Erasure / Anniversary vinyl reissues

“The Innocents”, is one of three vinyl reissues

Erasure continue their 30th anniversary celebrations with vinyl reissues of their first three albums, Wonderland, The Circus and The Innocents.

erasure_ vinyl_wonderlandThe band’s 1986 debut Wonderland was produced by Flood and contained three wonderful singles in Who Needs Love Like That, Heavenly Action and Oh L’Amour. Incredibly, none was a UK top 40 hit single, although Dollar’s cover version would take Oh L’Amour into the top ten the following year.

erasure_ vinyl_the_circusThe breakthrough was Sometimes – the lead single from album 1987’s The Circus – which peaked at number two in the UK charts just six months after Oh L’Amour flopped. Of the four singles from The Circus only It Doesn’t Have To Be failed to breach the top 10 in Britain (it peaked at no. 12) so it was a remarkable turnaround in fortunes.

Finally! Erasure have a hit with Sometimes and appear on Top of the Pops

erasure_vinyl_the_innocentsAfter two albums working with Flood, Vince Clarke and Andy Bell chose to bring in Stephen Hague for production duties on 1988’s The Innocents. The album was to be their first number one – supported by more hit singles such as Ship of Fools and A Little Respect – and kicked off a six-year sequence of four consecutive UK number one long-players

These new ‘limited edition’ LPs will be pressed on 180g vinyl, utilising original artwork and packaging and “cut using the original vinyl masters”. They are available initially via the direct-to-fan PledgeMusic platform, which is also offering various bundles.

Some fans were disgruntled when PledgeMusic titled one bundle as “3 LP Vinyl Reissue & LIMITED SIGNED Wonderland LP Art Print”. Many pre-ordered assuming they would all be signed but it turned out to be for the first 50 pre-orders only (this was only mentioned in the body text). To make matters worse confirmation emails apparently stated “LIMITED SIGNED” even if you were outside the first fifty to order (presumably because that was how the item was titled on the system).

A representative of Pledge came on to the discussion page and confirmed that “the first 50 signed art prints were on a first come first served basis”, later adding “we removed the signed wording now so we did not mislead.”


Pre-Order the Erasure vinyl reissues via PledgeMusic

Pre-order via Amazon:

Erasure30 / vinyl reissues Wonderland

Erasure30 / vinyl reissues The Circus

Erasure30 / vinyl reissues The Innocents

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Disappointed with these. My first copy of ‘Wonderland’ had mastering errors but a new one was sent that was fine.
Onto ‘The Circus’ The track ‘Sexuality’ appears to play at the wrong speed and is about 2.5% slower than the rest of the album. I was sent a second copy but the same happens. I’ve asked someone at the company to just sit down and listen to it compared with the original cd/vinyl. But was told I’d be given a refund instead. Shame because I really want to order the next lot of re-issues but am worried they’ll have similar issues and as no one is willing to investigate the existing issues then I won’t be parting with more cash and would advise anyone else buying these (especially the circus) to be cautious


Here is an interesting website that tells you the dynamic range of albums. I looked into erasure’s past albums and the original release CD’s have far better dynamic range than the 2009 & 2011 so-called remasters. Probably a good idea to pass this website on Paul.

[…] Superdeluxeedtion.com has a description of the new Erasure box vinyl […]

[…] marking the 30th anniversary of their debut album Wonderland with a limited edition 180g vinyl reissue, accompanied by similar editions of 1987’s The Circus and 1988’s The Innocents, all […]


Agreed I would buy every Erasure studio album on vinyl if offered. I own a copy of each on vinyl up through the self-titled record, but my Innocents and Chorus copies are a bit rough. 180-gram is a great offer, but I am worried they will stop with Chorus or I Say, just as they stopped the deluxe CD packages with Innocents (we deserved at least a few more of those). Frustrating when series get started and don’t follow through! It took the Banshees YEARS to complete their CD collection (and they aren’t even continuing to make new albums like Erasure). I’m sure some of this is related to interest and quantities sold, but if not enough are sold, maybe the prices are too steep. After all, we are dealing with collections of material from one particular artist. Maybe two vinyl box sets would be a good idea…One with Wonderland, Circus, Innocents, Crackers EP, Wild, Chorus, ABBAesque EP, I Say and Erasure, and the other with Cowboy, Loveboat, Other People’s Songs, Nightbird, Light at the End of the World, Tomorrow’s World, Snowglobe, and Violet Flame. Fewer of the second would have to be made, and they could actually count on selling every piece in the box, and split them out later if the boxes don’t sell entirely. Thoughts?


