Everything But The Girl / 2CD deluxe edition reissue track listings

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Full track listings for Edsel’s second wave of Everything But The Girl reissues are now available, and as promised they a large amount of bonus material including unreleased demos, live tracks and remixes.

The Tommy LiPuma produced The Language Of Life (1990) adds remixes of the two singles – two of Driving and four of Womack and Womack’s Take Me. A new song, Will The Roof Fall In, is amongst five previously unreleased demos on the bonus disc.

Sixth album Worldwide (1991) was self-produced the two-CD deluxe casebound book set adds the three acoustic EPs which followed it, originally released in 1992 and 1993. The band’s well known covers of Love Is Strange and The Only Living Boy In New York are amongst the work on the EPs. Six live tracks from the era, four of them previously unreleased, and an unreleased demo of a Big Star song also feature on the bonus disc.

Amplified Heart (1994) includes the original version of Missing before it was memorably remixed by Todd Terry. Four remixes of this track feature on the bonus disc, plus seven previously unreleased demos and some previously unreleased live recordings.

All of the sets feature 32 page books with notes by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, along with the lyrics, previously unseen photos and set lists from their own collection.

The 2CD reissues will be released on 11 November 2013.

Amplified Heart

Worldwide and the Acoustic EPs

The Language of Life


The Language Of Life

Disc: 1

  • 1. Driving
  • 2. Get Back Together
  • 3. Meet Me In The Morning
  • 4. Me And Bobby D
  • 5. The Language Of Life
  • 6. Take Me
  • 7. Imagining America
  • 8. Letting Love Go
  • 9. My Baby Don’t Love Me
  • 10. The Road
  • 11. Driving [Masters At Work Racing Mix]
  • 12. Driving [Underdog Vocal Remix]
  • 13. Take Me [Clifton Mix]
  • 14. Take Me [Clifton Mix Instrumental]
  • 15. Take Me [Lee Hamblin Remix]
  • 16. Take Me [Lee Hamblin Love Mix]

Disc: 2

  • 1. Downtown Train
  • 2. Driving [acoustic]
  • 3. Imagining America [home demo]
  • 4. Driving [home demo]
  • 5. The Road [New York live demo]
  • 6. Meet Me In The Morning [New York live demo]
  • 7. Will The Roof Fall In? [home demo]
  • 8. Meet Me In The Morning [live]
  • 9. The Road [live]
  • 10. Driving [live]
  • 11. Me And Bobby D [live]
  • 12. Imagining America [live]
  • 13. The Language of Life [live]
  • 14. Letting Love Go [Michael Brecker final solo and alternatives]
  • 15. Driving [Michael Brecker final Main solo and alternatives, rough mixes]
  • 16. Driving [Michael Brecker final Outro solo and alternative, rough mixes]
  • 17. The Road [Stan Getz alternate whole take, rough mixes]

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Worldwide and The Acoustic EPs

Disc: 1

  • 1. Old Friends
  • 2. Understanding
  • 3. You Lift Me Up
  • 4. Talk To Me Like The Sea
  • 5. British Summertime
  • 6. Twin Cities
  • 7. Frozen River
  • 8. One Place
  • 9. Politics Aside
  • 10. Boxing And Pop Music
  • 11. Feel Alright
  • 12. Twin Cities [Wildwood Remix]
  • 13. Twin Cities [The Green Plains A Cappella Mix]
  • 14. Politics Aside [instrumental]
  • 15. British Summertime [home demo]
  • 16. Frozen River [home demo]
  • 17. Understanding [home demo]

