Electronic debut album: 2CD deluxe

Electronic / 2CD Special Edition

The debut album of Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s collaboration Electronic is released as a 2CD deluxe edition on 8 April 2013.

This turn of the decade dance-pop project started with the sublime Getting Away With It single (itself a collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys) in 1989 and continued with the release of the album a full 18 months later, in May 1991. Two further singles, Get The Message and Feel Every Beat were also released.

This special edition eschews all the various remixes that were released on promos, US maxi-CD singles and 12-inch vinyl, and concentrates on B-sides, non-album tracks, instrumentals. For some reason, it also includes B-sides and edits of tracks that were released from other Electronic albums (e.g. the tracks Turning Point and Until The End Of Time). Given that this is supposed to be a special edition of the first album and not an general Electronic rarities collection or anthology, that seems rather bizarre to say the least.

Everything is newly remastered by Frank Arkwright, who worked on The Complete Smiths box set and the Blur 21 box set.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this new special edition.

CD 1

  • 1. Idiot Country
  • 2. Reality
  • 3. Tighten Up
  • 4. The Patience Of A Saint
  • 5. Getting Away With It
  • 6. Gangster
  • 7. Soviet
  • 8. Get The Message
  • 9. Try All You Want
  • 10. Some Distant Memory
  • 11. Feel Every Beat

CD 2

  • 1. Disappointed (Stephen Hague 7” Inch Version)
  • 2. Second To None (Edit)  Previously unreleased
  • 3. Lean To The Inside (Edit) Previously unreleased
  • 4. Twisted Tenderness (Guitar / Vocal Mix) Previously unreleased
  • 5. Idiot Country Two (12” Version)
  • 6. Free Will (Edit) Previously unreleased
  • 7. Until The End Of Time (Edit) Previously unreleased
  • 8. Feel Every Beat (Edit) Previously unreleased
  • 9. Getting Away With It (Instrumental)
  • 10. Turning Point (Edit) b-side to ‘Second Nature’
  • 11. Visit Me (Edit) Previously unreleased
  • 12. Twisted Tenderness (Instrumental) Previously unreleased

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Pleased they’ve restored the original artwork although as already pointed-out, a missed opportunity with the extras. Where are those great “Getting Away With It” and “Get The Message” remixes?


That’s a mistake on amazon saying it’s 3 discs. If you look now there’s a picture of the cover saying 2cd special edition


Hey, anyone know what THIS is? Release date has been pushed to 8 April, there is no artwork and no track list, but it says it’s THREE discs. One can only hope that Disc 3 is more remixes and b-sides and not some dodgy “bonus DVD.”

Paul English

Getting Away With It wasn’t on the original LP. It should be track 11 on disc 1.

Stephen K.

Ha. I bought the original CD and the later 90’s re-release (with slightly different color scheme). I will not buy this one, which has a 2nd disc of poorly chosen odds and ends. However, I bet Arkwright does a decent job of the remastering. I would like to see:

Getting Away With It (Original Version) – UK 12″ only
Feel Every Beat (Dub Mix) – UK 12″ only

Feel Every Beat (Downstairs Dub) – US 12″ only

Fill it out with the b-sides and some of the remaining mixes. If there’s a desire to release non-period tracks, how about deluxe editions of their other two albums? Actually, the tracklisting of the 2-CD deluxe edition of Twisted Tenderness is far superior to this and most of the New Order deluxe editions.

I can understand holding material back. I don’t understand reissuing material that nobody is asking for. I don’t know if this great album is out of print, but used, it’s a dollar bin item over here. Make it worth our while!


I definitely agree with all of the above posts (except I love their instrumentals!).

I would have liked to have seen them include recordings of the two shows from LA where they opened for Depeche Mode in 1990. I’m almost certain at least one of the shows was recorded from the desk, as I remember Johnny Marr saying in an interview that they considered releasing one of the concert recordings instead of the studio album since it was taking so long to complete. There’s even a chance that the one of the shows was filmed (since one of the Depeche Mode shows was filmed). A DVD of that and/or the Cities in the Park gig would have been great.


Ditto. Major disappointment.


