Duran Duran / Japanese Rio reissue offers exclusive bonus tracks


SDE reported last week that Duran Duran‘s Rio was being reissued. For diehard fans this seemed a case of ‘nothing to see here’ since the track listing simply repeated the 2009 deluxe edition, but it has become apparent in the last few days that the 2015 Japanese edition of this reissue DOES appear have some exclusive bonus tracks!

According to listings on both HMV and CDJapan, at the end of the second disc, the Japanese edition adds the following bonus tracks:

  • • My Own Way (instrumental version)
  • • Hold Back The Rain (Alternate Remix)

Both were digital-only bonus tracks back in 2009, but as far as SDE is aware, these have never been issued on CD before. We should add the proviso that this isn’t officially confirmed by the label at this stage, but two retailers in Japan do list them.

This Japanese edition of the Rio deluxe is reissued on 1 July 2015.

Japanese Rio track listing

Disc 1

01. Rio
02. My Own Way
03. Lonely in Your Nightmare
04. Hungry Like The Wolf
05. Hold Back The Rain
06. New Religion
07. Last Chance On The Stairway
08. Save A Prayer
09. The Chauffeur
10. Rio (US album remix)
11. My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
12. Solitude in the nightmare (US album remix)
13. Hungry Like The Wolf (US album remix)
14. Hold Back The Rain (US album remix)

Disc 2

01. Last Chance On The Stairway (Manchester Square demo)
02. My Own Way (Manchester Square demo)
03. New Religion (Manchester Square demo)
04. Like Ann Angel (Manchester Square demo)
05. My Own Way (7 “Version)
06. Like An Angel
07. Careless Memories (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)
08. The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (Early version)
09. My Own Way (Night version)
10. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)
11. Rio (Night version)
12. New Religion (Carnival Remix)
13. Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix)
14. My Own Way (instrumental version)
15. Hold Back The Rain (Alternate Remix)

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paul liyn

all i want is non album b-sides . it’s good that i can take my original tapes and vinyls and upgrade to this for no extra cost.


I have the Japanese one and it does not list those two added tracks and CDJapan’s link does not list them either, what is the deal here? also the US one was suppose to have a few items as well, they are missing as well!


Yes I got mine from CD Japan as I thought there were the extra tracks but they were not included.

However the Japan packaging seems to be better than the UK one, so is probably more collectible.


I was checking the sources and was wondering if the 2 bonus tracks were going to be there. I am disappointed that they are not there, because i would have bought it again for the 2 bonus tracks.

Ken A.

Just got mine in the mail, and it unfortunately does not have the two additional tracks. I do hope they get around to reissuing the other deluxe sets, but I’m sure those would be quite a ways off so as to not compete with the new album.


Japanese CDs:
– often have unique bonus tracks.
– often have the best (re-)masters.
– always have better packaging, booklets, leaflets.
– give lyrics in most cases.

Overall, they are generally a better investment than UK/EU/US pressings (look at the 2nd hand market).


Was tempted to this for the My Own Way instrumental, until I remembered I actually have it on the Night Versions Companion bootleg CD (http://duranduran.wikia.com/wiki/Night_Version_Companion) I bought a few years back. I would assume that the Japanese pressing would have far superior sound, but as there have been a number of issues around the sound of the recent Duran reissues I’m not all that sure.


@ Darren – some good points there. Also to add the reason all this older stuff is re-deluxed is that the older music fans want a physical product & have little interest in acquiring the rare material as a download.


Talk about muddying the waters ffs, i wish they would just release a definitive box set and also a 5:1 mix, I love Duran Duran also but the band are being messed around and as fans we’re being fleeced


When will we ever see the 7″ version(s) of Rio on CD?


Japanese Edition are well known for their better sound quality… and the fact taht they’re expensive! That’s why they used to put some bonus tracks in it… I can deal with that, that’s not a problem for me, but i’d like to know why the major recording companies does NOT want to make efforts when they produce that kind of re-re-re-release !

And please remind that less than 10 years ago, there used to ba some bonus tracks on … UK editions!


Yes and a lot of those CD’s had Copy Control on them which meant there were about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike as far as sound quality and the ability to rip them went.


At the end of the day, the music business is exactly that, a business. If they can sell the same album 30 years later to people who already have it by adding one or two tracks, then that is a successful business. The consumer always has a choice.

Carlton Fisher

I can deal with a reissue that comes out a few years or decades later. What i get annoyed with is a new album that comes out with three different versions, all with different track listings, and you have to buy all three to have all the tracks. This was especially getting bad with Kylie for awhile–UK deluxe, Australian Deluxe, Japanese Deluxe, US Deluxe, Australian Tour Edition, etc., and each of those editions having at least one track exclusive only to that release. At one point, I have no idea how many copies of Fever I had.


I detest the way Japan gets all these bonus tracks. Anyway Hold Back The Rain (Alternate Remix) is the mix from Strange Behaviour and by far the best mix of that particular song. My Own Way (instrumental version) has never been released officially except on the download version of Rio from 2009.


New CDs in Japan typically cost $30+ because it’s legal to rent them. Imports usually cost less, so they put the bonus tracks on there in hopes they’ll sway people into shelling out the extra dough.


Don’t criticize the Japanese either. :-) They still honour the cd format, they released for years a better mastering for their cds (alas, not anymore) and still reissue cds with often extra tracks.

They are showing the way our European and American labels should reissue their items!


Dont criticise Duran, criticise the blasted Jap record companies who manage to have obtained exclusives for their cds for the best part of 30 years and cost us all a fortune!


Is the Japanese version a digipack or will it be in vinyl replica card packaging?


Solitude in your nightmare?,mine says lonely!


Just pre-ordered. $27.00 includes shipping to the U.S. I’m also tired of all the remasters and releases but I love Duran Duran.


i’ll get it, but there are still a ton of missing tracks, mixes and edits.


I wasn’t too impressed with the Notorious and Big Thing remasters. They were great in terms of track selection and packaging , but the sound on both of them was compressed like the others .


I never bough any of these deluxe editions in 2009 because of the big hoo-ha that was made regarding the sound quality. I remember that EMI delayed Big Thing and Notorious, presumably to quality check those releases. I’d be interested in buying these, can any of you confidently say these were done properly or do they suffer the same compression issues as the first three albums?


I remember how we were teased with the FGTH “Frankie Said” set where the Japanese version offered a far better track listing than the standard UK release .


July 1st 2016? Is that correct?


I simply *cannot* buy this again :-)

At the last count I have three different CD editions and the original vinyl – and yet somehow I still don’t have all the ‘exclusive’ tracks…


To be honest, this method stinks. I’m sick of buying the same CD again and again only to get hold of tracks I don’t have. Can’t you People just throw together everything there is, release a 5 CD set with all the stuff on it, and then we’re done?

Carlton Fisher

Well I’m sure that is, of course, “possible,” but not “profitable.” Silly. :P

Paul Kent

Save A Player? Might want to correct that, Paul.

Sam Lowry

Is Hold Back The Rain (Alternate Remix) not the one that was released on the Strange Behaviour compilation?


I was about to write the same thing: the ‘alternate remix’ of Hold Back The Rain is the same one on “Strange Behaviour” 2cd compilation, AFAIK.


I’ve bought ‘My Own Way’ (instrumental version) on iTunes. But of course it’s nicer to have it on CD. The sound quality of ‘Hold Back The Rain’ (Alternate Remix) isn’t that great on the Strange Behaviour CD so that might be a reason to buy it :-)

Craig Jacks

I read on another site that the Carnival remix of “Hold Back the Rain” and the Christmas message are not on the US version?

Is this true?