Exclusive: Nik Kershaw / “The Riddle” deluxe edition track listing

Exclusive: Nik Kershaw / "The Riddle" deluxe edition track listing

As we revealed on our Facebook page on Tuesday, Universal Music will issue a deluxe edition of Nik Kershaw‘s second album of 1984, The Riddle, on 12 August 2013.

The reissue is remastered by Dennis Smith and comes with a bonus disc put together by Nik himself.

Today we can exclusively bring you the full track listing for this reissue (see below). As expected, the bonus disc includes the twelve inch remixes for all three singles (The Riddle, Wide Boy, Don Quixote) and B-sides So Quiet and Don’t Lie. Additionally six Riddle album tracks are included, as performed live at the Hammersmith Odeon on 31 December 1984.

What doesn’t make it onto the bonus disc is the seven-inch remix of Wide Boy, or – rather surprisingly – Progress (live) which was the B-side to The Riddle single. In terms of other commercially available material from the singles, there was also an interview with Nik on The Riddle cassette single which might have been considered.

The early/demo version of Wide Boy which was recorded during the Human Racing sessions is notable by its absence, indeed, demos or work-in-progress seems to be of no real interest to Mr Kershaw.

What do you think of this deluxe edition? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Full track listing below:

CD 1  – The Riddle (remastered)

  • 1. Don Quixote
  • 2. Know How
  • 3. You Might
  • 4. Wild Horses
  • 5. Easy
  • 6. The Riddle
  • 7. City Of Angels
  • 8. Roses
  • 9. Wide Boy
  • 10. Save The Whale

CD 2 – Bonus Disc

  • 1. Roses – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984
  • 2. The Riddle –Extended 12” Remix
  • 3. Know How – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984
  • 4. Don Quixote – Extended 12” Remix
  • 5. City Of Angels – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984
  • 6. So Quiet (B-Side)
  • 7. Wild Horses – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984
  • 8. Wide Boy – Extended 12” Remix
  • 9. You Might – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984
  • 10. Don’t Lie – (B-Side)
  • 11. Save The Whale – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 31st 1984

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[…] Kershaw has today defended his bonus track selection on the forthcoming reissue of his 1984 album The […]

[…] Following a recent expansion of his beloved (in the U.K.) debut album, Universal Music Group will offer the double-disc treatment to Nik Kershaw’s sophomore effort The Riddle this summer, SuperDeluxeEdition reports. […]


Am I the only one in the world who is satisfied with this reissue ?
The fact that live songs & remixes are on the same disc doesn’t bother me at all, given that I love EACH and EVERY SONG Nik has written and composed.
The live tracks (especially “You Might”) are nice ways to re-discover songs in their whole dimension (You Might particulary kickes ass in live versions, and is far better this way than in studio version, in my opinion).
Plus, the new edition of this album gives it the chance to be available on the market as a CD (this album was very hard to find since its release).


Disappointing bonus material on CD2? I could live with that.

Re-recorded vocals on some of 1984 live tracks? Again, no big deal.

But….a screw-up with the actual album itself on CD1? Weird sound blips and echoes between the end of tracks and the start of the next one?

I think that’s going to be the deal-breaker for me, sadly. What a mess.


More importantly, has anyone listened to the remastered album on headphones? Some weird scraping sounds at the beginning of The Riddle and some other “that wasn’t on my earlier copy” bits on the rest of the album too. Boost the levels of the intro and the scraping becomes VERY apparent. Do the same to an earlier copy and there’s no scraping noise at all. Somewhat surprised that no-one noticed before it was released.


Three vocal tracks of the 1984 live set have been re-recorded this year. Discuss.

[…] Kershaw’s second album of 1984, The Riddle, gets a two-CD deluxe reissue. After some initial fan grumbling about the apparently not very comprehensive bonus disc, Nik himself came out with a defiant […]

paul jones

Soundwise, the sound in the Human Racing “Remastered” / “Deluxe” edition, is identical to the sound on “Here And Now”, I mean it guys, I compared the songs on quebase, these are the exact same files that’s on “Here And Now”. This is NOT a fresh / new remaster on the Human Racing deluxe edition – I suspect the same goes for this new edition of The Riddle.
It’s a shame that being such a tiny community of fans, it’s going to be mostly us who’ll buy this new edition, and it seems as if most of us are disappointed.
The Human Racing Deluxe edition was too basic – no new / fresh mastering as presented, almost zero exclusive tracks, no additional unreleased material, demos etc, no DVD, no special cover / box, almost zero additional artowrk.
Looks like it’s going to happen again with The Riddle.
Finally, when this album is being re-released, we’re getting such a flat product. :/

paul jones

I see that nobody has mentioned another very disappointing factor – the remaster.
The “Remaster” of the “Deluxe” edition of Human Racing is the exact same sound as on the Here And Now, I opened similar tracks on quebase and these are the exact same files, which is a shame.
The mastering on Here And Now is pretty flat in my opinion, and either way, if


