Duran Duran / “A Diamond In The Mind” limited double vinyl

Duran Duran / A Diamond in the Mind / deluxe vinyl

Duran Duran’s special vinyl edition (featuring real diamond dust!) of their A Diamond in the Mind concert performance is now available to order via Amazon.

The double-vinyl set, which is limited to 2000 copies, was originally announced as a Vinyl Factory exclusive (where it is still available for £30) but if you’d prefer to order via Amazon UK you will have to pay a premium for the convenience since it is £43 at the time of writing, while on the French site it’s around £37. Fans from outside the EU that will see those costs reduced to around £36 and £31 respectively once the VAT is taken off. Shipping is likely to be cheaper via Amazon (Vinyl Factory charge over £6 for UK delivery).

This limited set is released on 26 May 2014.

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Mark Rodriguez

I’ve got this and although the vinyl is lovely, the packaging is a little boring. The diamond dust is a pain in the arse as well. Nice idea but…
With regards to the audio, it sounds great however I’m concerned about how much auto tune was used. Le Bon doesn’t really need this. I’ve heard him sing live many a time and he simply does not need it. Another point is the opening track “Before The Rain”. It’s doesn’t sound right. In fact I reckon the speed is wrong. It’s too slow and Simon sounds drunk!

I’ve got an official bootleg of a small gig the band played in Rome in 2011 (the band gave it away on their website) and that sounds fantastic.


Really not exciting anyone bar Nick Rhodes is this sadly!