Disc: 2

  • 1. Love Is Strange
  • 2. Tougher Than The Rest
  • 3. Time After Time
  • 4. Alison
  • 5. The Only Living Boy In New York
  • 6. Gabriel
  • 7. Birds
  • 8. Horses In The Room
  • 9. I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love
  • 10. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
  • 11. Political Science
  • 12. A Piece Of My Mind
  • 13. I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love [home demo]
  • 14. Thirteen [home demo]
  • 15. Kotton Krown [Toronto Bathurst Street Theater 1994]
  • 16. Talk To Me Like The Sea [Toronto, Bathurst Street Theater 1994)
  • 17. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? [Queen’s Theatre London 1992]
  • 18. Let It Be Me [Hammersmith Odeon 1990]
  • 19. Apron Strings [Minneapolis & St Paul World Theatre 1990]
  • 20. Back To The Old House [Hammersmith Odeon 1990]
  • 21. Fascination [live in Manchester]

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Amplified Heart

Disc: 1

  • 1. Rollercoaster
  • 2. Troubled Mind
  • 3. I Don’t Understand Anything
  • 4. Walking To You
  • 5. Get Me
  • 6. Missing
  • 7. Two Star
  • 8. We Walk The Same Line
  • 9. 25th December
  • 10. Disenchanted
  • 11. Straight Back To You
  • 12. Lights Of Te Touan
  • 13. These Days [live]
  • 14. Each And Every One [live]
  • 15. I Don’t Want To Talk About It [live]

Disc: 2

  • 1. I Don’t Understand Anything
  • 2. Rollercoaster
  • 3. Two Star
  • 4. Troubled Mind
  • 5. We Walk the Same Line
  • 6. Richard Says
  • 7. Back at Square One
  • 8. Two Star
  • 9. Missing
  • 10. Troubled Mind
  • 11. Two Star
  • 12. Walking to You
  • 13. 25th December
  • 14. Missing (Chris & James Full On Club Mix)
  • 15. Missing (Little Joey Remix)
  • 16. Missing (Ultramarine Remix)
  • 17. Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)

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So I wonder when Walking Wounded and Temperamental will be along…….


I am going to make an exception and buy these Edsel products because I know that Ben Watt has been personally involved in this re-issue programme, but I still don’t like the idea of giving Edsel a penny of my money.




I was surprised about the Driving remixes being included too, but I’m sure that at the time they said that the only remix they had approved was the Underdog one, so they obviously like that one. Perhaps, after all these years, they’ve decided that they also like the MAW one. They were particularly unhappy with the Todd Terry mixes because he had speeded up Tracey’s vocal. I thought that was a bit mean of them, because all of their late-90s success was completely due to Todd Terry!


I’m pretty sure the acoustic ‘Downtown Train’ and ‘Driving’ are the ones on ‘The Language of Life’, as they were originally b-sides for that album. And the live versions of ‘Apron Strings’ and ‘Fascination’ are on CD 2, if those are indeed the same versions.

I’m kind of surprised those ‘Driving’ remixes are there, as they were done as singles for a label-curated GH set the band didn’t approve of.


Looking forward to these. Might be a few things missing, though: “Me and Bobby D”, “One Place”, and “Come On Home” from the Acoustic LP. Unless “Come On Home” was the same version released as a b-side from “Baby the Stars…”. But I have it stuck in my head that it was a different version… Am I correct, EBTG-ophiles?


Ken, you are right “Come On Home (acoustic)” on the “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” Deluxe Edition reissue has a running time of 2.37 and and is sung solo by Tracey. “Come On Home” on the US “Acoustic” album is 4.12. and features backing vocals by Ben.

The US Acoustic LP has this track-listing:

“Love Is Strange”
“Tougher Than the Rest”
“Time After Time”
“Downtown Train”**
“One Place”*
“Apron Strings” (Live)**
“Me and Bobby D”*
“Come on Home”*
“Fascination” (Live)**
(*missing from the reissue)
(**appearing elsewhere on this set of reissues?)

…and to muddy the waters further, Wikipedia states that; “Some digital downloads of the album [“Acoustic”] – including those sold by Amazon and iTunes – have the fully orchestrated version of “Come on Home” (3:22) from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright rather than the pared back version from Acoustic. The error appears to be the recording company’s.”

But all in all, great to have these reissues out there especially with so many demos & live tracks!