Europe / War of Kings / special edition with DVD/Blu-ray


Europe will re-release their 2015 War of Kings album later this month, across a number of formats, featuring video of a complete 2015 live performance.

The band’s 10th studio album was issued back in March to very positive reviews and the hard rocking Swedes appeared at Northern Germany’s 25th Wacken Air Festival in early August. This performance will feature on the bonus disc blu-ray or DVD and the package is available as CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray and a deluxe CD+Blu-ray+DVD photo book edition.

The audio CD in these sets also includes Vasastan, the instrumental bonus track that came with the digi-pack version of the original War of Kings CD (but not the standard edition).

War of Kings special edition is out on 27 November 2015.


CD+DVD+Blu-ray deluxe photobook

CD+Blu-ray Ecolbook

CD+DVD Ecolbook


Disc: 1
1. War Of Kings
2. Hole In My Pocket
3. Second Day
4. Praise You
5. Nothin’ To Ya
6. California 405
7. Days Of Rock n Roll
8. Children Of The Mind
9. Rainbow Bridge
10. Angels (With Broken Hearts)
11. Light Me Up
12. Vasastan (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)

Disc: 2
1. War of Kings (Live at WACKEN 2015)
2. Hole In My Pocket (Live at WACKEN 2015)
3. Superstitious (Live at WACKEN 2015)
4. Scream of Anger (Live at WACKEN 2015)
5. Last Look at Eden (Live at WACKEN 2015)
6. Second Day (Live at WACKEN 2015)
7. Firebox (Live at WACKEN 2015)
8. Sign of the Times (Live at WACKEN 2015)
9. Praise You (Live at WACKEN 2015)
10. The Beast (Live at WACKEN 2015)
11. Ready or Not (Live at WACKEN 2015)
12. Girl From Lebanon (Live at WACKEN 2015)
13. Nothin’ To Ya (Live at WACKEN 2015)
14. Let The Good Times Rock (Live at WACKEN 2015)
15. Rock The Night (Live at WACKEN 2015)
16. Days of Rock N Roll (Live at WACKEN 2015)
17. The Final Countdown (Live at WACKEN 2015)

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Jimmy Agates

I went one better and purchased the deluxe box when it first came out with the making of dvd t-shirt etc. Still this is a no brainer – saw the band on this tour in the US and this is the same setlist. Managed to snag this early on Amazon UK and got it for under 20 pounds including shipping to Australia :-)


Stupid me supported the band by buying the digipak version. Should have known it better as this record company did shit like that several times in the past also with annihilator or saxon cd releases.

Julian H

This record company is also notorious for releasing CDs with shit sound quality.


Oh SWEET! I love this album, but haven’t gotten around to snatching up a physical copy yet. Glad I waited. Now’s the time!