I bought the 2 disc re-issue of Nik Kershaw’s “Human Racing” and I will be also buying the new re-issue of “The Riddle” as I loved his music in the eighties (especially his brilliant 12inch singles) and am so pleased to be able to get these on expanded CD editions. I only hope that his 3rd album “Radio Musicola” will get a similar type of release with bonus tracks, 12inch mixes, live recordings…etc. Nik Kershaw was one of the best singer/songwriters of the eighties!I bought the 2 disc re-issue of Nik Kershaw’s “Human Racing” and I will be also buying the new re-issue of “The Riddle” as I loved his music in the eighties (especially his brilliant 12inch singles) and am so pleased to be able to get these on expanded CD editions. I only hope that his 3rd album “Radio Musicola” will get a similar type of release with bonus tracks, 12inch mixes, live recordings…etc. Nik Kershaw was one of the best singer/songwriters of the eighties! Like he says himself, if you do not like, do not buy it.

Andrea Grasso

Here’s Nik’s reply about (some of) the complaints:


[…] Kershaw has today defended his bonus track selection on the forthcoming reissue of his 1984 album The […]


…and here endeth the lesson?????

Although the debate still (rages?) on Nik’s website. It’s not worth the effort.

Steven Roberts

So has anyone with direct access to Nik actually asked him why this two disc set is such a dog’s dinner? Would be great to get a straight answer as to what the thinking is behind:-

a) the missing tracks (A sides, B’s and 12″ mixes)

b) the bonkers running order – mixing all those live tracks throughout disc 2 ?

c) all that unused CD capacity…


Already a done deal I think as preview up on iTunes (UK)


Look what Universal have done with Kim Wilde’s ‘Close’ – http://www.kimwilde.com/news/full-tracklisting-for-close-2cd

If only the done the same for The Riddle :(


Interestingly the administrator has made similar comments and has done before, wonder how interested nik is really. He’s daft if he doesnt, people arent largely interested in this now.


A few people have commented on the forum about it, but they may as well pee in the wind, it seems Nik has his attention elsewhere and I guess that’s his prerogative but as Steve suggests it will not be well received on the likes of Amazon and that can only reflect on those involved with the project. It would seem with these re-issues that unless the likes of Universal feel they have to stuff them with bonus tracks, they will try and get away with as little as possible, and only commitment from all involved to putting out the best possible product will mean something like this mess, and it is a mess, will happen. Nik’s got a wonderful website with direct contact with his fans (yes we’re still here!) so why not ask us for our opinion? Incidentally I’ve had not response from my enquiries to Universal and I’m unable to register with Nik’s website so far, although I would surmise if I complained on there I’d be told to be quiet and stop being so ungrateful!
Chest a little clearer now, thank you kindly.


He and the hardcore nikkers haven’t really commented on the forum which i find interesting….

Steven Roberts

SUCH a wasted opportunity, if this really turns out to be the final tracklisting for the bonus disc. Missing A-sides, missing B-sides, missing 12″ remixes, a frankly bonkers running order…is there nothing we can do to get Nik and co to change their minds about this?

I speculated as to the contents of the Deluxe Riddle over on Nik’s fan forum prior to the confirmation of the running order – surely this would be preferable to what it looks like we will get?:-

Disc 1 (CD)

– the full album (of course!) +

Progress (B-side)
So Quiet (B-side)
Don’t Lie (B-side)
The Riddle (12″ mix)
Don Quixote (12″ mix)
Wide Boy (12″ mix)
Wild Horses (12″ mix)

The above (including the original album) clocks in at around 78 minutes, so it should all fit on a single CD.

Disc 2 (DVD)

-The concert from the Hammersmith VHS (expanded to the full track listing, if there were songs originally edited out);
-All related promo videos;
-The full album, including all B-sides, 12″ mixes, and remixed A-sides in hi-res 24/96 or 24/48 stereo audio ie including the Wide Boy A-side remix (which AFAIK has never had any digital release)

Nik needs to be made aware of the disappointment among his fans regarding his proposed Riddle Deluxe – if for no other reason than the fact that it will get *crucified* by disappointed punters on the likes of Amazon – and that’s not going to help sales, is it?


