Emerson Lake and Palmer / “Brain Salad Surgery” super deluxe box

Super Deluxe Edition box set to be released next year

Sony Music / Legacy Recordings have chosen the week the album turns 40 to announce that Emerson Lake And Palmer‘s Brain Salad Surgery will be reissued on 7 April 2014 as a Super Deluxe Edition box set.

Full details will be announced next year, until then all we know is that box will feature brand new 5.1 mixes, previously unreleased material and original HR Giger artwork.

Brain Salad Surgery was released in 1973 and was ELP’s first album on their own Manticore imprint. As well as the Super Deluxe Edition we can expect a cheaper deluxe edition and a new vinyl version as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

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The Brain Salad Surgery triple disc has arrived, and clearly advertises the DVD-A as being SUPER STEREO BRAIN SALAD SURGERY, so what happened to the 5.1 mix??

Phil Cohen

The “Brain Salad Surgery” releases (at least the U.S.A. editions) have been postponed into June. I don’t know if this affects the UK releases, such as the CD/LP/DVD/DVD-A megabox.

For now, I’m continuing my backorder with amazon.co.uk, because, if the set is never released, I won’t be charged. But I AM starting to question whether there is really a need for this box in my collection. The DVD video has been offered before(in the “From The Beginning” 6-disc boxed set), and it is a documentary with poor film stripe sound, from a print in poor condition. Furthermore, while the new “Brain Salad Surgery” DVD-A will feature a new surround mix, there already is a previous surround sound mix(Offered by Warners/U.S.A. on DVD-A and by Universal/UK on SACD). We still don’t know if the new surround mix will feature the correct vocal takes(the previous surround mix uses alternate take vocals). And there is only a modest amount of unreleased alternate takes scheduled for the new deluxe editions. The ELP fans are being slapped in the face by the endless games and postponements.

[…] we announced back in November Sony will be reissuing Emerson Lake And Palmer‘s 1973 album Brain Salad Surgery as a Super […]

John Kelman

FYI, it’s not Steven Wilson, who said’ after doing th first two albums, that he’d not be doing any others. This time it’s remixed by Jakko M. Jakszyk, who is remixing King Crimson’s Thrak and The Power to Believe (the rest being done by Wilson),


Perhaps it will be limited to include swatches of Greg Lake’s 1973 fur coat or, at the very least, let’s hope the original Giger phallic artwork is utilized in some way. Might make it worth the money aside from the Steve Wilson 5.1 remix and Stereo Mix.

Phil Cohen

Keep postponing and postponing the release, and someday, nobody will care anymore.


Apparently it includes a chocolate brain wrapped in edible candy lettuce leaves.


It won’t be a 40th anniversary next year will it.
Hope its at a decent price and does not include any marbles or scarves.


Couldn’t agree more. Deluxe shouldn’t equal gimmick, but I suspect price will be prohibitive like it has been with many of these box sets.