Don…that’s a perfect reissue
I’d pay to have that..the remixes are excellent especially the DNA remix of Get The Message ..love it


Even though there’s nothing strictly “unreleased,” here’s how this could have been so much better:

Disc 1: Album + B-Sides
1. Idiot Country
2. Reality
3. Tighten Up
4. Getting Away with It
5. Patience of a Saint
6. Gangster
7. Soviet
8. Get the Message
9. Try All You Want
10. Some Distant Memory
11. Feel Every Beat
12. Lucky Bag (b-side to “Getting Away with It”)
13. Free Will (b-side to “Get the Message)
14. Second to None (b-side to “Feel Every Beat”)
15. Lean to the Inside (b-side to “Feel Every Beat”)
16. Lucky Bag (Miami Edit)
17. Free Will (12″ Mix)

Disc 2: Single Versions and Remixes
1. Getting Away with It (Original Version) [Previously vinyl only]
2. Get the Message (US Single Mix)
3. Tighten Up (Edit) [Previously on US-only promo, very rare]
4. Feel Every Beat (Single Remix)
5. Disappointed (Single Mix)
6. Getting Away with It (Vocal Remix)
7. Getting Away with It (Extended Version)
8. Getting Away with It (Nude Mix)
9. Get the Message (DNA 12″ Groove Mix)
10. Feel Every Beat (UK 12″ Remix)
11. Feel Every Beat (DNA Remix)
12. Feel Every Beat (Tactile Remix)
13. Disappointed (Electronic Mix)
14. Disappointed (808 State Remix)
15. Gangster (FBI Mix)
16. Idiot Country Two

alan hansen


paul b

100% happy with original and the three 12″ non lp sides.
all i want is non lp b-sides , no mixes.dubs.instrumentals.edits. or live versions. i wouldn’t mind unreleased songs but these are songs not even thought good enough for a b-side,i never expect much.

Dan Slattery

Where is Lucky Bag? I want Lucky Bag! Sorry, deep breath. It is a wasted opportunity though. I was so excited when I read this was going to happen but I’m gutted now. I think I’ll stick with the remaster with the black and silver cover, unless this one is mind-blowing….

Steve Marine

That bonus disc blows. Won’t be buying this one!


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. But that bonus disc is a travesty! I already have all the CD singles, but I’d rather buy those tracks again in remastered form on the bonus disc than these “previously unreleased edits.” What in the world? The original 7″ version of “Free Will” was only 2:44–how much more can they “edit”?

Michel Drolet

I agree with everyone’s comments…they should look at the deluxe release of House of Love’s first album…now that’s the way to do a real deluxe edition worth buying!!


The first poster is correct, the did support Depeche Mode. It was before the album came out and I still have the NME concert review where they try to come up with names for the songs as no set list is provided…they call one “The Donald Way.”

A thoroughly disappointing release. The only item that I want on it is the instrumental of Twisted Tenderness, hopefully I am able to buy that individually via Amazon MP3. I made my own deluxe version of this album (dubbed “Live Wires”) a couple of years ago and it puts this one to shame.

Jeremy Orbell

That is very odd.

I have to say I do like my deluxe sets neat and tidy but I do understand when items are held back for potential future releases. It’s a marketing and business decision and while a tad annoying you can’t really blame the labels for doing that.

In this instance they seem to be missing an opportunity to do proper deluxe editions of later albums by piling all the rarities on here. In the past I’ve been perfectly happy buying albums with a couple of unreleased tracks or mixes unavailable on CD so separating them is justified. This this just feels like a rummage sale of tracks they don’t really know what to do with.

If I was going this route I’d have made disc 1 of already available classic mixes of the singles and had the rarities on disc 2. That would be worth having – by tagging it with the first album just feels…disappointing.

Phil Wilson

Loved the original album upon it’s release but was sorely disappointed when I saw the tracklisting for this re-issue. Whilst I have the b-sides and remixes, I would have still preferred them to be in this set (could have made it 3 discs?). Also, whilst not everyone likes live material, I would have liked to have seen some live tracks here, though I think they only performed a few gigs around this time (supporting Depeche Mode possibly?). I am not particualrly a fan of instrumentals, and tend to skip them if I am listening in the car, and the other “edits” do not fill me with excitement. To sum up, disappointed!