Would have been happier with rare mixes and outtakes, rather than live stuff.


I just received this mail from Shorthouse/Sarah Kershaw:

“Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over the timing or much of the content of this re-release. It’s a Universal Music project, who own the recordings and they (/Nik) have used the music which is available to them.

Best wishes



I can only lol to this.

A reissue that has been harmed by the artist, you couldnt write it could you!

[…] exclusive annoucement revealing the track listing of Nik Kershaw’s The Riddle deluxe edition prompted many fans to declare that the bonus disc was a big […]


Paul, You mentioned that you were going to pass on the feedback from here to Universal, I myself have emailed Universal to confirm the issue and await a response. Whilst I also agree with your comment that it may be too late to change anything about the release now, we shouldn’t give up the ghost here! I notice several contributors keep mentioning the, ‘Swing Out Sister’ affair. Well there is a precedent set there, let’s follow their example. We are after all part of the potential market here and would like to think we know what we like. Does Nik even know about this feedback and the dissatisfaction amongst fans? It seems wrong that when we get an opportunity like this, it is missed, and missed rather badly. I mean if Edsel can get it so right with Rick Astley’s 2CD releases, anyone can! I’ll make a post on Nik’s website right now, he should be kept in the loop, it’s only courteous.


Given radio musicola sold 10 copies when it came out, i wouldnt think so :). It was reissued 10 years or so in the on demand series.

If i was nik, i would have;

Cd1 the lp plus all b sides 60 mins plus wild horses 12
Cd2 the 3 remixes and as many live tracks as poss
Dvd the hammersmith odeon gig from the vhs


And yes… ‘So Quiet’ is one of Nick’s best!


Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be buying the album. To get those classic tracks in remastered format will be awesome! It just seems (again) that the opportunity was missed to do something quite special. Taking a peek at what a-ha did for their first two album anniversary remasters makes one realize what could be done. I suppose I could always make my own ‘CD2’ of the items I would have wanted on it. Let’s just hope it sells well enough for them to consider a RADIO MUSICOLA re-issue!


So Quiet is a great song but is already released on CD on greatest hits


Yes….I thought so!


Yep, cannot disagree with that – So Quiet is an amazing song.


I agree with most of the above, but will be very happy to have “So Quiet” on CD – one of Nik’s finest songs ever!


There are so many versions of You’re The Best Thing, it does my poor head in! Original album mix, the mix on Singular Adventures, another alt. mix on the Complete Adventures box, and then finally they went and put yet another mix/edit on the Weller set Hit List! I don’t know which is the official 1984 7″ that we’d have heard.


Yes, it is a minefield. I’m aware of the following six versions of ‘You’re The Best Thing’:

Original version (approx. 5:40) taken from the ‘Café Bleu’ album.
Contains all four original verses (‘I could be discontent…’, ‘I might shoot to win…’, ‘I might be a king…’ and ‘I could chase around…’), but no saxophone solo.
[NB. I believe this is the version on the ‘Complete Adventures…’ box set.]

Single version (approx. 4:20) taken from the ‘Groovin’’ 7” single.
Contains three of the four original verses (‘I could be discontent…’, ‘I might shoot to win…’ and ‘I might be a king…’), plus a new verse (‘From the soul of me…’) and saxophone solo.
[NB. I believe this is the version on the ‘Hit Parade’ compilation.]

Long single version (approx. 5:40) taken from the ‘Groovin’’ 12” single.
Contains all four original verses (‘I could be discontent…’, ‘I might shoot to win…’, ‘I might be a king…’ and ‘I could chase around…’), plus saxophone solo.
[NB. I believe this is the version on the ‘Style Council Greatest Hits’ compilation.]

Dub version (approx. 4:50), entitled ‘You’re The Dub Thing’, taken from the ‘Groovin’’ 12” single.
Largely instrumental, deconstructed version.
[NB. I am unaware of this version being available on any other release. It can however, be heard online on YouTube.]

Live version (approx. 5:00) taken from the ‘Lodgers’ 7” and 12” singles.
[NB. I believe this is the live version included on the deluxe version of the ‘Our Favourite Shop’ album.]

Alternate version (approx. 4:35) taken from the ‘Singular Adventures…’ compilation.
As per the 7” single version, contains three of the four original verses (‘I could be discontent…’, ‘I might shoot to win…’ and ‘I might be a king…’), plus the new verse (‘From the soul of me…’), the saxophone solo and re-recorded vocals and production.


