Don’t Look Back: New Lloyd Cole/Commotions collection


While we wait for the six-CD Lloyd Cole and the Commotions box set that is expected around June time (more on this here), Universal Music have taken advantage of working with the singer-songwriter on that project, to secure his help in compiling a new budget collection – Don’t Look Back: An Introduction to Lloyd Cole and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

This new 20-track single disc is released on the Spectrum Audio imprint and offers most of the hits, although omits the Commotions singles Cut Me DownRattlesnakes and My Bag.

Cole’s involvement has undoubtedly resulted in a light being shone on some fine album tracks from his solo career, including Undressed and the achingly sweet Loveless from his 1990 eponymous debut; the lushly orchestrated Margo’s Waltz from the following year’s Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe, and the criminally ignored So You’d Like To Save The World from 1993’s Bad Vibes. The 1995 single that promised a commercial renaissance that never materialised, Like Lovers Do, also features. Cole’s relationship with Universal ended around this period, so the line is drawn there.

There is of course nothing on this disc that committed fans won’t already own, but at under a fiver you may find yourself defying logic and picking this up. There is no word on mastering, but you would hope that this might offer an early listen to new remasters that will appear in full as part of the Commotions box. That is confirmed, though.

Don’t Look Back: An Introduction to Lloyd Cole and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions is due for release on 23 March 2015.

Track listing

1. Perfect Skin – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
2. Forest Fire – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
3. Charlotte Street – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
4. Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
5. Brand New Friend – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
6. Rich – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
7. Lost Weekend – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
8. Jennifer She Said – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
9. Hey Rusty – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
10. From The Hip – Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
11. No Blue Skies – Lloyd Cole
12. Undressed – Lloyd Cole
13. Don’t Look Back – Lloyd Cole
14. Loveless – Lloyd Cole
15. Margo’s Waltz – Lloyd Cole, Orchestra, Paul Buckmaster
16. She’s A Girl And I’m A Man – Lloyd Cole
17. So You’d Like To Save The World – Lloyd Cole
18. Trigger Happy – Lloyd Cole
19. Like Lovers Do – Lloyd Cole
20. For Crying Out Loud – Lloyd Cole

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Currently 2.99 on amazonUK, along with similar collections by The La’s and Siouxsie.

Baadger Meinhoff

You’re spot-on about ‘So You’d Like To Save The World’, Paul. Surely one of Lloyd’s finest solo singles and a belter of a tune, yet inexplicably lost at sea in ’93… Good to see it taking its rightful place on this ‘best of’.


Definitely a jewelcase, I saw it for myself yesterday.


I hope that cd is in a jewel case; I detest digipacks, especially without plastic trays…

[…] Don’t Look Back: New Lloyd Cole/Commotions collection […]

Chad Price

I have to admit to be one of those fans, who owns most (if not all) of this already, but I agree the Spectrum discs I’ve purchased in the past have been excellent values. I would like to start rallying plea for Lloyd to add a DVD of rarities (TV Appearances, etc) to the immensely packed 6 disc box set forthcoming. I know 6CD’s + 1 DVD would be a huge offering, but if I am offering pondering a reissue or box set and it has a DVD with it, then that usually makes it a no-brainer for me to purchase. I think this is the case with others as well, especially these days with home theater/HDTV systems being so popular. Perhaps, Lloyd et. al, could at least consider offering a deluxe version with a DVD or 2. I know I waffled on the Waterboys’ Fisherman Blues 6 disc reissue and when I heard talk of a possible 7th disc, I was hoping that it’d be a DVD. Had that turned out to be the case, I likely would’ve bought my 4th copy of F.B. I realize this is only my opinion and understand others may disagree, but I would love to see more DVD’s offered with reissues and deluxe editions. Another perfect example is Morrissey’s Your Arsenal, which included the excellent ’91 Shoreline Amphitheatre show on DVD, as well as his last 3 new CD’s up until World Peace, all included a deluxe version with a DVD. While World Peace did have a deluxe option, which has some of the best songs on the album, I’d like to have seen a DVD with it as well. I hope Moz’s new album will have a DVD, although I don’t suppose it’ll be on the &*% Harvest label. Edsel has done a nice job of this with the JAMC and Suede reissues, but I would love to have seen them include DVD’s for the Aztec Camera and Everything But the Girl reissues. I’ll also continue to date myself by adding one last example. I am a massive Cure fan, and have all of their reissues, but a DVD thrown in with those would’ve been nice as well. Oh well, I can “Wish” for those in the future I suppose. (ie, In Orange, Athens 1985, Munich 1984, TV Appearances, etc.)

Thank you for your time,
Lloyd, Robert, Moz DVD please


I didn’t realise it wasn’t officially out yet…I saw it in HMV this afternoon! Could have had it for a fiver there and then.

Rob C

Spectrum have put out some fantastic compilations recently – Level 42’s Something About You: The Collection & China Crisis: Wishful Thinking Very Best Of are phenomenal – well put together, great sound, with some deep cuts & rarities mixed in.

I might be in on this one – the inclusion of Charlotte Street is great.


For a budget, single-disc collection, the tracklisting is suprisingly good…the non-single highlights from the various band/solo albums all seem to be present and correct. I’d actually forgotten how much Hey Rusty was a favourite of mine from Mainstream back in 1987!


These Spectrum releases are superb value and are nearly always mastered at Abbey Road so sound superb. At the price it’s a steal even if it’s just for the collection. And we all love to collect don’t we??


I can’t see myself picking this up since I have everything on here (many times over), but the tracklist is well put together. Ending the disc with ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is a nice touch – Lloyd was obviously involved.