Eminem / The Vinyl LPs box set


Later this month Universal Music are releasing The Vinyl LPs, a new limited edition vinyl box set collecting “for the first time ever” Eminem’s entire Interscope catalogue.

The 10LP set includes: The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, 8 Mile Soundtrack, Encore, Curtain Call: The Hits, Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, Relapse, Recovery, and The Marshall Mathers LP2.

This was available on Eminem’s website but is now ‘sold out’, however they can be pre-ordered via Amazon, with the Italian site currently offering the best deal – a whopping £120 CHEAPER than the UK price.

The Vinyl LPs is released on 23 March 2015.



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If it’s from Universal then you will probably get a box which is too small for the Lps. Especially after sending the Cream one back and reading the reviews of the Blondie box set.

DJ Control

Yeah. That Blondie box was bad. Almost like it was made to hold the covers with no records in them.

Alan Fenwick

The price should settle down on Amazon UK Store, they’ll more than likely match the Universal store price of £169.99, which might in turn bring some of the other Amazon prices down a bit also

DJ Control

Kinda getting over these now seemingly mandatory big vinyl boxes from major labels. Six years ago they weren’t even pressing records anymore and you could pick up and good used vinyl for pennies. Now they are more expensive than a cd and cost upwards of £15 for a single album. At least UMe provide nice lossy downloads with their back2black series. With the prices being charged for vinyl these days we should get a FLAC or hires download included. Anyways that’s my 2p.

Matt S

I’m not sure I understand the point. Is all that you get out of this are the albums in a box? No extras?

Matt S

Sorry, that’s a horribly constructed sentence. That’s what I get for trying to comment from my phone.

Anyway, what I’m driving at is, what is the advantage of buying the box vs buying them all individually? The total price seems comparable – so the only thing you get out of buying the box, is the box itself?

Matt S

Yes, from what I can tell on Amazon, they’re all available.

OK, thanks. Was just curious.