue set.

Michael Pendlebury

I’m going to get these for sure!


Happy that FTG are doing these, Cherry Red (BBR, Soulmusic etc) have a spotty record as far as sound quality is concerned, FTG usually do a great job.

The RCA albums were a bit hit and miss, but still contain some of the best and certainly most adventurous tracks she has ever recorded, so I am extremely happy they will be remastered at last. I have placed a pre-order for all six albums already.


Some pretty atrocious original artwork there! Eaten Alive? Say no more…


I’m looking forward to the Ross and Eaten Alive cds.


Well, that sounds great ! She didn’t make many 12″ versions / remixes during that years, so I hope they put everything in it !
I think I’ll take look for getting these !

is there any chance that the 90’s of Diana follows in the same way ?

I also hope Donna Summer will get that kind of treatment ! (In this case surely nothing will come from the sucking reissues of the Casablanca period…)

LP Quagmire

RED HOT RHYTHM AND BLUES is still missing the Billy Dee Williams duet, “You’ve Got What It Takes.” :(