Thanks, Gazelle, for that info! (and apologies for going a bit Off Topic…)


Totally agree – I wasn’t previously aware that the ‘Don Quixote’ 7″ mix differed from the album version, but feel that it should definitely be included as well as the ‘Wide Boy’ 7″ mix.

I really think it is a major oversight when the 7″ versions of singles are omitted from reissues. For many people, the 7″ version of a song is its ‘definitive’ reading: it is the version they are most familiar with and most likely to remember; it is the version they would have played on a jukebox or heard on the radio.

And in some cases the 7″ version is either arguably artistically superior to the original album version, such as The Undertones’ ‘Julie Ocean’ or The Wedding Present’s ‘Brassneck’, or structurally different, such as The Style Council’s ‘You’re The Best Thing’, which contains a unique verse (‘From the soul of me/You’re the best for me/Come and rock my dreams/But take this change from me’).

Gerry Forrester

Well to be honest, I’m just delighted that at last one of my favourite ever albums is being properly remastered, that along with the addition of the extended mixes of the singles from it. I’m never been fussed about live tracks – especially when you consider there is missing studio content here (as previously mentioned the 7″ versions and the Wild Horses 12″ mix which really should be on here). As the Riddle has so many excellent non-single tracks, some extended versions or dubs of these would have been very welcome indeed (what about an extended version of Easy, a dub of Roses etc – so much could be done here), this album is an absolute gem – please get it right. So to add my voice to what’s already been said – not the best choice of extras, live stuff should really only be called upon when everything else has been exhausted.
All that said – I will definitely be buying this – I’ve waited SO LONG for this to come out – can’t wait to hear the remaster!!!!


Sounds like the fans are not happy…!

Quite simply, I would have been happy with the following on CD2:
1. Wide Boy – 7″ Mix
2. Don Quixote – 7″ Mix
3. The Riddle –Extended 12” Remix
4. Wide Boy – Extended 12” Remix
5. Don Quixote – Extended 12” Remix
6. Wild Horses (Extended)
7 Progress (Live) (B-Side)
8. Don’t Lie – (B-Side)
9. So Quiet (B-Side)
10. The Riddle Interview (from the cassingle)

…and any unreleased demos… Forget the Hammersmith Show!


Gasp! Don Quixote is very different in 7″ form…it’s a lot shorter (the LP version takes an age to really get going), and there are extra horn stabs and electronic/synth riffs. It’s a bit like how they spruced up Dancing Girls for its single version.


Indeed…and all these 7″ mixes were on Nik compilations, so there’s no excuse really, is there. It’s not as if album-only mixes were always used in the past, as with some acts (Swing Out Sister, Basia, and so on).


Was looking forward to this one, but having seen the track listing, the word “was” is now “not”.

For us collectors it would be nice if they released the original album, , then added the songs from each vinyl release ie 7inch and 12inch, the b-sides, remixes and then any live tracks that featured on any of the released vinyl.

I hate live songs and how this 2nd cd as been assembled simply is beyond me. Not Buying this as well!


It’s a mess. Human Racing 2CD wasn’t perfect, but it sounded terrific and covered almost everything. To leave out a basic 7″ mix, its B-side, some extended versions from the era, *and* then butcher some contempary live recordings in amongst all the extra stuff is…bizarre.

Oh, and we *all* remember the Swing Out Sister affair! ;D


Additional comment about tack sequencing – first thing I will do for digital version is re-order CD1 to include full album, then B sides and then 12″s – then CD2 will be live CD – look at Nick Heyward’s ‘North Of A Miracle’ recent double cd release as another example.


Totally agree with above – I’m gutted. Track sequence on CD2 is silly, missing Wild Horses ( Extended), Progress (Live), Wide Boy (7″) – also the unused space on CD1 annoys me. They should also include missing HR remaster 12″‘s – Dancing Girls (2nd ‘Disco’ 12″), HR (Simon Bosewell remix) and even Drun Taljk (live). Like Bogart remix, they must have remixed Roses around 1985 I am thinking, that was always a candidate for a single release – did they serach that deepliek for Bogart? If you look at the recent Deacon Blue remasters or the forthcoming Belinda Carlisle remasters (also due out in August) I cant help but feel disappointed at what might have been.


VERYVERYVERY disappointed. Live tracks and demos are always a bad choice for a deluxe version. I like 12inches, single cuts and b-sides.
IWNBI (I will not buy it…)


I’m glad that it’s happening. Hey not everything can be perfect. Maybe some stuff that should’ve been on this wasn’t available.