I recently found the circus and the innocents in great condition in a second a second hand shop, barely a pop or a crackle and sound great, think I’ll stick with these.


i love the fact that these are 180g vinyl!!! I have the originals, but they are not 180g, and 180g vinyl sounds BETTER. I hope all the other erasure vinyls are released from wild! up through and including Snowglobe.
I want all the erasure albums on 180g vinyl!


or just continue the EBX collection with further releases. Mute never finish this job like they never did with the DMBX collection.


Would love to see new versions of the EBX box sets and perhaps reissues of those already released remastered etc.

Phil Healing

True Erasure fans want coloured vinyls, picture discs, shapes. Vinyl collectors aren’t really all that wowed by 180gm, sorry. Or black vinyl. Die hard Erasure fans are mostly in their 40s and 50s and come from a time when non black vinyl was an exciting prospect. So, to sell reissues in big quantities it will take some creativity in format. We’ve all got these albums, over and over again, and if you want us to buy it yet again, it will have to be different, not just ‘thicker’.


I wish they would reissue The Innocents Deluxe version. I waited a bit too long getting it and then it as out of print already. Everything seems to get reissued except The Innocents Deluxe!

Steve Pike

Would’ve loved to have these vinyl reissues released as picture discs. I know the sound quality would be inferior but most of us have the original black vinyl from back in the day!


Also awaiting proper Wild and Chorus reissues. Believe the reissue campaign was paused due to a change in labels for the past albums. Hopefully it will pick up again soon.


Original Erasure vinyl is very easy to find. I would avoid these unless they were cut from original tapes by someone like Bellman, Hoffman or Grundman.

Simon West

If “original packaging” holds true, The Circus ought to have the die-cut outer sleeve, though there’s no evidence of it from the mockup artwork on the website.

Still slightly annoyed at the change in packaging in the CD deluxe editions from the hardback Innocents to bog-standard double jewel cases for Wonderland and The Circus, and I’m surprised that none of this attention has yet been turned to Wild! and Chorus, both of which were huge hits, and effectively mark the end of Erasure’s imperial phase.

Clive Coward

Talking of taking the p*** a bit with these pledges. Look at the Marc Almond Kickstarter pledge for ‘Against Nature’. Limited coloured vinyl, 50 only, hand signed and numbered, with name on inner sleeve, £75.00. Turns out they printed 500 copies and couldn’t be bothered to number them, or as they say they changed their minds for aesthetic reasons last minute. Same issue with the black vinyl editions, they printed 500 not 150 as stated. Totally miss-selling, no doubt the rest will be on sale for a massively reduced cost in the near future.


I’d much rather they would continue to release deluxe versions of their albums on CD…

Paul English

Same here. If you want Erasure on vinyl there’s loads of used copies about.


me too – especially Wild could be great if they include the Docklands Arena show + Milton Keynes Bowl show on dvd…

Andy Vizor

Oh Paul, these companies need to treat the fans who spend our hard earned cash with “A Little Respect” (pun intended!) I rushed on & ordered the set ASAP, as it did state SIGNED & my confirmation email stated “SIGNED” so now I might have coughed up for something that will doubtless be cheaper elsewhere! When Pledge have offered ltd signed editions before, once the signed run had sold out they changed the status to “sold out”. Well ANOTHER lesson learned, thanks to you Paul, won’t be doing business with Pledge anymore.


Pledge sent an email out this week to confirm that I was within the first 50. So hopeful you would have been sent something!

Happy Christmas to everyone!

elliott buckingham

been nice to see coloured editions or expanded editions I missed the innocents deluxe on release its now way too expensive got the circus deluxe cd on release for £7