Domino complete Buzzcocks reissues with the final album and compilation

Remastered • CD and limited deluxe coloured vinyl editions

Domino complete their Buzzcocks‘ reissue campaign with vinyl and CD reissues of 1979’s final studio album A Different Kind of Tension and the Singles Going Steady compilation from 1981.

As with the reissues of the first two albums from earlier this year, these have been “restored and re-mastered” from the original quarter-inch tapes and come packaged in the original Malcolm Garrett designed sleeves with eight-page booklets which feature notes by Jon Savage.

The limited ‘indies-only’ deluxe coloured vinyl sees A Different Kind of Tension pressed on solid yellow vinyl while Singles Going Steady is translucent violet vinyl. The coloured vinyl editions of the previous albums are already out-of-print.

Standard black vinyl and ‘indies only’ deluxe coloured vinyl and CD are the three formats. Both deluxe vinyl editions are limited and along with the CD editions can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop via this link or the buttons below.

A Different Kind of Tension and Singles Going Steady are released on 14 June 2019 via Domino Records.

]]>A Different Kind of Tension

01 Paradise
02 Sitting ’round At Home
03 You Say You Don’t Love Me
04 You Know You Can’t Help It
05 Mad, Mad Judy
06 Raison D’Etre
07 I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life
08 Money
09 Hollow Inside
10 A Different Kind Of Tension
11 I Believe
12 Radio Nine

Singles Going Steady

01 Orgasm Addict
02 What Do I Get?
03 I Don’t Mind
04 Love You More
05 Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)
06 Promises
07 Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
08 Harmony in My Head
09 Whatever Happened To?
10 Oh Shit!
11 Autonomy
12 Noise Annoys
13 Just Lust
14 Lipstick
15 Why Can’t I Touch It?
16 Something’s Gone Wrong Again

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Hi Paul –

Received my Buzzcocks order – thank you.
However from the photos above I presumed that Singles Going Steady would also come with a Product bag but I didn’t get one.
Are there any left?


Thanks for responding. I thought it was probably a long shot but I also thought it was worth asking just in case.

Thanks again.

David Bly

Well, that was well-timed, as I also just got them w/o the bags and wondered too, and so just came here.

Meanwhile, I was sad that I couldn’t get the Dave Davies signed Kinks box, as I wouldn’t have the funds until this Thursday.
Especially peeved as my box was accidentally slightly damaged by me after I got it. As people have noted it is very heavy and can easily slip open when you don’t want it to. I had been waiting for an extremely cheap price so that I would be able to get it again and give the old box to a friend.
This would’ve been a great alternative

Such is life…


I wouldn’t rush out to get the coloured vinyl if they are the same standard as another music , appaling sound and it looks even worse. They really messed up that release.

Tom Walsh

Singles Going Steady is a must…bought it originally on Cassette, then CD now its got to be vinyl. Perfect singles compilation in that both the a sides and b sides were superb.

Robert Laversuch

Same here cassette, CD, extended CD Product box set and now Vinyl. And felt at time that some Bsides were better than the flip side – Perfect Release together with The Cure Standing on a Beach tape maybe the best Singles comp in total


Been looking forward to these. Tension is my favourite Buzzcocks albums and Singles is an excellent compilation (and a great album for any casual Buzzcocks fan).

Ordered the first couple from the SDE shop and was very happy with the packing and delivery so ordered these too!

Many thanks Paul

David Bly

Paul –
Quick question

I am nearly broke right now – do you think the 2 LPs will still be available next Thursday (25th)?
I would hate to lose out on them.
Any way I could order them and not be charged until them?
I will 100% get them, but after Record Store Day the other day, well.. you know.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

David Bly

It’s OK – I actually was able to free up some funds by cancelling an outstanding order for something from February that hadn’t come yet. I found it was available cheaper AND available now elsewhere anyway, so I’ll order THAT next Thursday!

Now, thinking of getting money for that Tangerine Dream box!

Thanks for your help as always…

Marshall Gooch

I actually got in on the colored vinyl before it was gone! :-) Thanks, Paul; ordered via SDE Shop! Missed out on the Another Music colored vinyl but eventually (recently) got Love Bites on white. (I have the Another Music on orange vinyl from RSD a few years ago but not sure if that was mastered off the original analog tapes…)


Still available from Domino website

Matt Condon

Every “deluxe” vinyl edition that I’ve purchased from the Domino website has arrived with significant seam split damage. The first couple of times it happened, they were very nice about it and sent me replacement sleeves. The last time it happened, though, they totally ignored my multiple inquiries. After that, I won’t buy from them again until they learn how to package records properly for shipment.

Robert Laversuch

Yes, the deluxe CDs offer a lot more so just got the vinyl for now to complete collection. All essential releases, mind you, as is everything by Buzzcocks etc. Was playing Tension in Car last night together with three singles tacked on – perfect. And again, Singles is one of the best comps ever. God bless Pete Shelley.


Very difficult to find those 2008 de luxe versions at a reasonable price now. Wish they’d be re-issued but presumably licensing issues are preventing this.

Nigel D Day

It would have been his birthday today :(

(Still) hollow inside

Jorje Chica

Great news, Paul. The reissues of the first two albums were excellent. And don’t forget that two years ago Domino did an equally excellent reissue of Time’s Up! with the Howard Devoto era demos.

John Simmons

I’m really sad that i missed the CD edition of Time’s Up a few years ago with the Spiral Scratch EP tacked on, it’s a shame that the EP rarely gets added to Buzzcocks compilations. The 4 tracks would have been a great opener to the recent New Hormones label compilation.

thomas solimine

These are welcome reissues on vinyl and cd but these cds are not nearly as nice or worth the value as the 2008 reissues. Find those for tons of extras. These cds offer nothing the fan already owns.


Was Singles Going Steady reissued in 2008? The version I own is the EMI 2001 reissue, with eight bonus tracks (and highly-compressed audio, which doesn’t sound great on a quality stereo system). Not a big fan of any of those bonus tracks, so I might invest in this Singles reissue if the audio quality is better.


Just get the original cd for pennies or the Product box, much better sound than the remaster.

Chris Squires

The first two were lovely, and these have now been nabbed. Thanks Paul.