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Erasure The Circus Wonderland Deluxe 2CD+DVD EditionsErasure will be  reissuing their first two albums – Wonderland and The Circus – in special expanded 3-disc editions, each featuring two CDs and an all-regions NTSC DVD. The release date is set for July 4th on EMI.

Both releases will feature remastered versions of the original albums, with bonus CDs full of single remixes, b-sides and radio session tracks. The DVDs will contain  the promotional videos for the singles from each album, plus a live concert. For ‘Wonderland’ the previously unreleased concert footage was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986 while the DVD for the ‘The Circus’ release will feature Top of The Pops performances plus the 1987 ‘Live At The Seaside’ concert recorded in Brighton, originally released on VHS, now available on DVD for the first time.


CD 1

  • 1. Who Needs Love Like That
  • 2. Reunion
  • 3. Cry So Easy
  • 4. Push Me Shove Me
  • 5. Heavenly Action
  • 6. Say What
  • 7. Love Is A Loser
  • 8. Senseless
  • 9. My Heart… So Blue
  • 10. Oh L’Amour
  • 11. Pistol
  • 12. Say What (Remix)
  • 13. March On Down The Line (Remix)
  • 14. Senseless (Remix)

CD 2 (b-sides, mixes and sessions)

  • 1. Who Needs Love Like That (Mexican Mix)
  • 2. Push Me Shove Me (Extended As Far As Possible Mix)
  • 3. Don’t Say No (Ruby Red Mix)
  • 4. Heavenly Action (12″ Mix)
  • 5. March On Down The Line
  • 6. Oh L’Amour (PWL Funky Sisters Say ‘Ooh La La’)
  • 7. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Remix)
  • 8. Cry So Easy (Radio 1 Session: Bruno Brookes, 15/11/85 *)
  • 9. Who Needs Love Like That (Radio 1 Session: Bruno Brookes, 15/11/85 *)
  • 10. Senseless (Radio 1 Session, 5/12/85 *)
  • 11. Heavenly Action (Radio 1 Session, 5/12/85 *)
  • 12. Say What? (Radio 1 Session, 5/12/85 *)
  • 13. Push Me Shove Me (Radio 1 Session, 5/12/85 *)

DVD (promo videos and concert footage)

  • 1. Who Needs Love Like That (promo video)
  • 2. Heavenly Action (promo video)
  • 3. Oh L’Amour (promo video) + ‘Live at Karlsson, Stockholm’ a previously unreleased concert filmed on 8/8/86 and featuring live versions of Pistol, Senseless, Heavenly Action, Reunion, Sometimes, Who Needs Love Like That, Cry So Easy, My Heart…So Blue, March On Down The Line, Say What, Sexuality, Oh L’Amour, Push Me Shove Me, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

The Circus

CD 1

  • 1. It Doesn’t Have To Be
  • 2. Hideaway
  • 3. Don’t Dance
  • 4. If I Could
  • 5. Sexuality
  • 6. Victim Of Love
  • 7. Leave Me To Bleed
  • 8. Sometimes
  • 9. The Circus
  • 10. Spiralling
  • 11. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (From the Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Opus 46 by Greig. Arranged by Erasure)
  • 12. Sometimes (12″ Mix)
  • 13. It Doesn’t Have To Be (Boop Oopa Doo Mix)

CD 2 (b-sides, mixes and sessions)

  • 1. Sexuality (12″ Mix)
  • 2. Sometimes (Shiver Mix)
  • 3. The Circus (Bareback Rider Mix)
  • 4. Who Needs Love Like That (Betty Boop Mix)
  • 5. It Doesn’t Have To Be (Cement Mix)
  • 6. The Soldier’s Return (The Return Of The Radical Radcliffe Mix)
  • 7. Victim Of Love (Vixen Vitesse Mix)
  • 8. If I Could (Japanese Mix)
  • 9. The Circus (Radio 1 Session, 10/3/87)
  • 10. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Radio 1 Session, 10/3/87)
  • 11. Spiralling (Radio 1 Session, 10/3/87)
  • 12. Phantom Bride (Radio 1 Session, 10/3/87)

DVD  (promo videos, performances and concert footage)

  • 1. Sometimes (promo video)
  • 2. It Doesn’t Have To Be (promo video)
  • 3. Victim Of Love (promo video)
  • 4. The Circus (promo video)
  • 5. Sometimes (TOTP, 20/11/86)
  • 6. It Doesn’t Have To Be (TOTP, 19/3/87)
  • 7. Victim Of Love (TOTP, 5/6/87)
  • 8. The Circus (TOTP, 22/10/87) + ‘Live At The Seaside’, a concert recorded at The Dome in Brighton on 17/4/87 previously released on VHS but now available on DVD for the first time. The concert features live versions of Safety In Numbers, Victim Of Love, It Doesn’t Have To Be, Don’t Dance, Who Needs Love (Like That), Leave Me To Bleed, If I Could, Oh L’Amour, The Circus, Say What, Sometimes, Spiralling, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!


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This is one artist that I felt would include ALL the mixes to their singles when producing a deluxe edition. Sadly, there is a lot of tracks that are left off. Would much rather had the remixes vs. those Radio 1 Sessions. It’s going to have to be a really good price before I pick this up. Wow. Super-disappointed.

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all things frankie

i’m interested in these releases BUT had hoped the price of these would be a little less than the cheapest ive found online @£13.99 from an online shop i dint usually use and the one i do is a little more expensive @£15.99, but still tempted to buy even if i have to hang on a few month as seems an interesting set now it includes the bbc sessions