Like so many other fans (I date back to Feb 84) I was waiting for this package, and I appreciate that there may be politics behind the scenes that we’re not party too, whether Nik doesn’t like this track or not, Universal not wanting or having the necessary material to release on this CD, but surely when an artist/record company wants to release their work out to the public, they will release what they want. However I personally think that if they want people to buy it, then does it not make perfect common sense that you give the people what they want and they shall buy it! So to not include the Wild Horses 12″ (which I love and sadly no longer have the WAHB 12″), progress (live) and any other goodies hanging around the vaults seems a little short sighted and bizarre?? Howard Jones listened to his fans and gave them exactly what they asked for (me included) and we paid for it loved it! What do you think Nik? Any chance?
I thought Don’t Lie was fantastic!


When i queried the human racing 2cd set with his wife, she did say not everything was available, but Progress was on the 1993 music club compilation so cannot be lost. I suppose one can say its good Don’t Lie is out at last but its not his greatest work….


Yep completely disappointing and doesnt make any sense. It doesnt use all the disc, isnt complete in any sense and the track order weird. Please nik – revise! At least add progress and wild horses ext.


I am VERY disappointed! This is another wasted chance! I was already quite sad about the re-release of “Human Racing”, with the first disc only containing the album, and leaving a lot of lost space for demos, or the missing 12″ of “I won’t let the sun…”. I expected and hoped that this will be omitted with this forthcoming release! But, far from it, it seems to get even worse! Even more official releases of the time missing, and that crazy 12″-mix / concert track / 12″-mix… track listing is hilarious!
I think Nik Kershaw never was much interested in his old tracks. And maybe he forgot, what he recorded at that time (I read that somewhere), but why doesn’t he let the fans decide or at least help him put together a DECENT deluxe edition of each of his albums? The record company is useless with that, too, as we can definately see! Please, Paul, as you seem to be in good contact to someone in control there, can’t you intervene and tell them what the public wants? At the moment I’m listening to the Deluxe Edition of Breathe’s “All that Jazz”. This is the perfect example, how a Deluxe Edition should be like! Packed full of tracks and unreleased stuff! Why can’t somebody do that with Nik’s stuff? Maybe they should get some help from Cherry Red. They know how to do that!

Paul English

Any chance of you doing a Swing Out Sister and persuading Nik to re-do the tracklist? At the very least it should be properly sequenced.

[…] Following a recent expansion of his beloved (in the U.K.) debut album, Universal Music Group will offer the double-disc treatment to Nik Kershaw’s sophomore effort The Riddle this summer, SuperDeluxeEdition reports. […]


Disappointed overall. Was SO looking forward to this reissue, but the live tracks combined with the remixes: what a pity. The live tracks take a lot of space in favour of the remixes. Not happy about that. The lack of the 7 inch remix of Wide Boy is a serious flaw. The Wild Horses extended mix? Should have been included! And the 6:00 minute extended dance mix of I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, which didn’t make the Human Racing reissue, would have been nice to add here. The same goes for the remixed 3:36 version of Dancing Girls. Plenty space. The live tracks could have been combined after the album on disc 1. So in my opinion: more remixes, and the live tracks over to disc 1.


Have to agree with the comments above. This is another example of a 7″ remix (in this case, for ‘Wide Boy’) being overlooked on a re-issue. The exclusion of live b-side ‘Progress’ makes no sense. The sequencing of alternate live and studio tracks on disc two is horrible. And a DVD bonus disc of his ‘Live From The Hammersmith Odeon’ VHS would not have gone amiss…


Have to agree with choice to alternate the live songs with others in the disc 2 sequence as bit of an odd thing to do. Please have all live tracks together. Also strange absence of Wild Horses extended mix. I realise it was a b side for a later single…is that an indication this series will continue into Radio Musicola and beyond? :-)
All that said my main reason for wanting this release is to finally get the single extended mixes on cd in a decent remastered form so that in itself makes this a must have release.


I am rather disappointed really. I think a-ha raised the bar extremely high with the remasters of their first two albums, so any album that does not include demos, edits, edits will be wasted as, to be honest, only the big fans will have a real interest in these reissues. It seems to cater for the non-fan than for the real fan. It seems to defeat the point of the reissue…


I don’t like the fact the live tracks and remixes are combined – rather have them separate ie live tracks on disc one (seems a lot of wasted space on there) and remixes on disc two – surprised there aren’t any edits or dubs included or alternative versions of the album tracks (like Human racing had), but I suppose if there aren’t any ………

A little underwhelmed by the track list overall